Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Watching Television

Last night I was working on Jasyline's sweater - I have finished the front and back, attached both shoulders, attached one side seam and started a sleeve. It's going well, and hopefully I'll be done this week (or weekend). I'm thrilled at this prospect, and am trying to think of something else to make for someone else on my list. Perhaps I can pull out something for Damarys? I'm not sure yet.

Anyway, last night as I was working I realized that I dont Watch television anymore, but I Listen to it often. It used to be (at least I think I remember it this way) that when I was Crocheting with Smooth Yarn (*read Red Heart Super Saver) that I could crochet and Watch tv at the same time. These days all I seem to be doing is knitting or crocheting with funky yarn and I only listen to the tv because I have to look at knitting or concentrate(ish) on the funky yarn. Anyway, that was just my realization last night.

That's really it for now, nothing new to report. I didnt get a chance to work on the felt thing, whoops! Soon though, really!

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Kimberly said...

I've actually given up on the TV as I simply tune it out now. I never was a big watcher of TB though, so I don't think I'm missing much...especially since its normally not in English so I miss it all anyways.