Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas humor

I have gotten some accomplished on the slipper, I am on the round and round part, so thats good. I was working on chair covers for the Christmas tea at lunch, so I wasnt able to knit. Tonight we're putting stuff on the tree that has been in the dining room fo 2 days, so probably no knitting tonight. It twill be done tomorrow. I also started making my Christmas cards. Oh, dont get me wrong - most people will be getting the REALLY cute one I designed with the kids pics on them, but last year after Christmas I got a card making kit at Joanns for like 75% off, so it was $3 for 12 cards or some such thing. I'll give them to a select few, and everyone else gets to admire my adorable childrens.

I wanted to share this comic strip that lives on my desk (with 2 friends) and is appropriate for the season. It was first published in 1999, and I love it! Enjoy, and hopefully I'll have something more substantial to say tomorrow.

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