Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And so it goes

Jacket update - I have 1 stripey thing left, then the edging. To fringe or not to fringe... that is the question?

I have also started dishcloth sets for 2 people on the list. Each will get 3 cloths in lime, blue and a lime & blue verigated cotton. I'm making the patterns up as I go, but the colors are great. Nice and cheery.

No progress on the scarf or sock.

Sean is 41 weeks old. That means he's been on the outside longer than he was on the inside. Pretty spiffy I think!

So yesterday afternoon I got a call from Sean's daycare to pick up the projectile puking baby. I did. I called the docs office to see if I needed to come in or if they could give some advice so I didnt waste another trip (I think we've done 3 so far with this cold). She suggested using the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) and clear liquids to see how he did with that, along with the other 19 things we've been doing and if he has another bad night to call them because they would have to see him. Alrighty.

Half a tub of baby applesauce for dinner. It stayed down. 3 ounces of pedialyte at 3 am - didnt stay down. 3 ounces of formula at 5am did (whew!). I gave Travis the bad news that he would be staying home with Sean since he has sick time and I do not. Okay fine.

I called the docs to get an appt and it was scheduled for 9:20. I asked Travis to please try to remember his weight since it wasnt remembered at his 9 month checkup last week. 9lbs, 3oz (down 3oz from last week). While at the office he had a good going over and she noticed the following:
1)Wheezy in the chest instead of the nose where it had been
2)Albuterol treatment in office pissed him off but worked somewhat at the wheezy
3)weight loss but thats not really a big deal for 3 ounces
4)No infection in his ears, just fluid from the nose slime
5)no tummy issues, he's just swallowing the nose slime and thats causing the pukiness
6)On the good side - he's oxiginating well and is in good spirits (except when dealing with the mask)

Here is the prognosis:
1) Sinus infection which gets baby zithromax
2) Albuterol treatments every 4 hours for the wheezy and pray it goes away
3) Back to the docs office on Friday for a check on the wheezy and if its not gone then he'll need chest x-rays to see whats wrong with his lungs.

Poor little guy. Anyway, he's home again tomorrow - half day with Travis until he goes to work at 11:30, then perhaps with Papaw and if not then me. Thursday, once the antibiotics have been in him for 24 hours he can go back to daycare, then she'll do the breathing treatments (which she also did with Jake so she's experienced in it).

Tomorrow will begin the birthday celebrations - my office luncheon at the Cheesecake Factory. Yummmmmmmmo. I also get my office birthday money (everyone donates $10 into the card so for me it's $50 since Dave and I dont exchange because we share the luncheon). I'll probably just deposit that since I just bought some yarn at Joann's & Michaels.

(As an aside, when did BOTH Michaels & Joanns decide to stop carrying 16" non-wood circs? Does no one make hats anymore? I cannot believe I lost those stupid 10.5s! Urg. Moving on.)

Thursday is my actual birthday and I will probably go to lunch with Damarys. Friday we're going to Gala Corina in Tampa to see Jason's (my bro in law) and Jonathan's (Stacy's bro) artwork. The MIL will have the boys and it should be fun.

Saturday is the craft fair at Jake's school, I wonder how that road being closed from 1 side will affect the traffic? I hope we still get a good turn out. Tomorrow I will get the bins out and get them organized and add the few new things to them. I also need to make up a few price tags and care cards.

Sunday is Church and depending on how the family is feeling we may head out to see my grandparents.

That's it for now, have a great day.

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