Tuesday, November 20, 2007

35 days until Christmas...

And counting!

I have finished all but the neck detail of Jasyline's sweater, cute cute cute.

I have also started on the design idea - which since its felted seems to be slogging along slowly, but so far, so good. After doing my swatches, I found that the Lion Brand wool felts better than the Cascades 220, well, it has less stitch definition, however the Cascades loses less area then the Lion Brand. I am going with the less stitch definition, since that lends itself to the project. And, after talking to the lady at the yarn shop I got some advice on joining the 2 fabrics, but I think that I am going to try something else. She suggested do the felted bit, then make the non-felted bit to match the size I would need and join them together with needle and thread, or machine. If I were to create it, even if I made the non-felted bit as small as it needs to be, that the felted bit would pucker - and we dont want that! My solution - which worked with the swatches - is to add a sc, ch1 in every other stitch along the edges that I need to join with a non-felting yarn, then way when the felting is done I can pull out the non-felted yarn and viola! I have holes in which to crochet my other part to. It works out in my head anyway, we'll see how it goes in real life!

And speaking of the yarn shop... I spent my gift certificate, plus $4 and got 3 skeins of cascades in a brilliant blue, 1 set of size 3 Crystal Palace sock needles and 1 skein of sockotta sock yarn. My Mom was with me and seemed a bit disappointed that the gift certificate didn't give me more yarn, but I told her that it was great because I got things that I wouldn't have gotten on my own, and isn't that what makes birthdays special? During my time with my Mom, we went to lunch, she, Sean and I (Jake and Travis were at a Corvette show). Great food, and it was nice so we sat outside (ish, since it was a covered patio). Wanna see some pics? Course you do! Here is Sean and Nana playing, and a pic that shows his top teeth:

And finally, some video of Jake and Sean playing with a megaphone:

That's really for now, I'll show off Jasyline's sweater when it's finished - probably today.

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