Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Showing Off

Today will be all about showing off. First is me showing off my dress:

Jake showing off his skating moves:

The sock I accidentally started while Jake was showing off:

And finally Sean showing off what he is learning from his big brother:

That is enough for today. Have a good one.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Done stuff

I finished the American Flag afghan and brought it in today. I finished during the closing ceremonies! I also finished the dress for the most part. I need to trim up the lace and find some ribbon that I like. I also need to press it and get a slip then I'm done.

Sean got his new Elmo bedding and elmo toy. The toy came first, and here he is the first night sleeping not just With Elmo but On Elmo:

And the new bedding:

He really likes it if you couldn't tell.

That's it from me for now. Today during lunch I will work on quilting the square, or maybe the brown sock. We'll see how I feel.

Friday, August 15, 2008

37 in a row. Hehehehe.

Because I'm a dorky fangirl with many loves in my life including my 2 favorite movies (Stand By Me and Clerks) I give you this:

I am an avid reader of Wil's blog (see that, we're on a first name basis!) and this was today's entry. I think that would look GREAT in my living room! I sent the link to my brother in law, maybe he could be in THAT show next year... and bring ME! Hosted by Kevin and Scott - what a cool thing that is!

Anyway, enough of the drooling, pointing, and going on. I worked a little on the quilt square and none on the afghan. I did get the bodice together as far as it will go and added the pleats to the skirt. Still to do: iron the pleats down, sew the 3 skirt parts together and put in the zipper. Once the dress is together I add the ribbon and viola! Dress. I did "try" the bodice on and I noticed that it is a little, ahem, showy. We'll see if I can do anything about that! I don't think there would be a gaudy enough necklace that would distract from THAT much cleavage.

Tonight is cosmic bowling. Travis is already sleeping, I was for a little but Jake and I both got hungry at the same time. Burrito for me and spaghetti o's for him. mmm crapfood. Back to bed until 9 or so, then around 11 we'll head over there. We'll see if Jake makes it or not.

We picked up the pics today, they look SO cute. My boys are adorable!

That's it for now, have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday on the way to Diz I worked on my quilting and made some pretty good progress until I realized that I hadn't brought scissors and got to the end of my rope, er thread. So I kept riding along actually looking at the scenery and talking to Travis - so uncommon for me! On the way back home I realized that I had another needle and set the done one aside and did up the other on and kept right on quilting. I think that I've gotten all of the inside done and only have the outside left then the border. I am still a little fuzzy on the border directions, but I'll jump that cliff when I get to it.

This morning I did the border of the star field on the flag afghan. The trip to my Mom's got called on account of weather (very crappy) so the kids and I headed to walmart before the downpour. Made good time too since it started raining abut 15 seconds before I pulled into the driveway. Sean loves when it's raining, he says "raining" and "run, run". He really likes when I run to the house, kind of like a giddyup ride I suppose.

This afternoon Sean fell asleep just before AMC so I watched that and Jake played a playstation. After AMC I laid down for a bit then Sean tried to get up twice and kept sleeping but I was done for, so I got up. I got the stuff out to start working on the bodice of my dress but as soon as I did Sean got up for real. Tonight is open house at Jake's school where we get to meet his teacher. After we get home I will work on the dress again. I didn't sign up for Ravelympics (picking projects to complete during the time of the olympics) but unofficially my goal is to finish the things I need for convention - my dress and the flag afghan. BOY would that make me feel so much better to know that I dont have to worry about such strict deadlines! After all, Convention is only 4 weeks away. Check that, 3 and a half weeks away. YIKES!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Studios day

Today we head out for the Disney Studios. Let me tell you that I've called it MGM for so long that it is hard for me not to say it. On our trip I do have a couple missions. I want Sean to see "mouse" or Mickey. He has Mickey diapers and every time he sees him he says Mouse! Or mouse and puppy (Mickey and Pluto). He even recognizes other Disney things as Mouse like the pirate socks I was wearing yesterday. Another mission will be to get something to hold gift cards in for Convention, maybe with some candy. I think I know what I will get if they still have them - princess and pirate "treasure boxes". Jake has one that he filled with all manor of fake eyeballs, rubber skulls and "gold" rings. I can't remember how much they were, but we shall see.

I didn't get any crocheting, knitting, quilting or sewing done yesterday but the night before, as I was watching Phelps win another gold, I sewed the bodice sides together. Now I have 2 halves (right and left) of dress and lining. They actually look like they are part of a dress so I am very encouraged. I think that I have probably 2 or 3 hours on it so far. I have to sew the sides together and do the skirt (not lined) and add the ribbon. I thought about doing some last night but I spent a couple hours playing the Diablo pc game instead. That thing is a time suck, I swear!

I am thinking of starting a basic sock with some stripey yarn for the trip to and from Diz today, that way I don't need the book. Or I could just take the quilt piece. We'll see. It is looking pretty crappy out right now, I wonder if we'll still go?

Tomorrow I go to my Mom's, she's taking the day off. I don't know what we'll do besides visit with Grandma, but it should be fun anyway. Now... where was that other yarn shop down there again?

Monday, August 11, 2008


Here are some of the pics we had taken.

Last night I cut out the pieces to my dress, and hopefully I'll have it done by the end of this "vacation". Sean woke up a few times last night, and for good at 5:45. It's only 8:48 and it's already been a long day! Not much on the agenda today, maybe go to my office to see Damarys for lunch, and a stop at Mamaw's office. Not sure yet. I will be sleeping when Sean sleeps though. I am so glad that Jake is big enough to keep himself occupied during naptime.

That's it from me.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

6am is NOT morning

I keep trying to convince Sean that normal people sleep until 8 but he's having nothing of it. It's been a rough few days since he's got 2 teeth coming in and he's miserable. Friday night he decided that 3am was morning... and it took an HOUR to convince him otherwise! Sleepy sleepy.

Anywho, we got out the little potty chair (as opposed to the little potty that goes inside the big one) and he seems to like that one. We also went to Burlington last night and bought him a toddler bed. I cant believe he's getting so big!

Jake is looking forward to our week together. So far, nothing on Monday, Play date at the park on Tuesday, Daddy is taking off and we're going to Disney Studios on Wednesday, to my Mom's on Thursday (and open house at school... we get to meet the teacher!) and Friday night - midnight bowling and Sean will stay at Mamaws. Jake is SOOO excited about bowling. I am worried that he wont be able to stay awake, but the plan is to take a nap during the day, then go to bed early - like 8, then up at 11 to go bowl. We'll be home probably around 3. Busy week!

I've gotten another stripe finished on the flag afghan, I think I'm at 8, but I can't tell from here and I'm lazy. I still havent gotten the navy I need to finish the star field. Maybe today.

That's it for now, have a nice Sunday.

Friday, August 08, 2008

busy busy

Today is my last day in the office before I have a "vacation". This is the last week before school starts and Jake has no school or daycare, so I took Sean's vacay at the same time. It saves us money, so that's a good thing (better to pay off the stupid ticket!).

Our office has been busy with the SuperShow draw then yesterday with the boss's birthday lunch and meetings, so I haven't had a chance to work on the quilt piece. I did start another pair of socklets but haven't gotten far. I wanted to test the pattern and didn't have it with me so I stopped. I will work on that at lunch today I guess.

This weekend we dont have ANY plans. Isn't that great! I finally get some time to clean the house (Travis will take the boys out so I can get some work done). Next Friday will be cosmic bowling again - that was SO much fun! Jake wants to go. We'll have to see if he can manage to stay up that late. I think that even with a nap he'll have problems, but we'll give it a go. He's thrilled!

Plans for next week include a play date at the park, a Daddy day at the Studios and a trip to my Mom's which may or may not include lunch with an old friend, and bowling Friday night. Nothing Monday at this point. It will probably stay that way.

That's it from me for now. I may blog from home next week, depends on if I have anything to talk about!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Not a good day

I got a speeding ticket on my way to work this morning.

Let me clarify. I got my FIRST speeding ticket on my way to work this morning.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

kids and fabric etc.

My aunt Lorraine sent me some pics today from her visit, and she got a REALLY good one of Jake! Not an easy feat, I tell ya.

Speaking of pics, we had family pics taken on Sunday, and they came out pretty ok, we should have them back in a few weeks but this week I should have them online. We havent had family pics since Jake was 3, so this is a big deal for us! It constantly amazes me how much Sean enjoys Jake. He will just laugh and giggle. They are so funny together.

I wanted to show the green fabric that I got from ebay:

When it came in I realized that the flowery one has quite a bit of purple in it, which is handy because I got some remnants at Joann with a dark purple and a light purple. I think they will look good together, so that may be the runner. Very springy. I also got a little box of 4 fabrics that are also in the greens/purples. Apparently that is where my head is now? We'll see how it all works out. I am still hand quilting the little pot holder, I've finished 4 complete squares and almost finished 1 other one. 4.25 to go! Then the binding edge. When it looks ANY different from the last pic I showed you I will post another one.

I worked on the flag afghan last night. It goes quickly but I get sick of it quickly too. I also bought the fabric for the dress that I will attempt to make for Convention. It's shiny with matted flowery leavy things, no other colors just tonal. I also got the thread, zipper and lining fabric so I'm all set for it. Now I just need to work up the courage!

Well, that's it for now, back to the mess on my desk. Have a good one!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Quilting is hard.

I just thought I'd throw that out there. Here is my block. It is together and being quilted. The backing that you dont see is the tan fabric and the edging will be the red. I am doing this completly by hand and learning a very VERY valuable lesson. Dont hand quilt. It takes for FREAKIN ever and is not the prettiest thing. I was doing pretty good with keeping my stitches even when I was piecing it together, but now they are horrible! It's a lot harder to be even when you have to go through the whole sandwich than just two pieces of fabric.

However, I did win 5 green fabrics from ebay for cheap. NO clue what I'll do with them, but probably something quilted. The book has a runner in it for the next project, looks like it might be green.

Still on my plate in order of finishing:
American Flag Afghan - stars are all together and ends woven in. I need to crochet the border (after I see if I have more blue in stash, if not I need to buy some). I realized that I cant read and had to frog the 1.5 short rows I had done and have only re-crocheted 1 of them. I make that 6 down, 7 to go. Thankfully the afghan itself doesnt have a border.

Cliffy afghan, Grey socks, Mom's sweater, blue socks - havent touched them since the last update. All those are for Christmas. Perhaps I will get something with yarn done soon!

Also, no word yet on the summery socklets.