Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And so it goes

Jacket update - I have 1 stripey thing left, then the edging. To fringe or not to fringe... that is the question?

I have also started dishcloth sets for 2 people on the list. Each will get 3 cloths in lime, blue and a lime & blue verigated cotton. I'm making the patterns up as I go, but the colors are great. Nice and cheery.

No progress on the scarf or sock.

Sean is 41 weeks old. That means he's been on the outside longer than he was on the inside. Pretty spiffy I think!

So yesterday afternoon I got a call from Sean's daycare to pick up the projectile puking baby. I did. I called the docs office to see if I needed to come in or if they could give some advice so I didnt waste another trip (I think we've done 3 so far with this cold). She suggested using the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) and clear liquids to see how he did with that, along with the other 19 things we've been doing and if he has another bad night to call them because they would have to see him. Alrighty.

Half a tub of baby applesauce for dinner. It stayed down. 3 ounces of pedialyte at 3 am - didnt stay down. 3 ounces of formula at 5am did (whew!). I gave Travis the bad news that he would be staying home with Sean since he has sick time and I do not. Okay fine.

I called the docs to get an appt and it was scheduled for 9:20. I asked Travis to please try to remember his weight since it wasnt remembered at his 9 month checkup last week. 9lbs, 3oz (down 3oz from last week). While at the office he had a good going over and she noticed the following:
1)Wheezy in the chest instead of the nose where it had been
2)Albuterol treatment in office pissed him off but worked somewhat at the wheezy
3)weight loss but thats not really a big deal for 3 ounces
4)No infection in his ears, just fluid from the nose slime
5)no tummy issues, he's just swallowing the nose slime and thats causing the pukiness
6)On the good side - he's oxiginating well and is in good spirits (except when dealing with the mask)

Here is the prognosis:
1) Sinus infection which gets baby zithromax
2) Albuterol treatments every 4 hours for the wheezy and pray it goes away
3) Back to the docs office on Friday for a check on the wheezy and if its not gone then he'll need chest x-rays to see whats wrong with his lungs.

Poor little guy. Anyway, he's home again tomorrow - half day with Travis until he goes to work at 11:30, then perhaps with Papaw and if not then me. Thursday, once the antibiotics have been in him for 24 hours he can go back to daycare, then she'll do the breathing treatments (which she also did with Jake so she's experienced in it).

Tomorrow will begin the birthday celebrations - my office luncheon at the Cheesecake Factory. Yummmmmmmmo. I also get my office birthday money (everyone donates $10 into the card so for me it's $50 since Dave and I dont exchange because we share the luncheon). I'll probably just deposit that since I just bought some yarn at Joann's & Michaels.

(As an aside, when did BOTH Michaels & Joanns decide to stop carrying 16" non-wood circs? Does no one make hats anymore? I cannot believe I lost those stupid 10.5s! Urg. Moving on.)

Thursday is my actual birthday and I will probably go to lunch with Damarys. Friday we're going to Gala Corina in Tampa to see Jason's (my bro in law) and Jonathan's (Stacy's bro) artwork. The MIL will have the boys and it should be fun.

Saturday is the craft fair at Jake's school, I wonder how that road being closed from 1 side will affect the traffic? I hope we still get a good turn out. Tomorrow I will get the bins out and get them organized and add the few new things to them. I also need to make up a few price tags and care cards.

Sunday is Church and depending on how the family is feeling we may head out to see my grandparents.

That's it for now, have a great day.

Monday, October 29, 2007

baby puke

Thats why I had to change my underwear last night.. twice. Baby puke is also why my work day got cut in half. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow will be better.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Three Cheers for Jake!

Jake made the Principal's Honor Roll! YAY! I forgot to bring his report card with me to work but here is what I remember:
a+ or O (for Outstanding) - Phys Ed, Spanish, Computer & Music.
A - Phonics, spelling, math, Bible & reading.
S (86 or a B) - writing.

So, we went to Pizza Hut to celebrate. While we were there I saw an opportunity to take a pic, unbitten, of 1/2 of Sean's teeth:

Then we went home and got ready for bed, Sean wearing his new "I Love My Mummy" jammies:

And finally, as promised, a picture of the current sock in progress. This was this morning as it sits, untouched, by the kitchen table. Poor, sad, little sock:

Currently I have been kicked out of the conference room (and teevee viewing area) by our auditors so I'm here, talking to you and about to work on more stripey things on Mom's Jacket, which is on my lap. I am so excited this will be another DONE gift, but note to self... next time dont do ANYTHING with so many ends to weave in!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom... Please disregard

Quickie update on the jacket. Go here to take a peek. It is comletly put together, still on the list - add the strips and a quick edging.

Now my delimea... the pattern suggests hook and eye closures along the front but I dont think I like that idea. Perhaps buttons? Or nothing? What are your thoughts?

Slow and steady

I'm still sick, and even though the drugs aren't working I keep taking them in the hopes that they will. Hack hack, cough cough. I am getting better though, and I am extremely grateful that neither child nor the hubbo has gotten this crud.

I have finally weaved in all the 9,982 ends on Mom's Jacket, I have attached 1 sleeve to 1 front and the back and tried it on Damarys and it looks pretty good. Today at lunch I shall put on the other front and sleeve - then the stripey things and other finishing stuff and we'll be done. Hopefully this weekend will be the end of it and I can have it on the done list.

No sock or scarf progress to report. The craft fair at Jake's school is 11/3 and it should be loads of fun - really. Hopefully I'll do ok and get rid of bunches more stuff from the bins.

Work has been rather worky lately - and I am currently trying to win the affections of Access and have almost succeeded. I'm rather proud of myself on that - since usually Access and I have a hate/hate relationship with one another.

I have not succeeded in getting a picture of Sean's chompers, maybe I'll try again today. I think the trick will be to have Jake make him laugh and snap the pic when he's laughing. Good plan? I think so. Hopefully I won't get bit!

Today is report card day - first report card of first grade. I'm concerned for his writing grade, but the other ones should be pretty good. I don't know if they get S's or A's - but I'll show you his grades tomorrow. Boy oh boy.

That's it for today, back to Access. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still sick, but making progress!

I'm still sick but at least I'm at work and somewhat coherent.

I have officially finished all of the pieces of Mom's Christmas Jacket and am now in the process of weaving in the 9,842 ends since I dont think I can get away with calling it fringe. I have started seaming pieces together with the longer ends, killing 2 birds with 1 strand... and so far I've seamed 1 sleeve bottom and 1 side of the back to 1 front, below the arm. So, tonight I will hopefully get it more put together so it can be tried on Damarys (aka: my Mom analog)to make sure it will fit a human, more specifically, My Mom.

I also finished the first skein of Kerry's scarf, I dont think I will use all of the other one, I just want to make it about 4 or 5 feet and leave it at that.

I did a few rounds on the sock on the way to Epcot, but not enough to call it progress. I really need to take a pic of that, and of Kerry's scarf to show you.

Speaking of pictures, I have a few to show you:
The gift I did not get mom because I am cheap even though she would get a good laugh at:

Our family at Teppan Edo (the restaurant in Japan at Epcot):

And finally, Jake and I... a self portrait:

That's it for now, back to work.

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm sick

I hate being sick. This started Friday afternoon, and I took an allergy pill and hoped for the best. Saturday was our Epcot day, and we stopped on the way for some Sudafed so that I could breathe... it helped a little, but yesterday wasnt good, today was worse. It went from allergy feeling to fluy feeling.

Ugh, so I'm home, I've officially run out of the darker yarn for Mom's jacket, and I think I only need 1 more. I've gotten about half of the 2nd sleeve done. I tried the Walmart in Bloomingdale for the yarn but no luck. I still need to try Michaels, maybe I'll do that later on. I need to go to the dollar store over there since I think they have suede, which I need for a project I've been thinking about.

Ok, I am gonna go lay back down. Have a good day, and hopefully tomorrow I'll be at work and I can show you pics from Epcot on Saturday.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Still proofing...

Yep, not done yet but getting there - I'm on page 109 of 122. That's good, right? Hate it. hate it. hate it.

Mom's jacket has 1 whole sleeve and a tiny bit of the second sleeve. I think I'm gonna run out of that darker yarn again - which is gonna piss me off since I just ordered 3 and thought that'd be plenty. It's not. I will look a little harder for that 1 skein around here before ordering it online and paying shipping. Urg. Anyway, it is looking cute though.

And speaking of Christmas, I've gotten all of my notebook printed out for my Organized Christmas. The 6 week plan starts Sunday, so I'm doing well. I'm also making a copy for co-worker Patty. I love how you can pick and choose what pages apply to you, and print what you need. The creators of this should SO print these out and sell them - I'm sure they'd go over well.

Jake got his soccer trophy yesterday,he was pretty excited about it - no I forgot to take a pic... I'll do that this weekend.

Sean is still Mr Wheezy but his nose is pretty clear and he's only coughing a little. However, yesterday and today we've had a puke fest which wasn't fun! His 983 teeth are doing ok, and he's really close to getting the I-teeth in. Wont he look funny with 2 bottom middle teeth, 1 middle top and 2 top I-teeth? Like he's missing one or something. I tried really hard to take a pic of his teeth, but I got bit. I'll try again this weekend. Also - Walgreens is offering a flavor thing for liquid meds and I got the one that tastes like banana for Sean's amoxicillin and he doesnt hate it. He doesnt love it, but not hating it is better than hating it, right?

Um, um, um, Oh, Food and Wine tomorrow with Travis and the kids. We're going to the new Japanese restaurant - Teppan Edo - for lunch. Yummmmmmo. And also speaking of Disney, Travis applied for a new sup position... something about e-commerce and them wanting a technical background... so that would be a good fit I think. Hopefully the rat will think so too.

That's it for now, have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My eyes are crossing!

I hate proof reading. Hate hate hate. Hate. I'm on page 94 of 122, so that's good - but I've been at it for the last week and I hate it. Anyway, moving on.

Project update...
Mom's Christmas Jacket - (Mom, no peeking) I have finished the back and 2 fronts, and about 3/4 of the first sleeve. I make that 1 1/4 sleeves to go, then assembly then fringe then done.

I ripped out the crocheted socks, and the blue socks that I started in NY. The yarn for the NY socks have been reclaimed by the same pattern I made Jen's birthday socks out of. Remember these? I really liked that pattern so I'll make another pair.

I haven't played with Kerry's scarf, although I did bring it with me on the cruise - it just didn't see any action. Soon though, really...

Just as soon as I make Nicci a baby blanket. I need to check the stash for boy colors, her shower is the 3rd week of November - MORE than plenty of time. I'm sure it'll be a star one - which is handy since her theme in his room is celestial!

Ok, some cruise pics. Instead of posting them all here, head to my Flickr Here.

That's it from me for now. Back to proof reading. Did I mention that I'm not a fan?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Today I had every intention of working on Mom's Christmas Jacket (the yarn came and I've started the sleeve on that - woo hoo!) on my lunch break, but I got a call from Ben (Tracy's husband)... and Damarys and I spent lunch plus some at the hospital. Looks like Tracy's ditching us for lunch tomorrow!

I present to you - Jessica Lynn (or Marie, they're not sure yet). She was scheduled to be born next Tuesday but apparently she was impatient. Born this morning at 9:11, 7lbs, 3oz (or 2 if you ask Damarys) and 18 inches and something - didnt write that down. *blogger's got a bug, so click here.

So, work work work for now and more tomorrow - pics from our trip even!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We're back!

We had a nice time, but I'm home today with sick baby. When I left he had 1 tooth and 1 on the way, but today he has 3 and 3 more on the way. Poor baby! Add to that a head cold (again) and you have a miserable baby. I'll write more tomorrow when I'm at work and can show pics.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh boy.

Well, the bad news is that my Pirate hat didnt get selected for the Knitting calendar (it says that one called Tortuga Childs hat was selected, must be they liked that one better than mine). But, if at first you dont succeed... go bug another editor! So, I have now officially sent it in to a knitting mag. The selection process begins 10/25, so hopefully shortly after that I will know something. I think I need to take a lie down... oh boy. Moving on.

I have not yet submitted the other thing to the crochet magazine yet, I need to take a pic of the bigger one first, or rather - have Travis take a pic of it with the good camera. I dont know why that crochet one freaks me out more than this knit one - weird. But, I do plan to submit that when I get back from the cruisecruisecruise. It's due the middle of November.

I did some work on the crocheted sock - I've done the heel and heel turn, now I'm on the gusset. It's so strange to be crocheting it, but it's working out well so far I think. I have officially listed the other blue sock as hibernating while I decide what to do with it. I'm 90% sure it's gonna get frogged and the yarn reused for another, more worthy (or easy) sock... we'll have to see about that.

Hi, my name is Brandee, I leave for the Bahamas in 2 days and I couldnt find my original birth certificate. I would be a procrastinatious dumbass. I could have SWORN that my bc was in my little box in my nightgown drawer that also contains 1 of those little island doll things from the 80's, the graduation invitation for 2 cousins, a couple pics of babies I know and a broken pair of pearl earrings. I remember seeing it there, I remember it always being there (well, since my wedding when I needed it last). So, last night I was going to get it out and put it with Travis' bc - and i look - and it's A COPY! Not the real one. I remember the REAL one. Dammit dammit dammit. !. So I start looking in other places - my jewelry box, my other jewlery box, the file cabinet, the underwear drawer, sock drawer, knitting crap drawer, salt and pepper shaker, you know - the usual places! Nope. No where. I go online to see about getting a new one - 5 - 7 business days. That wont work either. So, 9:14 I call my mom half knowing that she'd probably be in bed already - and she didnt answer the phone. This morning on the way to work I called her again - no answer. Then 10 minutes after that, and 10 minutes after that. I tried her office at 8:26, not there yet. Ok, she's doing this to irk me... I'm sure of it! 8:50 I call her cell again and she answers (I know, I'm a stalker). Finally. She had just got my message and yes she does have my original bc, but how would she get it to me. I'll come over. When? Tonight - yeah, tonight i'll drive an hour to your house and get my stupid birth certificate so I can go on the stupid cruise. Ok, lets not be hasty - not stupid cruise... but you know what I mean! Cliff didnt want to spend Eleventy Billion dollars to drive out here to my office, and hey we can overnight it. No go, I want it now! So, I tell my lady boss that I need to get it and she said See You In Bit. He met me halfway and gave me my bc (and his eyeglass perscription by accident) and I was on my way back to work. I was gone an hour and 20 minutes. Not too shabby. And by original, she wasnt kidding. On the back is where my doc wrote my shots as I got them... its pretty funny.

So, when I get back I will order my own 'original' from NY and give her back the original original. So, YAY to Cliffy, I owe you a chocolate cake.

I have work to do now, and while I will try to post tomorrow, no guarantees. And if not, see ya on the flip side.

Monday, October 08, 2007


It's been a hectic work day, trying to get so much done and actually succeeding... but there is still more to do. Here's the weekend in a nutshell...

Saturday was Jack's birthday party, and it was at the bowling alley. Brilliant I thought! Here's Jake rolling his very first ball:

He did really good - his first game was 89, the third was 99 and I have no idea what the second was since I was apparently otherwise occupied (probably by the baby) and didnt see. He had a great time, and it made me miss bowling... maybe I'll do that for my birthday - that'd be fun. I did that a few years ago too, when was that - 29? No clue.

Sunday we went to my Grandparent's house and hung out with them, my folks and my Aunt & her fam from Colorado. Jake had such a blast with his cousins... but I of course didnt brandish the camera. I'll have to wait until I get pics from them to show you.

In yarn news, I finished the mini sweater ornament, now I just need to make the hanger. I have some medium gauge wire that should work, maybe one night this week once the kids are sleeping I will do that. I also started on a sock out of my new crocheted socks book. I'm enjoying it, and it's going well so far. Of course I've only been making a tube, and the harder heel turn is coming up but it seems promising. I am waiting on the yarn that I ordered to arrive so I can finish my mom's Christmas jacket. Here's pics of the ornament and sock:

And finally, I was going to show you a nice picture of the cat in the bathtub, but blogger crapped out. Maybe tomorrow! For now, have a nice Monday.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Project update?

I know I dont want to know this, but here we go. This is pretty accurate, I think.

Mom jacket: I have the back and one front panel done. I have 1 front panel and 2 sleeves to do. I'll call this 40%.

Sock: I am still on the round and round bit of the first sock, but its not going fast... even when I do have time to knit on it. And also, I'm not really in love with the pattern and the idea of knitting a second is not making me happy. I may rip it out and reuse the yarn for another, better sock. Perhaps out of my new crocheted socks book. Since my previous failures at crocheting socks were not pleasant, I just kept knitting them. However, I know that actual socks come out of the patterns in this book since I've seen them... so we'll give it a go. Patty, my co-worker, has expressed an interest in a pair too if I can find the right sock yarn for her.

Sweater ornament: Still missing 1 sleeve. This is like 75% done, but the sleeves are persnickety when I try to get it off the safety pin and onto the WEE little needles. Maybe that will come with me to a birthday party and family get together this weekend. Maybe it will be a sock. Who knows.

Brown sweater for me: I havent touched this since the other day, I've got about 1/3 of the back done. Since this still needs a front and 2 sleeves I'll give this maybe 10%. I have no idea if that is good math or not... and I really dont care.

Abandoned scarf: I'm not sure how much of this is done, and the needle for it has been being used for my submission projects. Whoops. I had intended this for my brother for last Christmas. Perhaps he shall get it this Christmas. We'll see!

Submission update: I have 2 of the 3 sizes made, I have the pattern written and checked - minus the finished measurements. I am at the chicken point when I need to put the presentation together and send it. Bock bock chicken! It'll get done, I have a month. I have also dreamt up 2 other ideas that I like. One I really like, and one I think is interesting but I'm not sure if my theory will work (that one is knit... scary). One at a time.

Fair competition: I have been meaning to figure out an item to submit for the fair, but I have not gone beyond that.

Craft fair: The craft fair at Jake's school is coming up on November 3. I am trying to kick out a few things that I think will sell well and are easy like kitchen scrubbies - we are always getting asked for them! Handy that Joann's had the tulle on sale! I have been thinking of a Friday night birthday thing since that is the night between Travis' days off. If thats the case, I'll be up late on Friday and have the fair on Saturday which should be interesting, but do-able. Probably better than the norm of craft fair all day then party that night, right?

Speaking of birthday, I am thinking of not having a party. Shocker, I know. I want to go to the Melting Pot. I've never been, and even though I want friends to go I know it can be pricey so I'm not sure how that will work. I'm running out of time to figure it out, but there you have it.

Enough for now, back to work. Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Jacket pic

Hey Mom... avert your eyes now! Er, or just dont click here.
This is Mom's Christmas Jacket as of the end of lunch today. I have about 8 more rows to go on the back. I am really gonna run out of yarn, and now I have to hunt for some more since I bought all of the darker color that my Walmart had instock (5). I also bought all the lighter color that Joann's had (5), but hopefully I'll be ok with that one. Wish me luck.

Oh, and my new copy of Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair finally arrived. I'm pretty excited to read it, since I lovelovelove her blog.

Backpedaling... and progress.

I ripped back Mom's whole entire Christmas jacket - it was looking too big, even after I altered the pattern a little bit... it apparently wasnt enough, so I altered it again and now I'm about halfway done with the back. It's going quickly since its fat yarn and a pretty fat hook, which is good, especially since this is the 3rd time I've started it in as many days.

I also managed a few rows on the forgotten sweater while watching Cavemen. I was very disappointed in that show, and I really was hoping for the best. However, since we already DVR Bones and NCIS at that time, I was stuck watching it in the bedroom, which is where forgotten sweater lives - on my dresser. Mindless knitting - plain stockinette for the body, and I'm about half done with the back. I've been working at it for 4 or 5 months I think. It's sad, really.

No progress on the sock or ornament.

Sean is doing better and actually managed to sleep through the night last night... ALL the way to 6:30. !!. Good times.

Just 9 more days until we leave for our cruise. I'm really looking forward to it - I've never done it before, and that should be fun.

That's really it for now.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Half day for me

Sean isnt a happy boy. His boogie nose is better, he's still coughing and weezy a bit, but last night and this morning we added projectile vomiting whenever Any Medicine came near so home he stays. I feel so bad for him, last night was another one where we didnt sleep more than an hour at a time - SOOO TIRED! So, he's home with Travis now and will be dropped off to me when Travis leaves for work. I will finish up until 1, then we will head home.

I worked on Mom's Christmas Sweater some more, but not much since He-Who-Could-Not- Be-Put-Down was in quite a state. No progress on the sock or mini sweater ornament. They will have their day. I had thought of the sock for Mom for Christmas, now I shall have to make other plans for it. Perhaps it will even get a mate... or I need to make some 1-legged friends, that would work too!

I am still waiting on my 2 books and my Ravelry t-shirt. I'm being suprisingly patient too! Too much going on to worry about it I suppose.

This weekend will be fun, Saturday we have a bowling birthday part for one of my friends little boys - Jake is excited for that. Then Sunday we head to grandparents to see my aunt and her family. Jake is Really excited for that - he loves playing with her boys! Fun times I tell ya. I will need to figure out which project will go with me, since Obviously Mom's Christmas Sweater wouldnt work with her there! Maybe the sock. We'll see.

Lots to do before I head home, so have a great day and wish me a vomit-free afternoon!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Done. Well almost.

I finished all the crocheting for my 2nd size of the submission piece - just the buttons to add. The math worked out, and I tweaked it just a tiny bit and now I like it even more! When I go pick up Sean I will try it on a 1 yr old there to see if the 12 months size fits an actual 12 month old. I just need to have the pattern tested - especially the 6 month size (since I've done the 3 month and 12 month), just to be sure that one works too, and I'll be ready. I'm pretty excited about the prospect, nervous but excited. Oh the drama.

And speaking of - if anyone wants to pattern test, let me know. Easy crochet baby item, 1 skein (maybe 1.5) of a readily available yarn. Fun fun!

Sean is feeling better, only a little bit of boogie nose left and the occasional coughing fit. The bad side is that the daycare assistant caught Sean's cold. Whoops!

I have not worked on the mini sweater ornament, or the socks but I have started Mom's Christmas Sweater. You can see it
here if you are not my Mother. I'd show you the pic of what it will look like, but I dont have one - maybe I'll take one tonight.

Instead you can have a pic of Sean playing with toys in my MIL's living room.

That's it for me. Have a fantastic day.