Thursday, August 31, 2006

That's some Good news

Well now, apparently a very nice man named Karl from The Blogger Team (with his magic, or gnomes) made my blog come back... kind of. Because I am impatient and couldnt be a week without a blog to blog in and reclaimed this one, he had to put it under a different name. To see the old blog go to New stuff will still be here, but old stuff will be there. YAY Karl! You deserve a raise! Anyway, I gotta find Roger Rabbit for Jake because, due to an apparent mix-up at the hospital on 6/19/01, MY child would rather watch a movie than FOOTBALL! Can you imagine? So cheers to Karl and Go Bucs.

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Brandee
13 Things I like to do
1. Crochet
2. Knit, although sometimes LIKE is a very strong word
3. Write in my blog.
4. Amuse myself that I have readers… even if they are a quiet bunch! (hint, hint, comment please… make a gal feel special!) I just started writing in a new blog with a couple friends at – go look, it’s cute.
5. Read – I like John Grisham lawyer books, trashy romance novels and books on knitting.
6. Watch TV – I am a horribly avid tv watcher. It pains me on surveys when it asks how much tv I watch in a week – it really is scary. I love Food Network, CSI (Las Vegas only), NCIS, Bones, Las Vegas, The Closer, Idol, Treasure Hunters, Iron Chef. I do not like watching Jimmy Neutron, Power Rangers, Fairly Odd Parents or Danny Phantom, but have see every episode 8 times.
7. Blogstalk – I read a few different blogs every day. and and and are my favorites – pretty well in that order.
8. Play on Myspace – I have such a great time looking up old friends and exes – obviously from the 10 that are currently on my friends list. I do this for 2 reasons: 1) I have a horrible memory and talking to these people helps me remember my life and 2) I’m nosy.
9. Gamble – I LOVE going to the casino, although I cant while pregnant (and po, but oh well). I never win but I love to play. Only slots but I love the cool ones like Monopoly or Wheel of Fortune. Great fun.
10. Chat – I am always chatting with someone!
11. Cook – I really enjoy cooking for my family, and friends and such. I obsessively watch Food Network and do actually get some ideas from that.
12. Entertain – Actually this kinda goes hand in hand with 11. I love to throw parties, or shindiggities as I call them, with friends and family and lots and lots of food. We always have a great time, even when Jake isn’t trying to burn down the house with sticks from the fire pit!
13. Hang out with friends – A couple times a month I get the chance to hang out with the girls and chat and crochet and share stuff (like the sonogram movie)(which should be coming to a computer near you REALLY soon). It makes me remember that I have friends, even if I don’t see them all the time.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's a boy!

Yes I'm fine with it and I cannot wait to pick Jake up from school so I can tell him - he's gonna be thrilled to pieces. My mom says I should tell him it's a girl, wait for his disappointment then tell him it's a boy. Not sure yet, I'll see when I get there.

Here are some pics:


Profile/back w/leg

See, it really is a boy! (that's like a bottom shot - two legs and the boy bits in the middle)(really, trust me)

When we were done I told Travis "Arent you proud - I didnt even take a picture of the sock with the sonogram machine!" He laughed and said "Go ahead, you probably already have your camera ready". Then he proceeds to tell the ultrasound tech about the sock. HE tells her! It was funny and she was amused, and not even in that "oh, short bus wife, huh" kind of way! So, here's the sock with the sonogram machine!

In babyville news: Baby's milk teeth begin to form under the gums.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Impatience is my middle name

We're at what - 15 hours to go... Yippee! I am so anxious to find out if this is a boy or girl... It's driving me mad! But, I'm sure I can handle it. I was thrilled to come home and not find a message from the docs office cancelling due to the stupid storm - I was a bit worried about that. So it looks like we're a go.

In crocheting news, I finished the top half of the front of my mom's sweater - can't tell more than that... she reads this! But it's coming out good which makes me happy. I've decided to do the back in an equally nice but less a pain in the arse stitch to make my life easier, and make it go a bit faster.

In knitting news - I finished the gusset of the sock, now I'm on to the round and round bit. So once my nails are dry I'll work on that a bit more. At least there is no purling so it's not soo bad.

Also on the "need to do" list is make/beg flowers from friends for a hippie hat for a great big pelican. I also need to quick stitch some fake bell bottom panels on one of my co-workers pants. I did it a couple years ago and it worked well and that he didnt have to ruin the jeans - now I just gotta do it again. Doesn't take long, it just involves getting my lazy arse up to get the sewing basket. Maybe later after some sock work. I really aught to bring it to work and do it on their time.... hmmm. Dont think the boss would appreciate it though. Oh well.

Guess I have enough to do so I'm done here.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Because I needed to laugh

Travis sent this to me today - and I laughed, literally, out loud.

Why would they not just cut the tree down, or move the whole stretch of road to curve nicely, not strangely? Guess that's why the road designer people get paid the big bucks!


Still no blog. URG! OH well what can I do. I'll give a babyvill update then repost something my Mom was looking for.

Babyville - Lunar month 6, 20 weeks LMP. Baby weighs 10.58 ounces or 300 grams and is 6.46 inches or 16.4 cm long. Baby's blood cells take over for liver in producing blood. The gall bladder becomes functional, producing bile which is needed for digestion.

Remember last week when I posted that story about Jake and Aliceon? Well yesterday Mom called me saying she was gonna show it to my Grandpa and what was the website again? Oh, the blog I deleted you mean? Yep - that one. urg urg urg. So here goes.

Sunday before Last, when we took our little trip to Hans and Kerry's place to hang out for the day. Tracie and I were sitting on the sofa crocheting, Kerry was in the rocker crocheting - she looked like this:

And the kids were playing. Now the sofa butts against a wall that seperates us from a hallway going to the stairs that lead to the playroom. Jake and Aliceon (both 5) were in the hallway and Jake says "let's kiss". I say "no, Jake" Aliceon says "It's ok" I say "no, you dont need to be kissing" and Jake says "But I'm going to marry her" Hans (from the kitchen) and I say at the same time "well you can wait until your married to kiss her". It really was too funny, and it took all the control we ALL had not to bust out laughing. Here are some pics of the happy couple:

That's it for now.

Friday, August 25, 2006

yeah, because I am a dumbass

I accidentally deleted my blog. Yep, the whole thing. Boy is that the most dumbass thing I've done in a very, VERY long time. So, uh, hope you werent looking for much - because that's what you get - not much. Sorry. I do have an email into the Blogger help people, and I am hoping and praying that they can fix my screwup. Please cross your hooks, fingers, needles, toes, whatever hoping that they can!