Friday, December 14, 2007

Updates... on Grandma, and knitting

Grandma is still in the hospital - and we still arent sure whats going on. We think she strained/pulled a muscle during a coughing fit, but some of the tests have come back a little odd so we're waiting to hear somthing more. Please keep her and the doctors in your prayers.

I am on the round and round bit of the foot of the 2nd fuzzy feet. I will be done this weekend with it and I am thrilled! When that's done, and I hibernate from knitting I will crochet a baby blanket for my friend Nicci, who is due around Sean's birthday. And crocheting is SO not knitting!

Sean will be 1 in 3 weeks, and I'm excited, but not looking forward to getting him off the bottle. He uses a sippy cup for juice, but still a bottle for formula. Last night I decided to give him formula in a sippy cup and he took a sip or 2 and threw it down while looking at me funny. Not the best outcome for the first try, but hey, what can you do.

In better Sean news - he can now say Mama, and I had spectators other than myself so I was really excited! About dern time!

This weekend will include the Disney Christmas party tomorrow night, angel kid presents to church on Sunday, and I said I'd help wrap any un-wrapped gifts. Monday I need to get the last of the Christmas gifts mailed out, I'm sure Nanny is wondering why all of my aunts/uncles/cousins have gotten Christmas cards but not her. Soon, Nanny, soon.

You all have a lovely weekend.

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