Friday, October 19, 2007

Still proofing...

Yep, not done yet but getting there - I'm on page 109 of 122. That's good, right? Hate it. hate it. hate it.

Mom's jacket has 1 whole sleeve and a tiny bit of the second sleeve. I think I'm gonna run out of that darker yarn again - which is gonna piss me off since I just ordered 3 and thought that'd be plenty. It's not. I will look a little harder for that 1 skein around here before ordering it online and paying shipping. Urg. Anyway, it is looking cute though.

And speaking of Christmas, I've gotten all of my notebook printed out for my Organized Christmas. The 6 week plan starts Sunday, so I'm doing well. I'm also making a copy for co-worker Patty. I love how you can pick and choose what pages apply to you, and print what you need. The creators of this should SO print these out and sell them - I'm sure they'd go over well.

Jake got his soccer trophy yesterday,he was pretty excited about it - no I forgot to take a pic... I'll do that this weekend.

Sean is still Mr Wheezy but his nose is pretty clear and he's only coughing a little. However, yesterday and today we've had a puke fest which wasn't fun! His 983 teeth are doing ok, and he's really close to getting the I-teeth in. Wont he look funny with 2 bottom middle teeth, 1 middle top and 2 top I-teeth? Like he's missing one or something. I tried really hard to take a pic of his teeth, but I got bit. I'll try again this weekend. Also - Walgreens is offering a flavor thing for liquid meds and I got the one that tastes like banana for Sean's amoxicillin and he doesnt hate it. He doesnt love it, but not hating it is better than hating it, right?

Um, um, um, Oh, Food and Wine tomorrow with Travis and the kids. We're going to the new Japanese restaurant - Teppan Edo - for lunch. Yummmmmmo. And also speaking of Disney, Travis applied for a new sup position... something about e-commerce and them wanting a technical background... so that would be a good fit I think. Hopefully the rat will think so too.

That's it for now, have a fantastic weekend!

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