Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A blog. With pictures!

Yesterday I went to a Grammar and Proofreading class. I thought I was pretty good at this English thing, had a good handle on grammar and editing. I. Was. Wrong. Very, very, very wrong. I'm out of time, so here's the pics real quick like:

My tote bag finished- outside and inside:

Pickles, the new bird:

And finally, Sean's new haircut. "Does this haircut make my ears look big?"

Hopefully I'll have the whole 9 blocks of my quilt square together (I have 6 together so far) to show you. That's it for now, more about my crappy grammar tomorrow.

Monday, July 28, 2008


I may have accidentally started to accumulate stuff for a sorta-new hobby. Completely by accident. See, we went to Tia's for lunch yesterday. MMMMM, Tia's. And across the street is the crappy USF Joann's and it's moving-therefore selling all their stuff at 40-75% off. Well! I couldn't just drive past it! I went through the yarn and needles and crochet and knit books and I got another set of size 2 dpns (because I can never have enough) and some stitch holders - not much else to be had. I also got a book called "I cant believe I'm quilting!". Then a rotary cutter, a set of fat quarters that are all matchy and a small cutting mat (which I regret because it is WAY too small, but only $3). Also 2 patterns (one for a dress that I will try to make for convention... wish me luck! and the other for Jake jammies) some thread, a magnifying glass and 2 cow tails. Well, I didn't get the magnifying glass or cow tails, Travis did, but I did Eat some cow tails, and Sean LOVED them!

I went home and read the quilt book and learned lotsa things. I still needed a cutting mat, scissors, ruler (not that kind) and needles (since I haven't decided if I want to machine quilt or hand quilt). I bought these things (plus a pair of cute sandals) at Walmart on the way to work this morning. Whoops. In my defense, quilting is like sewing, right? And sewing is NOT new. AND I did try to quilt that once, failing somewhat. I gave quilting some time to think about what it did, now I will try it again... at 40-75% off! We'll see how it works out. The book has me starting with a quilted 9-block square, like a pot holder. Tonight, I shall attempt it. (I also accidentally put a bid on eBay for some fat quarters. Shhh!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sean's first joke

I think I have a class clown in the making. This morning as I was getting Sean dressed I took his folded socks out of the drawer and sat them next to him. He picks it up and says "Nanna", takes a pretend bite and says "nanna mmmm. nanna mmmm!" Our other accomplishment is that he went peepee on the potty again last night before bath. We were so excited!

Today Jake gets to go to the Rays game with summer camp and he's pretty excited. He brought his glove... just in case!

Yesterday I had a site inspection, again, at the Gaylord. I like that place, it is so pretty and the people are great. If you ever need to throw a party for a million of your closest friends, they can hook you up!

I'm feeling a little better today then yesterday and the day before, a little less overwhelmed. I don't know if I will be visiting Grandma this weekend, Sat we have family pics and a birthday planned, and I will be going next weekend for my mom's Mary Kay thing. I think it will depend on how she is doing, if she starts doing worse I'll go, if not then I wont. If we don't go out there we plan to get an armoir for our tv in the living room - the Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Lodge are re-doing their rooms and all their stuff is up for sale... hopefully cheap.

No pics today, too lazy to get my camera, however you can see pics from Epcot w/ the Hansen boys and Crue fest here.

No progress on the sock yesterday, 2.5 hours of driving and no knitting, damn shame really.

Here's a quick project update:
Cliffy's afghan: Deadline Christmas: about 2.5' square. Not NEARLY big or fast enough.
Brown socks: Deadline Christmas: 1 done, 1 half done.
American Flag Afghan: Deadline 9/4/08: stars done and 80% attached. 5/13 stripes (the long ones) done. REALLY need to get a move on that!
Mom's sweater: Deadline Christmas: I don't remember how much I have done on it, the collar and half the back I think. Still needs half the back, 2 fronts and some assembly required.
Blue/white stripey socks: Deadline Christmas (I think): 1 done. They don't really have an intended recipient yet.
Damarys socks: Deadline Christmas: Exactly 0% done. They were frogged and not re-started. It's only a slight problem.
Green knitted footlets: Deadline before Summer ends so I can use them: 1 done, ribbing done on the other one. Its in my bag now and I'm ignoring it in favor of the brown socks. At least the brown socks have a recipient besides myself!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm sorry that my posts have not exactly been reliable! I am bombarded with death and dying and sickness and I am having a hard time dealing. I should post about my tote bag that I made in sewing class, show a pic of my 2nd sock (I finished the heel turn at lunch and am on the gusset), or link to the pics Travis took from Epcot when we saw the Northwestern boys. I just dont have it in me. I can't hold a thought or follow my to-do list. On the plus side, my not eating much has helped me lose 4 pounds. I'll try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update, pictures, colapse

Grandma is home with hospice there almost around the clock. She was pretty close to normal yesterday and I have not yet gotten an update today. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts.

I have a few pics from our Epcot day (although Travis has the pics of the Northwestern guys). I told Sean to go wake Jake up in the morning, and when I went in there he was sitting on Jake's bed cross-legged saying "Jaaakkkkeeeeeeee!" over and over. Jake, as you will see, has the blanket pulled up over his head! I got the camera too late to get that pic, but gt this one:

It rained while we were at Epcot, and here is Sean weathering the storm:

I think I will sign up for the sewing class on Thursday. I got the sewing for dummies book and it just came in today. I was flipping through it and it seems like a good thing.

Yarn-related, I've been working on 2 pairs of socks, one crocheted (which I am not thrilled with) and the brown/grey/black 2nd sock. That's it. Sad really.

More later.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grandma update

Yesterday I picked up my Aunt Lorraine from the airport on the way to the hospital. I was there from about noon until 4 and I came home utterly exhausted. I've not seen her as bad as this before, and it's quite disconserting. I am glad she was doing well last time the boys saw her because that is what they, well Jake anyway, will remember.

At 10 I'll drop the kids at the in-laws place and Travis and I will head over to the hospital again. I've got some girl banana bread (minus the nuts) in the oven which I'll take with me. Half wheat and half white flour, so it should half please everyone! On a related note to that - my mom gave me some of those green bags and she Swears by them. Me - not so good. They killed my bananas just as quick as if they were just on the counter... hence the banana bread.

I sent over the proposal for the socklets, and it was well received. I should know if they want me to send it up in the next week or so.

We are still planning on going to Epcot on Sunday to see the Hansen boys from the Northwestern. I AM THRILLED! I love Deadliest Catch, and that is the ONLY reason I will be braving the 900 degree heat. We will see them, go to Germany for a late lunch/early dinner then home.

I just realized that I havent showed you a pic of the new bird yet. Jake named him Pickles, he's cute but kinda shy and doesnt like people yet. Every time we try to hold him he tries to fly away... with clipped wings. It's really just falling but without the style that Fergus has. Poor little guy. We'll keep at him.

OK, it's starting to smell banana bread. Have a good weekend, and I'll report more if I have it. Please Lord, dont let me have it!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Not a good day

Grandma is back in the hospital, and they are not very optimistic. I have the glass people coming sometime today to give me a new windshield, then I will head out there. I feel bad because 4/7 of our office is gone, and 1/7 that is here is out on errands this morning. AND I have NO idea when glass guy is coming because they are working me in. By noon if they arent here I will divert him to my house where Travis is staying home for me to be able to go, then I will take the truck.
OK, this is disjointed, please keep us in your prayers.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sewing, finishing, tra la la

Hi! How are you today? I'm pretty good. Today is Stacy's birthday. I used to say she was my hopefully soon to be sister in law, but since I've been saying it for, oh, 5 years now... I just say Stacy. So... Happy Birthday Stacy!!! We love you.

Moving on. Tonight is sewing 101 and I'm pretty excited. I dont think we actually get to make anything tonight, but its really learning the basics of the machine and stitches and other such stuff. Maybe sewing 201 will involve an actual project! Its funny that I am such a novice at this but I have made a few things... a Bob the Builder costume when Jake was 1, my dining room curtains and matching living room pillowcases and a front curtain for my MIL. Let us not forget the lion and tree costume Jake used these past 2 years for school. But, really... I SUCK at it. Actually I think it's more that I am a very lazy sewer (er, sew-er?)and I dont like to do things like "match thread" or "change the bobbin". Perhaps tonight's class will change that? Hopefully it will be fun at least!

I finished up a project last night - the little footlets:

I like how they turned out, but the picture leaves a bit to be desired. I obviously didn't take a picture like that of my own feet, and the ones I did take werent great either. But you get the picture, so to speak.

That's really it for now. Nothing big and exciting except that I brought some Tia's salsa with me for a snack this afternoon and I'm positivly salivating at the thought!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Oh to be young and stupid...

I just have to say that I was a little surprised by what they were able to get away with at the Motley Crue concert. Tommy Lee (above, sitting on stage) comes out with this called a Tit E. Cam where he has a handheld camcorder and encourages all the girls he can see to show their stuff. And they did. A Lot of them did. And some of the stuff they were showing on the screens during the songs, naked/mostly naked girl on girl porn pretty much. I'm not easily offended, really. But I was just shocked that they were allowed to do all of that. BOY am I thankful that we didn't let Jake go... although there were quite a few kids there.

On a better note, I was impressed by new band Sixx AM (Nikki Sixx's new band). Not for their music, but their singer and guitarist walked through the venue a couple times right in front of us and were happy to sign autos and take pics. I got one of the singer (I was not going to fight the throng of folks to get a good one), but none of the guitarist... so I stole one off the innernets. Singer guy, guitar guy (doesn't guitar guy have BEAUTIFUL eyes?):

Also I found out that I like Papa Roach. A lot. I had heard OF them but not any of their music, it's pretty great. It was a pretty good concert, we got home at 11:30, poor Travis had to work the next day. But they were good seats, expensive t-shirt (for Jake, minus naked ladies), beer and soda. And they say Disney is expensive!

We celebrated the 4th on Saturday with bbq and Stacy's birthday party. It was a good time, and she liked the dress I, er I mean We got her.

Yesterday I met up with an old friend for lunch at Tia's. 2 hours later, Sean had enough of sitting in that high chair so we left. It was a nice time. I brought home salsa to go!

I signed up for a sewing 101 class tomorrow night. I had very good intentions to get some fabric and make myself some pants for work - simple elastic waist, straight legged. They came out ok, and I'm wearing them today. But when I tried to make the kids some pajama bottoms (with no pattern) I failed. They did fit Jake, but as soon as he sat on the floor... RRRRIIIIPPPP. Whoops. I'll try again once I learn some basics (and get a pattern). I think it will be fun.

And yesterday.... In the mail... I GOT PAID!!!!! ($ from the Crochet mag!) I am half way done with a pattern that I want to submit next week. It's a quickie but I've been hemming and hawing with it. Deadline's coming quick so I gotta get a move on.

Um, I guess that's it for now. More tomorrow.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Bloggerversary

Today is my bloggerversary. Pretty swell I think. In honor of that, I am on my way to Cruefest. Love my job! Have a great 4th. Be safe.