Friday, January 30, 2009

Photoless progress

Yesterday I had to stay home with sick Sean again. I think it's allergies, and that sometimes the allergy problems lead to the mucus stuff. I am going to ask his doc next visit if there is anything I can do on a daily or even seasonal basis to help him not be this way. Zyrtec finally made him stop coughing (well, stop-ish) yesterday afternoon after Mucinex and Robatussin both failed. I dont think it's the animals, but probably outside stuff because he's not constantly having problems, only sometimes.

With my time home yesterday, I watched Dora/Diego/Thomas and played with projects. I have finished the stripes of the afghan (except the end-weaving)and am more than half done with sewing stars together. I have made 1 out of 6 half-motifs. I should have the whole thing done this weekend. Yay!! I also did a little on the SuperShow second sock. I'm about 2 inches in or so.

I have some ideas for after I'm done with the afghan, but I'll keep the sock in my purse for a quick fix when I'm out and replace it with the 2nd blue sock thats been not done for 6 months or so. I really want to start working on a quilt. I have so much fabric but becides the Dear Jane I have no idea what to make. I watch all these quilting shows and they all look so beautiful and they make them look so easy, but I don't know. I will also be working on my Dear Jane since there is a lot of applique on that and I can do it while "watching" tv. I will set a goal of giving my brother a quilt for his birthday in March since he's moving into a new place. I just need to figure out what colors he'd like.... and hope I have them in my tiny stash.

Well enough from me, I have lotsa work to do today since I was out yesterday. Enjoy your weekend and be safe!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I finally got the pic of Mom wearing her Christmas sweater. It looks so much better on a human than on a flat surface. The shoulders aren't nearly as odd looking on her than off! I love how it turned out, love the yarn and color and style. I am not in love with the too-big button holes but hey, easy enough to fix if she wants.

I have 6 stars and 1.5 stripes to finish on the American Flag afghan. Once the stars are done getting the blue, I will need to sew the together, add a round of crochet around the border and sew it to the stripes. Tada, done.

I have had the best time these last couple days with my folks and brother in town from NY. Of course I haven't taken any pictures, but I will remember today and tomorrow, I swear! I let my step-mom look through the craft fair bins and take what she wants. She gained an afghan, 5 dish cloths and a scarf. That means there is that much less in my shed. I guess it's a good thing, since I haven't been doing fairs, but still sad. Oh well.

I think that this year will be the year of the quilt. I want to make some for Christmas. Lofty goals since I've not made any ever, but hopefully I'll be able to do it. I have fabric for probably 2, not using the pieces for my Dear Jane. Speaking of Jane, I do plan to start working on her again once the flag is done. I have 2 second socks to make if I get tired of quilting. I also just ordered 2 #2 circulars to finally learn the "quicker", "Easier" method of sock making. Dont know that I believe all this but hey, hopefully I can learn a trick or two.

That's it for me for now. Have a great day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So my folks and brother will be her in T-24 hours.
My floor is mopped and my laundry is done.
My to do list is long...
vacuum (again), pick up toys (again), clean the bathroom, kitchen, Jake's bedroom (and make it sleep-worthy for an adult), Sean's bedroom and the back patio.
I am off work tomorrow and will do the above instead of sitting on my butt and working on the flag afghan.

This morning was freezing here. No, literally - it was 24 when I left the house this morning. I had to scrape frost off my windows with a credit card. No, I don't have an ice scrapper - I live in Florida!

My nose is still stuffy (hence the sniff above) and I hate it! I hope it disappears quickly so I'm not sick with company.

I really don't have anything more to report, but next post should have pics of my family enjoying their time in sunny Florida. Sunny. Ha!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is the day!

If you have the knitting Pattern a Day calendar, you see my pirate hat. Can you believe it's been almost 2 years since I did that? Love you excel. I have a few other hat designs in excel waiting for time. And I am trying to figure out how to make a guitar chart... I know what I WANT to see but I havent figured out curves in knit yet! LOL. Anywho, more later with a sock pic I promise. I just had to share the joy of turning the page in my calendar and seeing it missing (mine is at home). It is a cute vest for tomorrow though - good thing since I have to look at it for 2 days.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The last 11 days, and then some.

Since I last updated I have had 1 day off and worked 88.5 hours. That was 11 days ago and does not count today's hours. It's been long and tiring and I need a nap, not like that is all that unusual. However, I do have lots to show. I will be brief and photoful. This begins at Sean's birthday "party" which was actually only us, my in-laws and brother in-law. Pretty pathetic, but he's 2 and I dont think he noticed. I will be putting up some video when I have more time, hopefully in the next day or so.

Boat Trip w/friends and family on 1/3 (me knitting a sock w/Sharon, Cliff and Sean driving the boat, and Jake spotting something really cool on the ground):

Haircuts for Jake and Sean:

Sean's Birthday (my big boys, cake, closeup of cake not un-scathed, presents):

This is Dave's gator hat and the one I made for his 4 year old that doesnt fit Sean... I made another one, and one for his other daughter but shocker... didn't take a pic. I have to make one for his wife and I will be done with blue, orange and white for a while.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll show you the SuperShow sock done and probably some other stuff. In other news, my folks and my brother are coming down on Friday. My house is about 80% clean enough. My brother will be on the bottom bunk with Jake on top. Poor brother. lol. LOL!!! It'll be fun. Bye for now.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

An update

I am still working at the Fairgrounds with no internet connection, however I was able to finish the 1st SuperShow sock. I'd show you a pic but my photo software is at the office so you'll have to wait.

Today is Sean's birthday. Can you believe he's 2!! I have pics of his little dinner to show too, but it'll have to wait another and a half.

That's it from me for now. Have a good night.