Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas.

Did you have nice Christmas? Was Santa good to you? Here's our Christmas at a glance:

Before Santa came to my in-laws house:

Sean getting the hang of this opening thing:

Jake got a guitar from Mommy & Daddy:

And Uncle Jason confisgated it but Jake got to play a little:

Jake and I had to finish up the cookies that Santa left behind. Such a trecherous job... but somebody's got to do it!

Sean stood up and held onto my Grandparent's ottoman, and when it got moved, he stayed standing up - for like 10 seconds! We were thrilled but I just sat there and stared at him. Cliff tried to recreate the scene. It didnt work, he ended up on his butt:

Mom's jacket was a little big but she liked it anyway:

Today finds Jake just fine and playing at his grandparents house, Sean with a yeast infection diaper rash and a head cold, Me and Travis both with a really bad sore throat. Joy to the World. Sean will be 1 in a couple weeks - perhaps we will be better by then? Sigh.

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