Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How many more days?

6. That's it. 6 more days to finish your shopping/crocheting/knittng/baking. Is that enough? I'm done with everything except 1 package mailing, 1 cake a-baking, 8 presents wrapping... and 3 pictures in a frame. No more crocheting/knitting/shopping, and I didn't bake at all. I am enjoying more than my share of the 97,000 tons of sweets in our kitchen here at work. No, I am not kidding, there is a BUNCH of stuff. AND... this is not a complete look - some has been eaten and gone.

This includes, but is not limited to... A platter fro the Hockey people,

Chocolate, white chocolate and peanut butter dipped pringles. Never heard of these before but BOY are they addictive! They actually have both sides in the dip, but this one had sort of an accident and "lost" one of its sides. No worries - I found it safely and escorted it to my belly to join its siblings.

I am full of all manner of crap that's not good for me, and a lean cuisine that was not good at all - it was the grilled chicken bits in some sort of non-garlicy garlic sauce and a creamed spinach concoction that was pretty gross. NTS - dont get that one any more!

On a nicer note, Damarys and I exchanged our gifts yesterday and I got this:

And while I do actually have a head in the picture that was taken, it looks awful so you get the cropped version - sorry! She got a nice silver and black crock pot that matches her kitchen so she will quit borrowing mine! Clever, that!

I have gotten 2/3 of the baby blanket done for Nicci, and it should be done and in the mail in the next few days. Baby Nathan is due around Sean's birthday so I still have some time - assuming he's not anxious to make his arrival.

That's really all I have for now. Perhaps more tomorrow?

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