Thursday, June 24, 2010

A finished project. Really!

The other day I let Mom try on her birthday sweater (her birthday is tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure it fit before I finished the 2nd sleeve and the 2 fronts). It didn't fit so I stopped working on it. That led to 2 things. First, what do I give my Mom for her birthday, and second, what do I start working on next?

The answer to #1: the Zoom Zoom socks that I made earlier in the year and will be a second pair of "warm socks" for her. She will be appreciative. Yay.

The answer to #2: well, that's a little harder. It started with me looking at my stash of sock yarn and petting, vigorously the alpaca that I got in January. That led me to scouring my sock patterns in print, print-out and Ravelry for the perfect pattern to go with my perfect, creamy white yarn. No luck. I found some great patterns that would look great with the yarn but either the yarn was too thin for the pattern or I didn't have enough of it. Pity, but I will try again with that yarn in the future. That made me have a look at the WIPs I had and found 2 pairs of socks in that category. The closest to done was the Ladybug socks that I started in August and got through all but the toe plus 2 rounds. So I decided to finish it.

I haven't touched it in MONTHS! I finished it in less than 3 hours. Now I have adorable new socks! Yay.

Next up, I will do the 2nd sock to this "Pair". I did this sock in August of '08 on a trip to New York and it has since languished in the WIP pile. Today I brought it back out and cast on. I've done a few rounds but that's it. I am a little worried about the heel though since I think I did a different heel than the pattern called for. Guess I'll have to fake it and hope for the best! More soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ribbons and Summer

I have been sadly slacking in the blog department. I've been a stay at home mom for what - 4 months? And it is seriously kicking my butt. And NOW I get to add the big one to the mix! Trying to keep them both occupied and not in front of the tv all day WITHOUT getting 2nd degree burns from being outside for 17 seconds is difficult. Very. Difficult.

Tomorrow is $1 movie day at AMC and we're heading to watch Shrek the 3rd. Yay for organized events! I hope that we'll find plenty more as the summer goes on.

I know that it's technically not summer for like 2 more weeks but already we're hitting 99 degrees daily. It has led to a distinct lack of yarn play. This is bad news considering that my Mom's birthday is on the 25th (11 days away) and her sweater has only almost 1 sleeve. And the fronts are LONG since it's a wrap around sweater. tick tock.

In other news, I have put the Ribbons hat with the testers so that I can release the pattern on here through Ravelry. Very soon, for the low low price of $3 (proceeds go to my Making Strides walk for Breast Cancer research), you too can have the pattern to the lovely Ribbons to make for yourself! But Wait... there's more!! It comes with a "cottage license" so that you can sell the hats you make to raise money for your own cause. I am hoping to have it available in the next week.