Monday, October 30, 2006

A bunch of stuff

Lets see, where to begin. Saturday was yarn shopping. I didnt buy anything that was actually on sale, but I did get Kerry 3 skeins of wool and wool/alpaca for a felting project she has to do. I got myself 2 skeins of sock yarn (enough for 1 pair), a pack of stitch holders since I have no clue where mine are and I've missed them when just using an extra dpn to hold my stitches when doing a heel, and a pack of bamboo dpns in sock size. I hadn't liked the bamboo in the larger size that I used for hats, because it tended to make the yarn stick, but these little ones seemed softer and more slidey... and I wonder if some wax paper would be helpful? We'll have to see. That evening I was able to almost finish up all the pieces of Jake's sweater. This was mostly all accomplished at my in-laws while hanging out with them and their neighbors who happen to also be Jake's God parents. It was fun, and Jake always has fun playing with his God brother. Here's some of what it looked like - this is Jake in a scary mask and Andrew in the hood of the mask but it made him look like Little Red Riding Hood. Good times.

I headed home and stitched together the sweater while watching Men In Trees, Ghost Whisperer and Vegas, then went to bed. I got most of it done, leaving just the neckband to put in. Here's the sweater done - sorry for the horrible picture.. it's all I got.

Sunday I got up at 7:30 when Travis got up to get ready for work. I tried to get back to sleep but wasnt able. I ate breakfast and stitched in the neck band and wove in all the ends. Around 10 I was done with that, and was able to go back to sleep, missing Church completly. Whoops. Thats what I love about our church, all the messages are online! Anyway, I woke up at a few minutes after 12, talked Tracie into inviting me over to watch the game with her and her fam, got dressed and headed over there. Crappy game, we lost - of course. Not good at ALL. The 17-3 score did nothing to show how horrible we actually did. It was sad really. Hopefully next week will be better. During the game I started on Sean's hoodie. It went ok, I got a back, 2 fronts and a decision to make a seperate sleeve done - after trying the afterthought sleeve and it making the sweater look like it was flying "arms up" style. Didnt think Sean would appreciate that so I frogged it out then headed home.

A few minutes after I got home, the in-laws called that they were back from Disney and when Travis got home from work to head over. Sunday was pumpkin carving night! We got over there, ate some pizza, and Jason, Stacy and Jake (sorta) set to work. Here's some pics (sorry for the horribleness of the last one - you dont get the effect with the flash on, and no flash = blurry):

That's it really. No pics yet of the hoodie, maybe after I work on it some more at lunch time.

Babyville: 29 wks LMP. Sean weighs 2.54 lbs or 1153 grams and is 15.2 inches or 38.6 cm long. Growing bunches!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Preggo pic, why Sean kicks me and a sweater.

Well, this is me today:

I am 28 weeks, 5 days pregnant, and I've got this theory that my child has a fat ass. See, the doc said he is upside down with his head in my pelvis. Well, if that is the case, and I have zero belly down near my underwear line, and a HUGE basketball shaped belly way up high, that must mean he has a big ass. Or a large mac-n-cheese belly as showcased nicely in the sonogram pic. Dont remember? Here ya go:

See, BIG belly. Anyway, so because I have this big assed baby in there, up high, he gets a tad aggrivated when I sit down. Well, when I sit down and dont lean back. How do I know he gets aggrivated? He kicks me. He kicks UP at me. I can just hear him as he kicks "Would you sit back already, you're squashing me!" The only time I have a problem with this request (or demand really) is when I'm trying to follow a pattern thats in my lap. Now I just have to put the pattern beside me, which really is easier, but not what I'm used to. Oh well. Moving on.

I've gotten the back of Jake's sweater done, and about 1/3 of one sleeve. Here's what it looks like so far. Please ignore the horrible composition, I took a pic that was more cropped but you couldnt see the cables as well, so you'll have to deal.

Babyville: Sean's eyes open and the eyes are able to sense light changes in the womb. I thought this was so cool, makes me want to get a flashlight to my belly to see if he trys to "catch" it. Patty (a co-worker) thought this was mean, I thought he'd enjoy playing with it. What do you think?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Christmas chugs along

Well, last night I did indeed finish Dani's second sock. Yay! It has the same toe as Tracies second sock, which is closer to Dani's first sock, but what can you do, right? If they learn to knit their own socks they can have whatever toes they want to. Matching even!

Well what did you think on my question from last time... that I would work on Daddy's sock? My own? Nope, I started Jake's sweater (shh, it's a secret). So far it looks like this:
Yes Mom, you can look!

And, since Travis is taking me to Tuesdays for lunch I wont be able to work on it and watch AMC during my break. Oh well, what can you do. I will work on it tomorrow. Since I wont be working on it at home when he's at home and awake, I will probably cast on Daddy's second sock tonight.

That's really all for today. Babyville says that Braxton hicks contractions continue (indeed). The uterus hardens for a moment (or a minute in my case) then returns to normal. This isnt supposed to hurt but they lie. Really.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crazy times in Babyville. And some socks.

I will start with Babyville today since it's all amok in the craziness. I failed my glucose screen. That means that I get to (read: begrudgingly have to) take a 3 hour round of torture in which I drink MORE of the horrid fluid and have the vampires take blood every hour for 3 hours. Yippee. However, this will give me plenty of time to work on Christmas socks.

What else... Oh, I've officially gained 3 pounds. And my fundus (uterus) is measuring 29 cm, which is 1 cm bigger than it ought to - but that's ok (the rule of thumb is usually 1 cm per week pregnant - I'm 28).

Also, I met the last doc that I had not met previously and I like him a lot. He reminds me of one of my goofier friends, and had a nice sense of humor, which is good because I was pretty full of it today. He mentioned that although they do not have the January schedule listed yet, I will soon (as in within a month) be setting my c-section date.

Because he was good natured, I shared with him that I do indeed have a plan to try really really hard to go into labor the last day of the year. He said that they dont do a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks, but of course if I went into labor they would do it then. And he also mentioned the tax savings. I said "My Mom always told me to have babies at the end of the year, and that's how we planned this... not my fault my overies didn't play along and I ovulated late!"

I mentioned to him how I thought that the baby is upside down now because I've been getting kicked up instead of out. He showed me how to feel for his head, and Yeppers, his head is in my pelvis. I was actually right about it - go me!

On the baby calendar today, fittingly: Your baby has assumed the "Fetal position", with his legs tucked up to his chest.

And some socks.

I've finished Tracies socks, and I really liked that crochet toe join. However, they are not the same. I, after doing sock #2's join really really well and harbouring delusions of being a real Knitter, tried to undo the graft I had done on sock #1 and do that one the new way too. Yeah, not a good plan. To do this new join way, the sock has to be inside out, and when I undid the stitches and put them on 2 needles, they were somehow crossed and it didnt open so I could turn it. I now have a really nice crochet join on the outside. It's not ugly, and I think I will do it this way from now on... but I dont think I can un-fix the other one. Tracie did, however, say she wouldnt put her feet together for any type of photographic evidenc, although that was before she knew this... which she doesnt yet. Until she reads this. Whoops. Hi! Moving on.

Since I had to go the bighorribleofficeoftheeternalwait today, I managed to get the anklet, heel flap, heel turn and part of the gusset done at the doc's office. At lunch I finished up the gusset and started on the round and round bit. I should be done with it probably tomorrow. Which is some good news! Then I'll either a) finish up Sean's knitting, b) do Daddy's other sock or c) cast on some birthing socks. Wonder which will win?

Monday, October 23, 2006

sock adventures, real knitting, a sweater and duck shoes

So this weekend was pretty busy. As you know, on Friday night I finished not only my Mom's sweater, but also my Dad's sock. So Saturday morning I cast on Tracie's 2nd sock. It's done, except for the toe join and thats only because I forgot my needle at home - I didnt really think I'd get it done this quick! Before lunch it looked like this:

Now it looks like that only longer with a toe done but not joined. Magic. Gnomes!

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. So Saturday I cast on the sock, and did quite a bit of work on it since I was home alone with nothing to do, not even anything really on tv. So I knit away. Got pretty far then, and also brought it with us on Sunday when we went to Epcot, although mostly for the ride there and back. While at Epcot, I only managed to knit 2 rounds, but I did introduce the sock to real knitting. This was in the shop at Norway. They have Dale Sweaters - a whole whack of them! The sock was impressed.

I was not so impressed when Travis took this
before handing over the camera:

This is definatly not my most attractive moment. However, it was 94 degrees outside, and I am 28 weeks pregnant. I was not pleased. I was very very very hot. We stuffed our face, lost 8 pounds each through perspiration and had an all around good time. We got in the truck at halftime, listened to the game all the way home and got home in time to watch the last half of the last quarter. That was the most exciting last 2 minutes of a football game I have EVER seen! Our kicker kicked a 62 yard field goal. Up until yesterday he was unable to make anything over 30. The NFL record is 63 yards. He won the game with his 62 yard beauty. I spent 5 minutes slack jawed in shock. I was so pleased. Yay, go bucs! Moving on.

So as you know I finished Mom's sweater on Friday night. Here is it's picture (Mom, do I even need to tell you no peeking anymore?):

I brought it into work to try it on my Mom Model - Damarys, and it looks like this:

I need to use a needle and thread to close up some of the holes caused by too big of a needle (which gave me gauge... obviously, since it fits!). That wont take too long I hope, and will be perfect. Damarys said it was so warm and cozy, but I did manage to pry it off her since it's 76 degrees in the office, and not really sweater weather! I'm pleased as punch that I can mark one whole Christmas gift off my list! Add to the 3 halves of Christmas gifts (well, 2 once I join the damn toe) and more yay!

I got an email from an ex friend of an ex friend of mine (funny, that) through my e-crafter account. She wants to commission duck shoes from me. As in shoes, for her duck. Poor Poopsie (the duck) has been getting sores on his feet, and has had to have surgery to fix it. They dont want the sores to become a problem again, and thought crochet shoes would work! Never made duck shoes before. Never THOUGHT about duck shoes before. She's going to trace his feet for me and I will make something up. I think it will be a swell challenge, and TRUST ME you will all be front row for this endeavor. How terribly sad is it that Duck Shoes is making me excited.

Babyville: I went to the doc today for my glucose screen #2. I studied really really hard, please pray that I pass. I REALLY dont want to go through that again, especially since the biggest concern with gestational diabetes is too much weight gain, and a big baby. I still have not gained 2 pounds, so I'm pretty confident that I'm not in the "too much" category.
On the calendar: Your baby can hear the outside world over the sound of mom's heartbeat. Try not to lay on your back or stomach from this point forward, it cuts off circulation to the baby. Lunar month 8 (!!), 28 weeks LMP. Sean weighs 2.22 pounds or 1005 grams, and is 14.8 inches or 37.6 cm long.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Done and Done

Well, last night I was pretty darn industrious... I finished Mom's sweater AND I finished Dad's sock. I did much better with the toe, apparently my wrong knitting and my bad toe grafting are related - go figure! But I just swapped the stitches around in each needle and followed the directions in my new sock knitting book and it looks much much better. I'd show you but I need to wait until Monday from work.

That's really it for now. I'm going to go start Tracie's 2nd sock. Have a good one y'all!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Moving along nicely...

Well, last night I finished the front of Mom's sweater. YAY! And because I am apparently a moron that refuses to follow directions, I started making the neckline cuff. Why is that bad? Well, it clearly states in the directions that after you finish the sleeves, front and back to seam them together then do the neckline cuff. Bah, I didnt want to do that seaming at home when I wouldnt have time to finish it - but I could easily start the neckline cuff and stop and start and stop how I wanted because it's just sc. Well... I failed to read/remember/comprehend the part where you are supposed to sew the finished cuff onto the ALREADY SEAMED sweater body without cutting the yarn. Whoops.

So, here' s the delemia - I have about 5 inches of cuff done already so I can either
a) frog what I have and follow directions or
b) finish the cuff, cut the yarn and sew it on after I have sewn the sweater together.

Yes, I will go for a, but still - UGH! Someday I will learn. Someday.

In other news, nope, the craft fair that is this Saturday that I sent in money for almost a MONTH ago we are not able to do. The lady called me Wednesday to tell me that they were sold out. WEDNESDAY. THE SHOW IS SATURDAY. A MONTH!!!!! She was waiting to see if anyone cancelled their space so we could get it.

A GOOD way of doing business would be to call me as soon as she got my check to say "Hey, we're sold out right now but would you like me to hold your check to see if anyone cancels?" Why would this be good business practice - well it would have saved me from buying stuff for this fair, arranging for out of town people to go, arranging for childcare for Friday afternoon and Saturday. Horrible.

Damn lucky I dont buy stuff for sale. Imagine if I sold something that I bought instead of made - and this was the only show I was doing. I'd be stuck with all my inventory. How terrible. So, this is God's way of saying "It was a crappy show last year to begin with, becides having Bo's ice cream this weekend was just not meant to be". Fine. No more Salvation Army shows.

We have 2 other shows coming up - 11/4 at Jake's school in Brandon and 12/10 in Safety Harbor. Both of these shows did well for me last year so I have high hopes. That's all for now I suppose.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Socks, report card & other updates

Well, last night the crochet ladies came to my place for some baked ziti, yarn porn and chitchat. A fun time was had by all, but especially Chelsea - the daughter of one of our members, who is an ace crocheter for a teenager. See, We got to talking about socks, and I did a show and tell of all my Christmas socks (by all I mean 2.75), then I remembered the tan Grace socks that didnt have a home. SO I brought them out, and of course there was much clamoring for them, but DANI... a 7.5 sock DOES NOT GO ON A 9.5 FOOT. Sorry. And the only other 7.5 footed person in the room (that's not Tracie and the owner of 1 full sock, plus 2.5 upcoming socks) was Chelsea. So I gave them to her, with the understanding that she would love them and cherish them, and not look too closely at the toes. At least not when they are side by side (yes, by the picture, I can see that this piece of advice wasnt strictly followed). Here's what they look like on Chelsea...

Not my kid, so I'm not putting a pic up here of the rest of her. Suffice it to say she's all cute and happy with her new socks which she says "Are Soo comfortable". Score one for the handknit sock side. However, she is in the process of crocheting her very own pair of socks. I have crocheted a pair of socks. I dont like them because they are more like slipper socks, and not the kind of socks you'd wear in shoes. I like my socks to live in shoes, thus dislike crocheted socks. I'm sure that there exists a pattern out there that uses actual sock yarn and a hook to create shoe-abiding socks... I just have not yet found this magical, mythical thing.

Report card. Yeah, that time of year again. My child did much better this year than ALL of last year which is good. Here's the low-down:
In the following categories, he got an S (satisfactory): names/sounds/pictures of letters, number recognition, penny counting, handwriting (letters), Bible memory verses, respecting teacher, respecting students, cooperative, knowing days of week, knowing months of year, knowing birthday, attequate attention span, finishes required tasks, works well in group.
In these he got an S- (needs improvement): Observes class rules & works without disrupting others.
The teacher wrote: Jacob is a blessing to me. I would like to see improvement in his classroom behavior. I'm sure as he matures this will disappear.
He also got a Super Star certificate for being kind.

Wasn't that just great! Please compare this to last years report card:

We will continue to work on this, and even though there were a lot of other categories that he would be S in (like knowing his phone number, and tying his shoes) they dont test this time - maybe next 9 weeks.

Updates: Well, Travis' team at work gave Sean a hand-crocheted baby blanket - thank you to them. I didnt take a picture because I forgot. It is living on the top bunk with his other 3 baby blankets and the onsie and hat we got him at Disney. The other stuff is living at my in-laws place.

Mom's sweater has a back, 2 sleeves and about 1/2 a front. Then the collar and the sewing-up bit. Dad's sock has about half the foot done. Then another sock for Tracie, Dani and Dad. I'd really like to make a sweater for Jake, we'll have to see how it goes.

Babyville: The baby's hearing continues to develop.

Monday, October 16, 2006

An eventful weekend

Lets see, Saturday we went to my Grandparents house for a visit, my Aunt & Uncle and their 2 boys are down from Colorado and it was so much fun to see them. Jake had a blast, we went swimming - and I forgot my camera... whoops! - then back to the house where the boys did this:

Then to Cody's Steakhouse for supper which was very good. Then goodbyes, we left around 8:20 for the hour drive home.

Sunday we got up early(ish), met Travis' parents, plus his bro & girlfriend (Jason's girlfriend, not Travis' girlfriend) Stacy and headed to Disney. The plan was Animal Kingdom for a bit so Jason & Stacy could go on Everest cause they hadnt been yet, and then to Epcot for Food & Wine Festival. We did Animal kingdom, ate lunch there then went to Epcot. We hit a couple rides, then my MIL was feeling knee pain so we headed home. I was disappointed we didnt get to do any countries, but by that time I was pretty tired too, plus we are going next Sunday, so I was ok with it. I did take a few pics though... with the sock (the gnome is MIA, I think with Tracie):

Travis' Dad and Jason, enjoying quality time with the sock

Travis completly ignoring the sock while taking my picture

It was beautiful weather - warm, but not too terribly hot, which was great. I got a bit done on Dad's sock, I'm about 1/3 done with the foot part. Hopefully I'll get most of it done today, and when Mom's yarn comes tomorrow I'll be able to get back on that. It was going so quickly, which suprised me.

Um, Craft fair on Saturday, Sunday back to Epcot, just me and Travis for food & wine which I am pretty excited about.

Guess that's it for now.

Babyville: It's common to be bored with your pregnancy at this point - dont worry things get exciting again later. 27 weeks LMP, Sean weighs 1.93 lbs or 875 grams, and is 14.41 inches or 36.6 cm long.

Friday, October 13, 2006

That math burns!

So, because knitting socks requires either a) the perfect pattern and/or b) math I have a headache. Actually the headache started last night when I had to do math then. Not fun. Me, a mechanical pencil, a flipflop shaped shopping list and CSI. Had I removed the CSI from the equation, it may have been less painful, but nope, I didnt pause it. But I was successful... for the most part.

In sock knitting there comes a few places that math is required if you have more/less stitches than the pattern originally calls for. Since I only know how to knit 1 pattern of sock (see, SOOO not a real knitter), and it fits my foot, stands to reason that socks knit from the same pattern for my Dad would need to be bigger. Now for Dani & Tracie's socks (see, if I combine them they're plural!) I added 3 stitches overall, and I just kind ignored them during specific parts of the sock knitting process (read: the parts that would otherwise require math) and they turned pretty ok.

Here's how it worked:
Normal - 48 stitches divides nicely onto both 2 needles and 3 needles (as required by the sock)... 24 and 16 respectivly.
Daddy's - 75 stitches divide onto 3 needles - 25, but are a bit wonky on 2 (37 & 38 on each).
That was last night's figurings. That done, I worked on my heel flap, which is now measuring 2.25 inches and needs about half inch more before the next bit of math is upon me.

The next bit of math is a bit trickier... there's theory behind this math and I am worried that I dont know what the theory is making the math impossible. Why cant my Dad have girl size feet? Oh well. As long as he doesnt want 2 socks, we're golden. I'd explain the whole idea to get help but I dont think I can do that. I'll just fake it, making sure to write it down as I go so I can replicate it. He better like his socks dammit!

Speaking of liking socks... I was so excited to consider this fall (I know it's still 85 degrees outside, work with me). And fall is boot weather. And this is the first year that I could wear my socks with boots. Look:

Yes, I am easily amused, why do you ask?

Big plans for the weekend, I have family in town from Colorado, and I'll be hanging out with them at the grandparents on Saturday. Then off to Food and Wine at Epcot on Sunday with the whole in-law gang (no, not really looking forward to walking around Epcot all day, and did I mind if we stopped at Animal Kingdom too?). We'll see how I feel, Travis may be pushing my arse around in a wheelchair.

Next week has a business meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday I play host to the crochet ladies at my place (guess I need to tidy up a bit... bah), Friday the craft fair ladies will come to my office for a pricing party, then Saturday is the first craft fair of the season for us. It is conviently located a mile away from my most favoritest ice cream shop on the planet... and yes, that is why I decided to do the show again, even after it sucked last year. I also plan on going on Friday to set up some... again for the ice cream. Their own fault, being so darn good.

Babyville: Nothing really to report on the calendar, but I think Sean will be a yoga instructor when he grows up. He's taken to stretching upwards. Often. OOOOWWWWEEEE. Guess that's a good indication he's turned.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday 13, on Thursday

Thirteen Things about Brandee

13 Things I want for Christmas/Birthday/just because
1. A yarn shop, or a winning lotto ticket with which to buy one
2. A maid
3. A new camera that does close ups and far aways really well and that turns on when I turn it on and not take 10 minutes to decide to allow me to take a pic
4. A hair appt with a magician that can make me beautiful without me having to do anything with it but wake up, and possibly brush it
5. A new vacuum … kidding, I love my Dyson!
6. A Brandee’s Friends reunion – and I am working on it
7. I want my garage cleaned out so we can do the den in there
8. I want the den done in there so I can do the baby’s room
9. I want the baby’s room done so I can put the baby in there
10. New Sugarland cd coming out 1st week of November
11. Tickets to see Brooks & Dunn (because Sugarland is opening up for them)
12. An appropriate place for all my yarn/crochet/knit/craft fair crap
13. A nap

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Dead stop

Well, I used up the rest of the yarn I had on Mom's Sweater - and got as far as almost half of sleeve #2. So, the 2 skeins I have coming should adequatly cover the other half of sleeve #2, the front and the collar. Hurry up yarn, hurry up!

I finished that up around 9 last night, and I should have worked some more on Dad's sock but I didnt. I'll save that for tonight.

I have a business lunch so I wont be able to work on it here either. Oh well. I am hoping to have the cuff part done this week, I'm pretty sick of the round and round bit, like it never ends.... which is probably why I started on Mom's other sweater.

And... be very proud, I got some knit slipper patterns yesterday and did not put any on the needles - progress!

So what does the project count look like?

Mom's sweater - 2/3 done
Dad's socks - #1 is 1/3 done
Dani & Tracie's socks - 1 done each (cept for weaving in ends)
Sean's hat - 1/2 done

I am not putting up the projects I'm ignoring, like the flag afghan. And the unfortunate sweater needs some ends done, and some perusing to fix a few problem areas.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Soo, c'mon tell the truth...

Mom, have you been successful at resisting the temptation to look at your Christmas Sweater? Hope so, because here's more to tempt you. No worries though, as quick as this is going it wont be much longer I promise.

So, after yesterday's dismal start to the sleeve, I got it done last night. I really should have been sleeping at 10:30, but no, I HAD TO FINISH IT. And I did. And it looks like a sleeve is supposed to look (at least according to the picture). I did notice, that I would not be able to make a front with the yarn I have left in skein #2, and since I failed at finding more at Michaels, Joanns and 2 wal-marts, I had to make other arrangements. I ordered it online, and it should be coming in 4-8 business days. My less than half a skein will not make it 4-8 business days so it looks like Daddy's sock is back in business after today. And, since I am not a fan of weaving in more ends than I have to, I will be starting sleeve #2 today instead of the front. Hopefully it will look just like sleeve #1. Please let it look like sleeve #1.

Wanna see? Of course you do. No Mom, not you!

It was funny though, this morning as I was getting ready for work I got out the back and sleeve and took their pic on the couch. Travis remarked - didnt you take that picture yesterday? Well Yes, yes I did, but now the sleeve is done. That's different - like 18 inches different! Yay done sleeve. Sorry, doesnt take much.

Babyville: Unless you're having a home birth, research the hospital or birthing center where you want to deliver. To do this earier in the pregnancy isnt a bad idea either. (yes, I researched, it's small. Very small. Or, uh, quaint, yes, that's it, quaint!)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Tracie, your thought that "Stupid should Hurt" is so applicable here, and as punishment I should be made to write "I will read ALL directions BEFORE proceeding" 100 times.

So, I'm making this sweater for Mom for Christmas, and to break up the monotony I've decided on Back/sleeve/front/sleeve. I've finished up my back, it looks great I think, and moved on to sleeve #1. The pattern is basically a few rows repeated but continuing continuity of the pattern (there's diamonds and you just follow the guides to make it look right). Well for the back, you do this repeat for so many inches, take it in a few stitches for the sleeve inset, then go up further in the same pattern. It reads something like this:

Row 1: dc blah blah, fptc, dcs, fptc, dcs, bobble, dcs, fptc, dcs, fptc.
Row 2: sc across
Row 3: Continue in pattern blah blah

THEN I hit the sleeve. Well, they did the same thing to begin with, got you started with the sleeve pattern (again with the diamonds) and it reads something like this:

Row 1: dc blah blah, fptc, dcs, fptc, dcs, bobble, dcs, fptc, dcs, fptc.
Row 2: sc across
Row 3: Continue in pattern blah blah (adding 1 st to each end)

WELL, I figured directions for sleeve were the same as directions for back. I figured wrong. I noticed that I figured wrong 8 ROWS after this was supposed to start. Know how I noticed I figured wrong? Go ahead, guess? I'm sure you cant guess THIS bad, so I'll tell you. There was a PICTURE! I kept reading the pattern to figure out where the increases were, and kept reading blah blah instead of add 1 stitch to each end. STUPID!

Here, laugh, carry on...(not you Mom):
However, here is the back, which redeems me a bit:

Yeah, That's 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Travis took these pics on Saturday and I thought he did such a phenom job that I'd share them. These are frogs. On our penis plants.


Quick Crochet

Really. Really, really. Let's begin.

Friday night I got my Dyson. and let me just say that I am SOOO in love with my new vacuum. It works. Well. Really well. I've vacuumed twice since I got it. I will vacuum tonight when I get home because I was too lazy to do so after Saturday's yarn party. Yes, yarn party, but I'm getting there. So I got my Dyson at Best Buy because we had a coupon for 12% off any one item, and that was the item I chose. We paid 377. after tax, then I saw it at Walmart for 379. plus tax so I was happy. Very very very very happy. Love you dyson. Moving on.

Saturday at 3 something Hans, Kerry & the girls came over to my in-laws to go swimming and hang out, lots of fun, poor kids about turned blue, I think the water is only about 81. Oh the humanity, I know! But they played in it for about 45 minutes, then out and over to our place for the yarn party.

Yes, yarn party. Well, Birthday party with yarn. Kerry's birthday. She made cookies - LOTS of cookies - LOTS of FANTASTIC cookies. They will put on any weight this baby has failed to put on me, let me tell you... she left them at my house. LIKE 50 COOKIES ON MY TABLE! I brought in a few to share with the work folks. We've been eating lots of cookies at home. They are so soft, and so delicious, and since I did not make them, really good. And soft and delicious. Anyway, 4 of the crochet girls came over, a couple with their people, a couple not. We had sausage, and beer can chicken and it was good. Then, the best part... the yarn swap! We went to my room, sat on my bed and poured out our bags of we-dont-you-yarn for everyone to paw through and pet and take. I got 2 skeins of Red Heart Fiesta in Wheat, which I took for it's sweater making appeal, but I got rid of, I mean so thoughtfully gave away a ton of other stuff. Travis said that I may not replenish the stash of what I got rid of. Thats ok, really. I've been doing really good lately only getting stuff for a specific project. After yarn, everyone went home. It was fun.

So, Sunday morning I sat watching horrible cartoons on tv, trying to decide whom would be the recipient of the sweater I was about to make with my Fiesta. I thought that it would be a great color on my Dad, but I'm already making him a sock and he's not really the greedy type. Then, since I 0nly have 2 skeins I thought about making one for Jake, but then remembered that I hate the sweater I'm making for my Mom, and she won. I worked on it for the sum total of about 5 hours yesterday, and got as far as the armhole shaping. I was impressed with myself.

Side note to my mother: I know you're really really really going to want to clicky on the pic link but just say no. The suprise is much better than knowing ahead of time, so I'm told. Hopefully I did not get my impatience from you and you actually will be able to not click. I am not so strong. If you do click, act suprised anyway. Love you!

Anyway, this is what it looks like right now:

It's hard to see the detail, but (this bit in inviso text *) It has a braided cable on either side and a diamond trellis in bobbles. IIt looks great, I really like it, and it shouldnt take me too long to finish. That pic is the back, and by tonight I should be finished with it... in theory anyway.

My progress on this sweater did 2 things... kept me from working on Dad's socks and kept me from feeling much pain at the stupid football game. Eventually the Bucs have to win, right?

Anyway, that's it for now, I'll take a pic for tomorrow to note my progress (assuming I've made some).

Babyville: 26 weeks LMP, Sean weigs 1.68 lbs or 760 grams, He is 14.02 inches or 35.6 cm long. I have a doc appt tomorrow morning, wish me luck.

*For those new to inviso text (not you Mom) highlight it and you will be able to see the words.*

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Leaps and bounds...

Well sort of. I've been working somewhat diligently on my Dad's sock, interupted by a brief (and completly unfullfilling) stint on Mom's Sweater. Sorry Mom. I just am not feeling this sweater - I think it's entirly too big and not a cardigan which I think I'd rather make, and the lack of yarn which is making me crazy. I think I'll look for something else to make you.

Hopefully by Christmas.

Along with my 872 socks (but who's counting?).

Both Dani and Tracie claim that they want 2 socks each. 2! Imagine, greedy! They also seem to think that my Dad would want 2 also. Hrmf, just no pleasing some people!

Here's Dad's sock so far:

Coming right along, isnt it!

That's really it for now. Travis is home sick, Jake fell at the trike-a-thon (twice), but I should get pics from that tonight to share. More tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

socks and famous people.

So yesterday we read that Stephanie got married. Yay for her and Joe! I commented and actually got an email back. I am such a huge dork - I was so excited! I forwarded it to Dani and Tracie because I had to share the dorkiness. THEN, on my sock-knitting group Cat Bordhi asked for feet measurements from people. I gave her mine and told her that I'd try to get other victims too. So far I've gotten Travis & Jakes. But she sent me back a thank you email. So, That makes 2 withing 24 hours. I was terribly excited. Doesnt take much, really. Moving on.

When I left work yesterday it took muscle to open my back door - apparently sap or some other sticky substance moved in to mock me in my pregnant-size of a barge- weakness. Well, we just had to fix that! I pass a car wash on the way home and stopped in for some bubbles. I got the $7 one, which lasts about 10 minutes. I knit about 2 rounds on Dad's sock during that 10 minutes. I like to think that the reason I went was to be able to open my car door without cursing, but between you and me I think it was for the extra knitting time! I thought of taking a picture, my sock on the dash with the soap suds on the window but my camera was in the back seat in my purse and a contortionist I am not. Sorry - just use your imagination. The suds are in a rainbow of colors - like Lucky Charms melted all over the place. But it smelled magically delicious so it was ok.

Here's Dad's sock so far. I think I'll do probably 6-7 nches of leg before the heel flap so that it will be more, you know, sock legnth! It has a 1" stretchy cuff, and probably another inch of stockinette so only 4-5 to go! Woo hoo. Light speed, I tell ya. I have figured that it takes me about a week to make 1 sock. Thats great but that doesnt allow for any other projects. Crochet group tonight so no sock knitting, and I'll be bringing Mom's sweater since it's the only thing on a hook that I have right now. Amazing I know, but here's a project rundown:

Mom's sweater - front done, back about 1" done, still looking for more yarn. I have enough for the back and probably 1 sleeve. And unless she wants to start a new fashion statement, I do think I need more.

Tracie's sock - That is the other ball of yarn in my bag - It's Dads sock and Tracie's yarn. Hopefully I'll get to start it this weekend.

Dani's sock - I really really like how that one turned out, Its so cute, and I just pray it fits her. I'll find out tonight. It went pretty quick because it's just so little. That sock yarn is living on my coffee table right now, but the directions I scratched out are in my knitting bag.

Baby jacket - I have that one bit of Sean's jacket restarted in the horrible TLC baby but I am not going to finish it. I really have started hating that yarn. I think I will just work on his hoodie - once I find a suitable pattern - and he can go home in that. I also have not worked on his hat in a while, BUT I found another hat that I fell in love with. We'll see what wins. The one on the needles is about 1/2 done and very plain but matches the booties that are done but buttonless. The one I want to do is crocheted and has a hanging tassle (more tea bag flag, less french boudior). Maybe I'll make both - after I've finished the socks I swear!

Nothing to report in babyville except can I just say that mopping last night was not a good idea? I spent the next hour with contractions every 6 minutes. Not crying contractions but still hold my breath "mommy whats wrong" contractions. I have a doc appt next Tuesday and I'm torn on what I want him to say. Bedrest would piss off my office but do wonders for my sock knitting!

Thursday 13 (wait, it's Wednesday isnt it?)

Thirteen Things about Brandee
13 Reasons I haven’t been doing Thursday 13
1. See, I had this little Convention that sucked up my life for a while
2. Contractions make me crazy
3. I’m lazy
4. I can’t think of anything good to write
5. Work has been busy since we got back from the life-sucking convention
6. I’d much rather blogstalk other blogs then do this
7. Stephanie got married, Laurie made spookyscopes and Drew made a fat bottomed purse.
8. I’ve been measuring everyone’s feet for Cat
9. Cat would like your feet measurements too….
10. A – length, B – around the middle (arch area), C – ankle above bone, D – heel-around ankle-back to heel & E - age / sex of victim, er volunteer.
11. Comment me and I’ll get them to her. It’s research for her new book.
12. Read her other books – my favorite is “Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles”.
13. Don’t guess those last few had anything to do with my lack of 13’s, eh? Whoops.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

My weekend, and a sock

Well, where to begin. Tia's was not "closing soon" it is closed. Such a sad state of affairs when the pregnant lady can't go get her favorite queso. So, instead of going to Tia's I stayed home and worked on Dani's sock and watched my Friday night tv - Ghost Whisperer and Men in Trees.

Saturday morning was spent putzing around the house, and after Travis left for work Jake and headed to my Grandparents house, with a short detour at The Flying Needles by their house. This little shop is half yarn and half cross stitch. I wandered around attempting to keep Jake from touching all the yarn (apple doesnt fall far from the tree, eh?) and ended up buying a big ball of sock yarn that will become socks for my Dad. After that we went to the Grandparents place, hung out with them, my mom & step dad. Jake had a blast playing with his Cappa, I enjoyed just sitting and chatting with my family. I was waiting somewhat pateintly for Hans to call me when they were passing Lakeland so I could meet up with them for Python. After Tia's was a failure, we ate at Shells (thanks guys), then headed downtown to the Performing Arts Center. There we joined about 9,000 other people (give or take a few) to watch an outdoor screening of Holy Grail. Such a funny movie, made better by the 200 coconuts clopping along with the hooves at the right spots. Kerry and I played with our yarn, Aliceon was glued to the screen since it's one of her fave movies, Hans was good at keeping Heather occupied and Jake kept moving to different spots to find light so he could see his gameboy. When we left Jake wanted to take some pics of Aliceon, he's so funny that one.

He told her at dinner that he didnt want to marry her anymore. I figured she'd be upset but no, she said "well you can marry someone else then" He said "No, I'd marry you not someone else but I dont want to get married". GREAT! he wants to live with me forever! Hrmf. Just wait until Sean comes along and then we'll see how he feels about that.

Sunday was Church then to the in-laws where we dropped off Jake to help bathe the dog. Travis and I went home to eat lunch, then off to the hospital that Sean will come from. Travis took longer than I did to cook and eat (I had a Checkers Burger, yummo) so I was able to finish up Dani's sock. I was so excited.

We got to the Hospital, and let me just say that it is small. I mean, tiny. Maternity had 3 labor rooms, 4 recovery rooms, 2 surgical suites. As much parking as a McDonalds and they deliver 300 babies a year! However the people were very nice and we pretty much saw the whole shooting match (including the 1 baby there) in the 20 minutes we were there. Assuming there are no problems and NICU isnt required, I think it will work out just fine. For the few of you that need to know, it's exit 21, turn right off the exit, about a mile down on the right side. I think it's the 3rd stop light, the first of which is a blinking emergency light. Very, uh, quaint.

We headed home after we got the paperwork, took a nap then after Travis left for work I went to get Jake. We ate, then watched some TV while I started on the sock for my dad. I had gotten this far last night when Travis came home, and I quit. I was attemting to do a toe up thing, but apparently there isnt enough crack in the chocolate milk I was drinking to allow me to do this.
Today I gave up on toe up and am doing it the regular normal way. Sorry Daddy. It's better this way, really.

Babyville: The baby's heartbeat is very strong now. There might be mild swelling of my ankles and feet so keep drinking my water. 25 weeks LMP, baby weighs 1.46 pounds or 660 grams, and is 13.62 inches or 34.6 cm long. I've finally outgrown my ruler, and have moved onto my tape measure. What an exciting day!