Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas.

Did you have nice Christmas? Was Santa good to you? Here's our Christmas at a glance:

Before Santa came to my in-laws house:

Sean getting the hang of this opening thing:

Jake got a guitar from Mommy & Daddy:

And Uncle Jason confisgated it but Jake got to play a little:

Jake and I had to finish up the cookies that Santa left behind. Such a trecherous job... but somebody's got to do it!

Sean stood up and held onto my Grandparent's ottoman, and when it got moved, he stayed standing up - for like 10 seconds! We were thrilled but I just sat there and stared at him. Cliff tried to recreate the scene. It didnt work, he ended up on his butt:

Mom's jacket was a little big but she liked it anyway:

Today finds Jake just fine and playing at his grandparents house, Sean with a yeast infection diaper rash and a head cold, Me and Travis both with a really bad sore throat. Joy to the World. Sean will be 1 in a couple weeks - perhaps we will be better by then? Sigh.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Crocheter's Night Before Christmas

As I do every year, I want to share this with you:

'Twas the night before Christmas and all around me
There was unfinished crocheting not under the tree,
The stockings weren't hung by the chimney with care
'Cause the heels and the toes had not a stitch there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
But I had not finished the caps for their heads.
Dad was asleep---he was no help at all.
And the sweater for him was 6" too small.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I put down my hook to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash.
Tripped over my yarn and fell down in my stash.

The tangle of yarn that lay deep as the snow
Reminded me how far I still had to go.
When out on the lawn I heard such a noise,
I was sure it would wake up both Dad and the boys.

And although I was tired--my brain a bit thick,
I knew in a moment that it must be St Nick.
Yet what I heard left me very perplex-ed
For nothing I heard was what I expect-ed.

"Move Rowan! Move Patons! Move Koigu and Clover!
Move Shelridge! Move Starmore! Move Spinrite! Move over!
Lopi, don't circle around, just stand there in line.
Pay attention you sheep and you'll work out just fine!
I know this is hard as it's just your first year
But I'd hate to go back to 8 tiny reindeer."

I peered over the sill. What I saw was amazing:
Eight wooly sheep on my lawn all a-grazing!
And then in a twinkle, I heard at the door
Santa's big boots stomping on the porch floor.

I rose from my knees and got back on my feet.
As I turned around, St Nick I did meet.
He was dressed all in wool from his head to his toe
And his clothes were hand crochet from above to below.

A bright Fair Isle sweater he wore on his back.
And his toys were all stuffed in an Aran crochet sack.
His hat was a wonder of bobbles and lace
A beautiful frame for his rosy red face.

The scarf on his neck could have stretched for a mile,
And the socks peeking over his boots were Argyle.
On the back of his mitts was an intricate cable.
And suddenly on one I spotted a small label:
"S.C." in duplicate on the cuff.
So I asked, "Hey, Nick, did YOU crochet all this stuff?"
He proudly replied, "Ho, ho, ho, yes I did.
I learned how to crochet when I was just a kid."

He was chubby and plump, a well dressed old man,
And I laughed to myself, for I'd thought up a plan.
I flashed him a grin and jumped up in the air,
And the next thing he knew, he was tied to a chair.

He spoke not a word, but looked down in his lap
Where I had laid my crochet hook and yarn for a cap.
He began then to crochet, first one cap then 2--
For the first time I thought I might really get through.

He put heels in the stockings and toes in some socks,
While I sat back drinking a scotch on the rocks.
Quickly like magic his hooks they flew,
Good Grief! He was finished by two!

He sprang for his sleigh when I let him go free,
And over his shoulder he looked back at me.
I heard him explain as he sailed past the moon,
"Next year, start your crocheting sometime around JUNE

In my next 10 years...

Yesterday, Travis and I celebrated (well, acknowledged) our 10 year dating anniversary. It seems like just yesterday but then also like I've known him forever - I bet everyone says that! Anyway, we had pork chops and rice the did a fire out back and I crocheted and watched Clash of the Choirs.

Speaking of crocheting - I have about half a round to go on this baby blanket but I am running out of yarn. I haven't checked to see if I have more of the blue, I'll do that tonight. I had wanted to get it mailed out today - Whoops! It'll go out on Monday, or Wednesday... not sure about work yet. Have I told you lately that I really love the star baby blankets? This one is in 3 shades - white/white, white/blue, blue/blue. 7 rounds of each shade, 21 rounds in all. I had thought about doing an attached Icord border because I think that would look swell... but my lack of yarn may put a hamper on that idea - unless I have to bring myself to go get another skein. I did good since I had a most of a skein of blue and white and bought one of each more when I started. I guess it does make sense that I would need to get another blue, huh? Urg.

Um, updates... everyone that was in the hospital is out and doing ok. Sean will not sleep through the night an did not like the water instead of formula trick that Mommy tried to pull - NoSirEE! Hey, it was a thought.

Jake is getting a little jealous - wanting to play with everything that Sean is playing with. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

That's it from me for now. We're about to have our office luncheon...catered by Olive Garden... yummo. Merry Christmas everybody, be safe and warm and happy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How many more days?

6. That's it. 6 more days to finish your shopping/crocheting/knittng/baking. Is that enough? I'm done with everything except 1 package mailing, 1 cake a-baking, 8 presents wrapping... and 3 pictures in a frame. No more crocheting/knitting/shopping, and I didn't bake at all. I am enjoying more than my share of the 97,000 tons of sweets in our kitchen here at work. No, I am not kidding, there is a BUNCH of stuff. AND... this is not a complete look - some has been eaten and gone.

This includes, but is not limited to... A platter fro the Hockey people,

Chocolate, white chocolate and peanut butter dipped pringles. Never heard of these before but BOY are they addictive! They actually have both sides in the dip, but this one had sort of an accident and "lost" one of its sides. No worries - I found it safely and escorted it to my belly to join its siblings.

I am full of all manner of crap that's not good for me, and a lean cuisine that was not good at all - it was the grilled chicken bits in some sort of non-garlicy garlic sauce and a creamed spinach concoction that was pretty gross. NTS - dont get that one any more!

On a nicer note, Damarys and I exchanged our gifts yesterday and I got this:

And while I do actually have a head in the picture that was taken, it looks awful so you get the cropped version - sorry! She got a nice silver and black crock pot that matches her kitchen so she will quit borrowing mine! Clever, that!

I have gotten 2/3 of the baby blanket done for Nicci, and it should be done and in the mail in the next few days. Baby Nathan is due around Sean's birthday so I still have some time - assuming he's not anxious to make his arrival.

That's really all I have for now. Perhaps more tomorrow?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Updates... on Grandma, and knitting

Grandma is still in the hospital - and we still arent sure whats going on. We think she strained/pulled a muscle during a coughing fit, but some of the tests have come back a little odd so we're waiting to hear somthing more. Please keep her and the doctors in your prayers.

I am on the round and round bit of the foot of the 2nd fuzzy feet. I will be done this weekend with it and I am thrilled! When that's done, and I hibernate from knitting I will crochet a baby blanket for my friend Nicci, who is due around Sean's birthday. And crocheting is SO not knitting!

Sean will be 1 in 3 weeks, and I'm excited, but not looking forward to getting him off the bottle. He uses a sippy cup for juice, but still a bottle for formula. Last night I decided to give him formula in a sippy cup and he took a sip or 2 and threw it down while looking at me funny. Not the best outcome for the first try, but hey, what can you do.

In better Sean news - he can now say Mama, and I had spectators other than myself so I was really excited! About dern time!

This weekend will include the Disney Christmas party tomorrow night, angel kid presents to church on Sunday, and I said I'd help wrap any un-wrapped gifts. Monday I need to get the last of the Christmas gifts mailed out, I'm sure Nanny is wondering why all of my aunts/uncles/cousins have gotten Christmas cards but not her. Soon, Nanny, soon.

You all have a lovely weekend.

Zales Coupon

Is anyone planning on shopping at soon? I have an e-certificate for $50 off of a $200 purchase if anyone wants it. Just let me know! It expires April 15, 2008.

I'll try to post a real post later on.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I finished Fuzzy Feet #3 at lunch today. 1 more to go for the amended Christmas knitting list. Yay! Then I'll try really hard to stop, or at least parlay it into finishing the blue and white sock that is seeping somewhere... the den maybe?

I also mailed off 1 of the 3 packages that will be going out - Sue, be on the look out for yours!

Last night I "wrapped" (love you pretty pre-printed gift boxes) gifts for 3 said packages, plus 2 for my angel kid and one for Jasyline and Mom's jacket. NTS: next year Mom wants a cardigan.

Tonight on the list will be making dinner, doing whites because some people insist on wearing white socks and clean underwear AND clean uniforms for Jake. Also on the list will be starting fuzzy feet #4 while watching Pushing Daisies. Please notice that I said watching, because I am getting better at my knitting and am able to *sporadically* watch and knit at the same time. Yay for progress.

Saturday night is the Disney Christmas party and I make that 3 days in which to get a dress. Perhaps tonight - post dinner, pre tee vee. We'll see.

And finally, Grandma is in the hospital with groin pain (and for those of you, who like me, arent med students, that is the top of the legs and not the bottom of the torso). Docs have ruled out a blood clot which is good, but still leaves questions. Please keep her in your prayers. Thank you. That is all.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Lotsa stuff (knitting at the end

Friday Sean was sick so I stayed home from work. Travis was home, and we ended up going to the big tent sale at Disney -can't beat 70% off cool stuff! We got a few gifts, and a thing or 2 for ourselves. Sean enjoyed it for the most part, but did get a little frustrated sitting in the buggy. Travis had turned to look at something and apparently Sean took that opportunity to get a better look around:

He's just so funny! We ate at Raglan Road, where I shared my shephards pie and he liked it!

Saturday was the Christmas tea, and here is what my table looked like (before the plates of goodies came):

I didnt win, but that's ok. It was fun, and we got to see the production of A Christmas Carol, which was great. After the tea we 8 (me, Trav, the boys, Jason & Stacy and the in-laws) packed into the Trail Blazer and headed to Magic Kingdom. It was a nice time, and the castle is beautiful with all the twinkle faerie lights. I'd show you but Travis took those pictures.

Sunday, Jake hung out with the grandparents and Sean and I headed over to my Mom's place to take pics for the Green Armada publicity campaign. They came out pretty good I think, and again since I took the pics with Travis' camera I dont have them here to share. I will as soon as I get them though. Cliff is working with Green Armada now as a captain, and they do great work in cleaning up our waterways. The pics that I took on Sunday were in downtown St Pete, right next to a theater - and boy was it disgusting! Hopefully they are able to raise some money and get companies to sponsor clean-ups. Of course they are always looking for volunteers to do the clean-ups too! It's good work.

I finished my MIL's slipper except for the felting, and I plan to do that tonight. I will make sure to get a picture of a before and after together which will show you just how much it shrinks up when I wash it. I have also started another pair (whoops!) since I had enough yarn leftover. The goal is to get it done by Christmas... wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas humor

I have gotten some accomplished on the slipper, I am on the round and round part, so thats good. I was working on chair covers for the Christmas tea at lunch, so I wasnt able to knit. Tonight we're putting stuff on the tree that has been in the dining room fo 2 days, so probably no knitting tonight. It twill be done tomorrow. I also started making my Christmas cards. Oh, dont get me wrong - most people will be getting the REALLY cute one I designed with the kids pics on them, but last year after Christmas I got a card making kit at Joanns for like 75% off, so it was $3 for 12 cards or some such thing. I'll give them to a select few, and everyone else gets to admire my adorable childrens.

I wanted to share this comic strip that lives on my desk (with 2 friends) and is appropriate for the season. It was first published in 1999, and I love it! Enjoy, and hopefully I'll have something more substantial to say tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Not much going on

Hi there. How are you? I'm doing ok, just tired. I am wating for Sean to learn the value of a good nights sleep, and I pray it happens soon! Let's see, what's going on... Yesterday was Travis' birthday. He and his dad did the Richard Petty Experience where they got to be a passenger in a race car going very fast. They both had a grand time.

Travis hurt his foot taking the garbage out Sunday, split the nail on his big toe of his right food and some scrapes on the top of his foot. He wasnt happy. So, I guess it was a good thing he wasnt doing the driving at Richard Petty because owie foot + driving 150mph = BIGTIME owie.

Last week, as I think I told you, Jake had 2 red faces and got to take a trip to the principals office... thus not letting us go to Disney on Saturday. Yesterday, green face - so far so good! We threatened that for any non-green faces he receives, one of his Christmas presents will be donated to toys for tots. I'm not sure which of the following made him behave yesterday:

*Mommy or Daddy gets to eat the chocolate from the Advent Calendar
*Mamaw was very disappointed that we werent able to Disney
*No gameboy or picking what is on tv
*His presents going to toys for tots
*doing extra chores is not fun
*Going to bed early and not getting to stay up as late as Sean is not fun

Whos to say, but it's working, for yesterday anyway. Wish us luck.

I've gotten a little more done on the 2nd slipper, at lunch I should be able to do the heel turn and gusset, so tonight or tomorrow I should finish it. Yay!

That's all I've got. I hope all is well for all of you. Only 21 more knitting, er shopping days 'til Christmas.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Some progress...

Look.... hats! There is 1 to show you the detail, and 2 to show you the colors - one's gray and one's blue.

I am pleased at how they turned out, and hopefully the boys will like them too.

As far as Christmas knitting and crocheting goes - I have 1 slipper left and I'm almost to the heel on that. And as far as Christmas in general goes - I have 1 slipper and 1 chocolate cake to go and I'm DONE! I think. Pretty sure anyway.

This weekend went ok I suppose. Saturday we were supposed to go to Disney but Jake got a red face and got sent to the principals office (!!!) for talking across the room to one of his little friends. Not Happy! So, we stayed home and cleaned the house and got it ready for Christmas decorations.

Yesterday He went to my MIL's to clean around there and do some errands. Sean and I went to my Moms to hang out and do some shopping. I had sent her to a garage sale I saw online that advertised yarn and craft items - and she went for me. I should have taken a picture, maybe I'll do that tonigt but $6 got a white garbage bag FULL plus a medium size box full of yarn. Mostly acrylic, some blends - all pretty old but that kind of yarn will be great for chrity work. A lot of blues, and quite a bit of the same of a few different ones, so that's nice. We hung out at her house crocheting (I've gotten her back into it) chatting then we went all over looking for a teapot for me. We didnt find a teapot, but she got 2 sheets, some gift items, chocolate covere cherries and cheese, I got some yarn (shh), gift items for my angel kid, chocolate covered cherries and some fruit roll ups. We went to the Dollar Tree and had a 10% off coupon! Then to celebrate our savings, we went to marble slab next door. Yummmmo. I tried that Michaels for hat sized needles (I need some 8 & 9 16") but only saw clover and I didnt have my coupon. And since I wouldnt pay $9 for a hat needle I left EMPTY HANDED!! I know, the shock! But, at the dollar store I scored about 6 skeins of blue incredible. I think I have a cute tank pattern for it. All in all, lots of fun.

One more pic then it's back to work for me:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


MaryAnn is doing well, she's home and apparently the problem came with taking her meds too close to a big meal. One of the side effects is feeling like you're having a heart attack - scary scary stuff. But, I am so thankful that it wasn't something worse. Thank you for your prayers.

I finished up one of the 2 hats and started on a slipper.

Yep, a slipper. One of 2 that will go to my MIL for Christmas - how many more knitting days until Christmas again? Ugh. They will look like these and I'm pretty excited about them. It's like making little footie socks but with HUGE 10.5 needles. They will be felted, and have to be made 1.3 times bigger than normal but hey - on that size needle it should go quick. I'm making with a skein (and probably some of a 2nd) of the blue wool I got with Mom & Cliff's birthday gift certificate. So. Excited. And really, I havent been this excited about starting something in a long time! My goal - will be: hat, slipper, hat, slipper. Cant do both at the same time since they're using the same needle. I wonder if these slippers are why I finished the hat so quick? Hmm.

Anyway, that's really it for now. I'll leave you with this lovely bit of Christmas. This is across from Sean's daycare, and this was taken 2 days before Thanksgiving. We will attempt to put up Christmas this coming week when Travis is home at 6 in the evenings (yay!!!).

Monday, November 26, 2007

Recap, Videos and more Christmas knitting.

Thanksgiving proper, as you know ended up with cousin MaryAnn in the hospital. As of yesterday she was still in there and the only progress we've made is to say it was not a stroke. They are waiting for a special doc to do an MRI to determine if it was a heart attack. Mom's ignoring my call so I cant give a better, more current update. Please keep her in your prayers. Speaking of prayers - Thanksgiving Saturday Jake said the blessing and remembered to ask for MaryAnn to feel better and thank you for our Church helping the poor people have food. Too cute.

Grandma and Sean on Thanksgiving:

Here I offer you 3 videos (loud volume is needed) & 2 pics of Thanksviging Saturday - Jake first - playing Uncle Jason's guitar through an amp (!):

Sean's include: playing the piano (pic & video) and dancing with the giggly toy (video), plus a pic of him in a turkey coma without the turkey:

And, since I am officially finished with my Christmas knitting, to add 2 more items to the list. Neil & Grant will soon be the proud owners of new knit hats. Just like Jake's from last year. One will be blue, one gray since thats how much yarn I have. I'll send them both together so they can pick unles Sue tells me which will like which color more? I'm about halfway done with the grey one.

Also, in an effort to find the corner of my room that will need to be vacated so the Fios dude can install our new cable, I've been going through some forgotten projects. There's the scarf made from 3 Dollar store skeins of Lion Boucle that I didnt take a picture of, the sweater for me made from the brownish mohair that I didnt take a picture of and stuff to make a kitchen set that I didnt take a picture of.

I have sold some yarn too - a bag of fun fur plus the leftover skeins from Mom's last year Christmas sweater.

I will keep going through my yarn stash to organize it (!) and get rid of what I dont need.

I guess that's it for now. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

Well, it's been an eventful day. This morning I burned the rice for my corn casserole, er souffle and had to break out the oven cleaner to get the pot clean. Whoopsy! (NTS- re-read the directions on the rice even if you are SURE you remember what it said!) Watched the parade, crocheted on the wool (almost done with that and will be felting soon!) and hung out with Travis for a little bit. Then it was off to the grandparents house. Grandpa had gone for some stuff he forgot so we hung out with Grandma for a bit, I shared some pics, and had some nice conversation - today was a good day for her.

Then my Mom & Cliff and Grandpa came at the same time. We worked on supper a little more, and snacked on some yummies - mainly, for me anyway, cool ranch doritos and muenster cheese. Cliff and Jake played, Sean was held by Grandma and did really good, the puppy tormented the 3-legged wonder and all was good. (NTS - dont forget to make Blessing a sweater). Then my Aunt Maryann and cousin MaryAnn came with her guy friend Kevin (very nice but quiet. I wonder if we scared him?) Good times and great conversation were had by all.

Dinner went well when cousin MaryAnn started feeling ill - room spinning, slurred speach, dont know whats wrong ill. They took her to the ER because she has issues anyway - our thought is a stroke but we dont know yet. So, now we wait and pray, all we can do.

I had brought my sock to work on but didnt get a chance. I'm just glad it's not for a Christmas gift, otherwise I would have been in trouble!

Well, I've got to get the bitty boy to bed so I'm out for now. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

Recipe of the day... the corn casserole, er souffle that I got from Linda the temp at work, and the story behind the new name.

I was reading a recipe about corn casserole and the lady that wrote it said "I used to call it a corn casserole but since my kids wont go near anything that remotly says the word casserole - I now call it corn souffle!".

Corn Casserole, er souffle:
1 small package saffron rice
1 stick of butter
1 can cream of celery
1 cup shredded cheddar
1 can mexican corn

Cook rice to package directions (it says lower heat to LOW, not MEDIUM... no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise - trust me!)
When done, add remaining butter and stir until melted.
Add remaining ingredients and pour into a casserole dish.
Bake at 350 for 35 minutes.

Trust me, it's good... even Cliffy who doesnt like ANYTHING likes it! Jake doesnt like it, but he's 6 and has no taste. Anyway, enjoy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Jasyline's Christmas Sweater... done! Yay!!!!! I also made her a quickie boa scarf and I will make her a scrunchie with the furry stuff to match.

I now return you to your regularly schedule stuff!

35 days until Christmas...

And counting!

I have finished all but the neck detail of Jasyline's sweater, cute cute cute.

I have also started on the design idea - which since its felted seems to be slogging along slowly, but so far, so good. After doing my swatches, I found that the Lion Brand wool felts better than the Cascades 220, well, it has less stitch definition, however the Cascades loses less area then the Lion Brand. I am going with the less stitch definition, since that lends itself to the project. And, after talking to the lady at the yarn shop I got some advice on joining the 2 fabrics, but I think that I am going to try something else. She suggested do the felted bit, then make the non-felted bit to match the size I would need and join them together with needle and thread, or machine. If I were to create it, even if I made the non-felted bit as small as it needs to be, that the felted bit would pucker - and we dont want that! My solution - which worked with the swatches - is to add a sc, ch1 in every other stitch along the edges that I need to join with a non-felting yarn, then way when the felting is done I can pull out the non-felted yarn and viola! I have holes in which to crochet my other part to. It works out in my head anyway, we'll see how it goes in real life!

And speaking of the yarn shop... I spent my gift certificate, plus $4 and got 3 skeins of cascades in a brilliant blue, 1 set of size 3 Crystal Palace sock needles and 1 skein of sockotta sock yarn. My Mom was with me and seemed a bit disappointed that the gift certificate didn't give me more yarn, but I told her that it was great because I got things that I wouldn't have gotten on my own, and isn't that what makes birthdays special? During my time with my Mom, we went to lunch, she, Sean and I (Jake and Travis were at a Corvette show). Great food, and it was nice so we sat outside (ish, since it was a covered patio). Wanna see some pics? Course you do! Here is Sean and Nana playing, and a pic that shows his top teeth:

And finally, some video of Jake and Sean playing with a megaphone:

That's really for now, I'll show off Jasyline's sweater when it's finished - probably today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Watching Television

Last night I was working on Jasyline's sweater - I have finished the front and back, attached both shoulders, attached one side seam and started a sleeve. It's going well, and hopefully I'll be done this week (or weekend). I'm thrilled at this prospect, and am trying to think of something else to make for someone else on my list. Perhaps I can pull out something for Damarys? I'm not sure yet.

Anyway, last night as I was working I realized that I dont Watch television anymore, but I Listen to it often. It used to be (at least I think I remember it this way) that when I was Crocheting with Smooth Yarn (*read Red Heart Super Saver) that I could crochet and Watch tv at the same time. These days all I seem to be doing is knitting or crocheting with funky yarn and I only listen to the tv because I have to look at knitting or concentrate(ish) on the funky yarn. Anyway, that was just my realization last night.

That's really it for now, nothing new to report. I didnt get a chance to work on the felt thing, whoops! Soon though, really!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stuff and all

How about some pics?

Blessing cleaning Sean's ear:

Sean trying to give Blessing a toy but Nana trying to grab it because of doggy germs:

Blessing cleaning Jake's ear:

How about the front of Jasyline's sweater (I almost finshed the back at lunch - that makes it 50% done!):

What else is new? I have really been tossing this idea for a project around in my head and I need to figure out if I want to felt the feltable part before or after I attach it to the non-feltable part. I know it will involve math either way I do it, and I know that it would be easier crochet-wise to add the non-feltable part before the felting but easier size-wise after. I plan to use some of my Flying Needles gift certificate to get some Cascade 220 so I can play with the felting issues. I already bought some "felting wool" from Joanns, but I dont remember the brand - they had a nice color that I like that will go with what I am making. After Jasyline's sweater is done, or more done I will start working on that. Perhaps I can swatch tonight? We'll see how the kids cooperate. I'd like to get this done for the mid-December deadline of the mag.

That's really it for now, have a great day!

(PS: Kimberly - I keep trying to comment on your blog but apparently it doesnt like me. I heart your crazy cloth... I did a favorite in Ravelry since I could tell your blog.)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just a couple things...

I finished all 6 dishcloths before my new dishcloth book arrived - whoops! I also got my yarn winder (finally!) with my birthday Joann's giftcard, and I still have about $7 left... and coupons from todays paper!

I have the front done of Jasyline's sweater, and I will take a picture to show you tomorrow.

I went to visit the grandparents and my mom and Cliff today - they gave me a gift certificate to Flying Needles (the yarn shop near their house) and I plan to use that next weekend. Yay! Because I NEED more sock yarn? lol.

Last week was rough - my grandfather was in the hospital for a few days and aside from his sugar being a little high they couldnt figure out what was causing the MAJOR fatigue, breathlessness, and general feeling of crappiness. My friend Jennifer's little boy Landon was in the hospital with a gland infection, poor little guy! My prayer list was active to say the least!

My birthday party was fun - it was cold out and we had a nice fire. Travis always finds something interesting to burn, and apparently he had some cables around and did you know that copper burns green? It was pretty cool - I wish I had taken a picture of it. In fact the only pictures I took were of a couple fo the gals doing a shot. Sad really!

I think that's it for now. I'll go back to watching Iron Chef - giving my fingers a break from yarn today. More tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

sleepy tired

I could really use a nap... I need to work on getting that futon into my office! Ok, let's start with yarn.

I have finished Mom's jacket (Mom... no peeking). Thank you to Damarys for being my model. I love it, and I think it turned out swell.

I have also finished Kerry's scarf but I dont have a picture of it.

And I have done this to the sock:

Also in yarn news - I have finally submitted the proposal for the thing to that magazine (see how I am being all covert). Now I wait. I haven't heard back from the other magazine yet about the one I sent last month, but from what I understand these things take some time.

And speaking of submissions, I have this other idea I want to do, and I even bought the yarn for it (!) but twill have to wait unitl after the holidays - I have too much Christmas Knitting & Crocheting at the moment... although the list is getting shorter.

Done: Mom's jacket, Kerry's scarf, Grandma's socks 5/6 of the dishcloths for Jake & Sean's teachers, 2 sweaters for Hans & Kerry's girls.

Not done: 1/6 of the dishcloths for Jake & Sean's teachers, a sweater for Jasyline (but I have the yarn) & the chocolate coffee spoons for my co-workers (not yarn related but still to do). Not too bad, eh? Ok, moving on to last weekend.

Friday was Jason & Jonathan's art thing "Gala Corina". Me, my FIL and Travis loaded up and headed to the event while the MIL watched the kids. Along the way I saw this:

Can you see it? It says "Sign Broken See Inside 4 Info". Brilliant I thought!

Anyway, while we were there we saw these. Jason's wall, Jonathan's wall & my favorite piece:

A fun time was had, even though it was hot and stuffy. Saturday was the craft fair at Jakes school. It went well, and even though I only sold 4 things they added up well - I sold the
pillowghan, a babyghan just like this one, the Martha Poncho which I guess I didnt have a pic of (whoops) and a pair of booties. I think the babyghan lady will buy another one since she had a friend having a little boy - we'll see what happens with it. All in all, a good day.

Sunday, um, oh Bailey's birthday party. It was fun and Jake had fun and the Bucs won so yay!

This week is going slow - half the office is out at shows. Yesterday I went to Kohls and got Jake a Christmas gift and got myself 2 shirts. Then I went to the bookstore and returned the book I got on Halloween since I already read it and swapped it out for a different one. Let me tell you - the Janet Evanovitch "Plum" series is great. My Grandmother introduced me to this series and I have really fallen in love with it.

Um, that's it I suppose. Have a great day!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

On the occasion of my 32nd Birthday

My Mom called me this morning to wish me a Happy Birthday and ask me if I felt 32. No, I said, do you feel like the Mom of a 32 year old? Nope. Funny how that works!

Here are some pics from yesterday.
This is Sean in my office hanging out with me while we waited to go to lunch:

Then fast forward to last night and the dressing up. Here's Jake in his Zombie Doctor (sorry for the thumb, its the only one of him and Stacy was a little new at working my camera). I was worried that Sean would be afraid of the zombie doctor but he watched Jake put the mask on and started giggling:

Here's Sean. I think he enjoyed himself and really liked chewing on the candy-collecting bucket, maybe more than the candy itself!:

Cute cute. No big plans for tonight becides getting the craft fair bins out of the storage shed and going through them. Woo hoo, lotsa fun! Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And so it goes

Jacket update - I have 1 stripey thing left, then the edging. To fringe or not to fringe... that is the question?

I have also started dishcloth sets for 2 people on the list. Each will get 3 cloths in lime, blue and a lime & blue verigated cotton. I'm making the patterns up as I go, but the colors are great. Nice and cheery.

No progress on the scarf or sock.

Sean is 41 weeks old. That means he's been on the outside longer than he was on the inside. Pretty spiffy I think!

So yesterday afternoon I got a call from Sean's daycare to pick up the projectile puking baby. I did. I called the docs office to see if I needed to come in or if they could give some advice so I didnt waste another trip (I think we've done 3 so far with this cold). She suggested using the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) and clear liquids to see how he did with that, along with the other 19 things we've been doing and if he has another bad night to call them because they would have to see him. Alrighty.

Half a tub of baby applesauce for dinner. It stayed down. 3 ounces of pedialyte at 3 am - didnt stay down. 3 ounces of formula at 5am did (whew!). I gave Travis the bad news that he would be staying home with Sean since he has sick time and I do not. Okay fine.

I called the docs to get an appt and it was scheduled for 9:20. I asked Travis to please try to remember his weight since it wasnt remembered at his 9 month checkup last week. 9lbs, 3oz (down 3oz from last week). While at the office he had a good going over and she noticed the following:
1)Wheezy in the chest instead of the nose where it had been
2)Albuterol treatment in office pissed him off but worked somewhat at the wheezy
3)weight loss but thats not really a big deal for 3 ounces
4)No infection in his ears, just fluid from the nose slime
5)no tummy issues, he's just swallowing the nose slime and thats causing the pukiness
6)On the good side - he's oxiginating well and is in good spirits (except when dealing with the mask)

Here is the prognosis:
1) Sinus infection which gets baby zithromax
2) Albuterol treatments every 4 hours for the wheezy and pray it goes away
3) Back to the docs office on Friday for a check on the wheezy and if its not gone then he'll need chest x-rays to see whats wrong with his lungs.

Poor little guy. Anyway, he's home again tomorrow - half day with Travis until he goes to work at 11:30, then perhaps with Papaw and if not then me. Thursday, once the antibiotics have been in him for 24 hours he can go back to daycare, then she'll do the breathing treatments (which she also did with Jake so she's experienced in it).

Tomorrow will begin the birthday celebrations - my office luncheon at the Cheesecake Factory. Yummmmmmmmo. I also get my office birthday money (everyone donates $10 into the card so for me it's $50 since Dave and I dont exchange because we share the luncheon). I'll probably just deposit that since I just bought some yarn at Joann's & Michaels.

(As an aside, when did BOTH Michaels & Joanns decide to stop carrying 16" non-wood circs? Does no one make hats anymore? I cannot believe I lost those stupid 10.5s! Urg. Moving on.)

Thursday is my actual birthday and I will probably go to lunch with Damarys. Friday we're going to Gala Corina in Tampa to see Jason's (my bro in law) and Jonathan's (Stacy's bro) artwork. The MIL will have the boys and it should be fun.

Saturday is the craft fair at Jake's school, I wonder how that road being closed from 1 side will affect the traffic? I hope we still get a good turn out. Tomorrow I will get the bins out and get them organized and add the few new things to them. I also need to make up a few price tags and care cards.

Sunday is Church and depending on how the family is feeling we may head out to see my grandparents.

That's it for now, have a great day.

Monday, October 29, 2007

baby puke

Thats why I had to change my underwear last night.. twice. Baby puke is also why my work day got cut in half. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow will be better.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Three Cheers for Jake!

Jake made the Principal's Honor Roll! YAY! I forgot to bring his report card with me to work but here is what I remember:
a+ or O (for Outstanding) - Phys Ed, Spanish, Computer & Music.
A - Phonics, spelling, math, Bible & reading.
S (86 or a B) - writing.

So, we went to Pizza Hut to celebrate. While we were there I saw an opportunity to take a pic, unbitten, of 1/2 of Sean's teeth:

Then we went home and got ready for bed, Sean wearing his new "I Love My Mummy" jammies:

And finally, as promised, a picture of the current sock in progress. This was this morning as it sits, untouched, by the kitchen table. Poor, sad, little sock:

Currently I have been kicked out of the conference room (and teevee viewing area) by our auditors so I'm here, talking to you and about to work on more stripey things on Mom's Jacket, which is on my lap. I am so excited this will be another DONE gift, but note to self... next time dont do ANYTHING with so many ends to weave in!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom... Please disregard

Quickie update on the jacket. Go here to take a peek. It is comletly put together, still on the list - add the strips and a quick edging.

Now my delimea... the pattern suggests hook and eye closures along the front but I dont think I like that idea. Perhaps buttons? Or nothing? What are your thoughts?

Slow and steady

I'm still sick, and even though the drugs aren't working I keep taking them in the hopes that they will. Hack hack, cough cough. I am getting better though, and I am extremely grateful that neither child nor the hubbo has gotten this crud.

I have finally weaved in all the 9,982 ends on Mom's Jacket, I have attached 1 sleeve to 1 front and the back and tried it on Damarys and it looks pretty good. Today at lunch I shall put on the other front and sleeve - then the stripey things and other finishing stuff and we'll be done. Hopefully this weekend will be the end of it and I can have it on the done list.

No sock or scarf progress to report. The craft fair at Jake's school is 11/3 and it should be loads of fun - really. Hopefully I'll do ok and get rid of bunches more stuff from the bins.

Work has been rather worky lately - and I am currently trying to win the affections of Access and have almost succeeded. I'm rather proud of myself on that - since usually Access and I have a hate/hate relationship with one another.

I have not succeeded in getting a picture of Sean's chompers, maybe I'll try again today. I think the trick will be to have Jake make him laugh and snap the pic when he's laughing. Good plan? I think so. Hopefully I won't get bit!

Today is report card day - first report card of first grade. I'm concerned for his writing grade, but the other ones should be pretty good. I don't know if they get S's or A's - but I'll show you his grades tomorrow. Boy oh boy.

That's it for today, back to Access. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still sick, but making progress!

I'm still sick but at least I'm at work and somewhat coherent.

I have officially finished all of the pieces of Mom's Christmas Jacket and am now in the process of weaving in the 9,842 ends since I dont think I can get away with calling it fringe. I have started seaming pieces together with the longer ends, killing 2 birds with 1 strand... and so far I've seamed 1 sleeve bottom and 1 side of the back to 1 front, below the arm. So, tonight I will hopefully get it more put together so it can be tried on Damarys (aka: my Mom analog)to make sure it will fit a human, more specifically, My Mom.

I also finished the first skein of Kerry's scarf, I dont think I will use all of the other one, I just want to make it about 4 or 5 feet and leave it at that.

I did a few rounds on the sock on the way to Epcot, but not enough to call it progress. I really need to take a pic of that, and of Kerry's scarf to show you.

Speaking of pictures, I have a few to show you:
The gift I did not get mom because I am cheap even though she would get a good laugh at:

Our family at Teppan Edo (the restaurant in Japan at Epcot):

And finally, Jake and I... a self portrait:

That's it for now, back to work.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm sick

I hate being sick. This started Friday afternoon, and I took an allergy pill and hoped for the best. Saturday was our Epcot day, and we stopped on the way for some Sudafed so that I could breathe... it helped a little, but yesterday wasnt good, today was worse. It went from allergy feeling to fluy feeling.

Ugh, so I'm home, I've officially run out of the darker yarn for Mom's jacket, and I think I only need 1 more. I've gotten about half of the 2nd sleeve done. I tried the Walmart in Bloomingdale for the yarn but no luck. I still need to try Michaels, maybe I'll do that later on. I need to go to the dollar store over there since I think they have suede, which I need for a project I've been thinking about.

Ok, I am gonna go lay back down. Have a good day, and hopefully tomorrow I'll be at work and I can show you pics from Epcot on Saturday.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Still proofing...

Yep, not done yet but getting there - I'm on page 109 of 122. That's good, right? Hate it. hate it. hate it.

Mom's jacket has 1 whole sleeve and a tiny bit of the second sleeve. I think I'm gonna run out of that darker yarn again - which is gonna piss me off since I just ordered 3 and thought that'd be plenty. It's not. I will look a little harder for that 1 skein around here before ordering it online and paying shipping. Urg. Anyway, it is looking cute though.

And speaking of Christmas, I've gotten all of my notebook printed out for my Organized Christmas. The 6 week plan starts Sunday, so I'm doing well. I'm also making a copy for co-worker Patty. I love how you can pick and choose what pages apply to you, and print what you need. The creators of this should SO print these out and sell them - I'm sure they'd go over well.

Jake got his soccer trophy yesterday,he was pretty excited about it - no I forgot to take a pic... I'll do that this weekend.

Sean is still Mr Wheezy but his nose is pretty clear and he's only coughing a little. However, yesterday and today we've had a puke fest which wasn't fun! His 983 teeth are doing ok, and he's really close to getting the I-teeth in. Wont he look funny with 2 bottom middle teeth, 1 middle top and 2 top I-teeth? Like he's missing one or something. I tried really hard to take a pic of his teeth, but I got bit. I'll try again this weekend. Also - Walgreens is offering a flavor thing for liquid meds and I got the one that tastes like banana for Sean's amoxicillin and he doesnt hate it. He doesnt love it, but not hating it is better than hating it, right?

Um, um, um, Oh, Food and Wine tomorrow with Travis and the kids. We're going to the new Japanese restaurant - Teppan Edo - for lunch. Yummmmmmo. And also speaking of Disney, Travis applied for a new sup position... something about e-commerce and them wanting a technical background... so that would be a good fit I think. Hopefully the rat will think so too.

That's it for now, have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My eyes are crossing!

I hate proof reading. Hate hate hate. Hate. I'm on page 94 of 122, so that's good - but I've been at it for the last week and I hate it. Anyway, moving on.

Project update...
Mom's Christmas Jacket - (Mom, no peeking) I have finished the back and 2 fronts, and about 3/4 of the first sleeve. I make that 1 1/4 sleeves to go, then assembly then fringe then done.

I ripped out the crocheted socks, and the blue socks that I started in NY. The yarn for the NY socks have been reclaimed by the same pattern I made Jen's birthday socks out of. Remember these? I really liked that pattern so I'll make another pair.

I haven't played with Kerry's scarf, although I did bring it with me on the cruise - it just didn't see any action. Soon though, really...

Just as soon as I make Nicci a baby blanket. I need to check the stash for boy colors, her shower is the 3rd week of November - MORE than plenty of time. I'm sure it'll be a star one - which is handy since her theme in his room is celestial!

Ok, some cruise pics. Instead of posting them all here, head to my Flickr Here.

That's it from me for now. Back to proof reading. Did I mention that I'm not a fan?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Today I had every intention of working on Mom's Christmas Jacket (the yarn came and I've started the sleeve on that - woo hoo!) on my lunch break, but I got a call from Ben (Tracy's husband)... and Damarys and I spent lunch plus some at the hospital. Looks like Tracy's ditching us for lunch tomorrow!

I present to you - Jessica Lynn (or Marie, they're not sure yet). She was scheduled to be born next Tuesday but apparently she was impatient. Born this morning at 9:11, 7lbs, 3oz (or 2 if you ask Damarys) and 18 inches and something - didnt write that down. *blogger's got a bug, so click here.

So, work work work for now and more tomorrow - pics from our trip even!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're back!

We had a nice time, but I'm home today with sick baby. When I left he had 1 tooth and 1 on the way, but today he has 3 and 3 more on the way. Poor baby! Add to that a head cold (again) and you have a miserable baby. I'll write more tomorrow when I'm at work and can show pics.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh boy.

Well, the bad news is that my Pirate hat didnt get selected for the Knitting calendar (it says that one called Tortuga Childs hat was selected, must be they liked that one better than mine). But, if at first you dont succeed... go bug another editor! So, I have now officially sent it in to a knitting mag. The selection process begins 10/25, so hopefully shortly after that I will know something. I think I need to take a lie down... oh boy. Moving on.

I have not yet submitted the other thing to the crochet magazine yet, I need to take a pic of the bigger one first, or rather - have Travis take a pic of it with the good camera. I dont know why that crochet one freaks me out more than this knit one - weird. But, I do plan to submit that when I get back from the cruisecruisecruise. It's due the middle of November.

I did some work on the crocheted sock - I've done the heel and heel turn, now I'm on the gusset. It's so strange to be crocheting it, but it's working out well so far I think. I have officially listed the other blue sock as hibernating while I decide what to do with it. I'm 90% sure it's gonna get frogged and the yarn reused for another, more worthy (or easy) sock... we'll have to see about that.

Hi, my name is Brandee, I leave for the Bahamas in 2 days and I couldnt find my original birth certificate. I would be a procrastinatious dumbass. I could have SWORN that my bc was in my little box in my nightgown drawer that also contains 1 of those little island doll things from the 80's, the graduation invitation for 2 cousins, a couple pics of babies I know and a broken pair of pearl earrings. I remember seeing it there, I remember it always being there (well, since my wedding when I needed it last). So, last night I was going to get it out and put it with Travis' bc - and i look - and it's A COPY! Not the real one. I remember the REAL one. Dammit dammit dammit. !. So I start looking in other places - my jewelry box, my other jewlery box, the file cabinet, the underwear drawer, sock drawer, knitting crap drawer, salt and pepper shaker, you know - the usual places! Nope. No where. I go online to see about getting a new one - 5 - 7 business days. That wont work either. So, 9:14 I call my mom half knowing that she'd probably be in bed already - and she didnt answer the phone. This morning on the way to work I called her again - no answer. Then 10 minutes after that, and 10 minutes after that. I tried her office at 8:26, not there yet. Ok, she's doing this to irk me... I'm sure of it! 8:50 I call her cell again and she answers (I know, I'm a stalker). Finally. She had just got my message and yes she does have my original bc, but how would she get it to me. I'll come over. When? Tonight - yeah, tonight i'll drive an hour to your house and get my stupid birth certificate so I can go on the stupid cruise. Ok, lets not be hasty - not stupid cruise... but you know what I mean! Cliff didnt want to spend Eleventy Billion dollars to drive out here to my office, and hey we can overnight it. No go, I want it now! So, I tell my lady boss that I need to get it and she said See You In Bit. He met me halfway and gave me my bc (and his eyeglass perscription by accident) and I was on my way back to work. I was gone an hour and 20 minutes. Not too shabby. And by original, she wasnt kidding. On the back is where my doc wrote my shots as I got them... its pretty funny.

So, when I get back I will order my own 'original' from NY and give her back the original original. So, YAY to Cliffy, I owe you a chocolate cake.

I have work to do now, and while I will try to post tomorrow, no guarantees. And if not, see ya on the flip side.

Monday, October 08, 2007


It's been a hectic work day, trying to get so much done and actually succeeding... but there is still more to do. Here's the weekend in a nutshell...

Saturday was Jack's birthday party, and it was at the bowling alley. Brilliant I thought! Here's Jake rolling his very first ball:

He did really good - his first game was 89, the third was 99 and I have no idea what the second was since I was apparently otherwise occupied (probably by the baby) and didnt see. He had a great time, and it made me miss bowling... maybe I'll do that for my birthday - that'd be fun. I did that a few years ago too, when was that - 29? No clue.

Sunday we went to my Grandparent's house and hung out with them, my folks and my Aunt & her fam from Colorado. Jake had such a blast with his cousins... but I of course didnt brandish the camera. I'll have to wait until I get pics from them to show you.

In yarn news, I finished the mini sweater ornament, now I just need to make the hanger. I have some medium gauge wire that should work, maybe one night this week once the kids are sleeping I will do that. I also started on a sock out of my new crocheted socks book. I'm enjoying it, and it's going well so far. Of course I've only been making a tube, and the harder heel turn is coming up but it seems promising. I am waiting on the yarn that I ordered to arrive so I can finish my mom's Christmas jacket. Here's pics of the ornament and sock:

And finally, I was going to show you a nice picture of the cat in the bathtub, but blogger crapped out. Maybe tomorrow! For now, have a nice Monday.