Thursday, October 25, 2007

Slow and steady

I'm still sick, and even though the drugs aren't working I keep taking them in the hopes that they will. Hack hack, cough cough. I am getting better though, and I am extremely grateful that neither child nor the hubbo has gotten this crud.

I have finally weaved in all the 9,982 ends on Mom's Jacket, I have attached 1 sleeve to 1 front and the back and tried it on Damarys and it looks pretty good. Today at lunch I shall put on the other front and sleeve - then the stripey things and other finishing stuff and we'll be done. Hopefully this weekend will be the end of it and I can have it on the done list.

No sock or scarf progress to report. The craft fair at Jake's school is 11/3 and it should be loads of fun - really. Hopefully I'll do ok and get rid of bunches more stuff from the bins.

Work has been rather worky lately - and I am currently trying to win the affections of Access and have almost succeeded. I'm rather proud of myself on that - since usually Access and I have a hate/hate relationship with one another.

I have not succeeded in getting a picture of Sean's chompers, maybe I'll try again today. I think the trick will be to have Jake make him laugh and snap the pic when he's laughing. Good plan? I think so. Hopefully I won't get bit!

Today is report card day - first report card of first grade. I'm concerned for his writing grade, but the other ones should be pretty good. I don't know if they get S's or A's - but I'll show you his grades tomorrow. Boy oh boy.

That's it for today, back to Access. Wish me luck.

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