Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Today I had every intention of working on Mom's Christmas Jacket (the yarn came and I've started the sleeve on that - woo hoo!) on my lunch break, but I got a call from Ben (Tracy's husband)... and Damarys and I spent lunch plus some at the hospital. Looks like Tracy's ditching us for lunch tomorrow!

I present to you - Jessica Lynn (or Marie, they're not sure yet). She was scheduled to be born next Tuesday but apparently she was impatient. Born this morning at 9:11, 7lbs, 3oz (or 2 if you ask Damarys) and 18 inches and something - didnt write that down. *blogger's got a bug, so click here.

So, work work work for now and more tomorrow - pics from our trip even!

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