Monday, September 28, 2009

Such a bad blogger!

I still have no idea where my camera thing is but so far I want to show you pics from Convention, pic of the Brainless socks, pics of my ladybug sock (1.5 done), pic of my Wubbzy and Walden dishcloths (1.5 done) and pics from Feed the Bay which was awesome.

I have also started cutting out the pieces for the Wedding Quilt, and hopefully tonight during House I will finish it. The cutting that is.

This weekend Jake is getting Baptized and he's pretty excited about that. I will take pics, but I'm not sure I'll be able to share! I really need to tear the house up to look for the stupid thing. Maybe this weekend.

I am also still collecting pledges for my Breast Cancer walk in a few weeks.

That is really it for now, until I have something better to talk about. Have a great day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A picture...

I got my picture from convention and it looks great. Love you touchups! I still cannot find my camera thing and have my photos trapped in the camera so this is the best I can do.

On a project front... lets see. I finished Brainless - yay!!
They don't fit me as perfect as I would like so they may become a gift. Still thinking about that one.
I have not finished the Lady Bug secondsock but I am at the heel flap. I am having a hard time trying to make it the same as the first one, since I had obvious deviations from the pattern. Why do I do this to myself?
I also just got done testing a Wow Wow Wubbzy dishcloth for a gal on Ravelry. It was easy enough but since pretty much the only cotton I had on hand was variegated blue... you really can't see Wubbzy all too well. I think I have enough undyed cotton to do another cloth, and she's got Waldon to be tested so I'll give that a go. Maybe he will look better.

On my to do list: I have to finish the Lady Bug second sock, start a friends wedding quilt and finish the quilty baby blanket that I was designing and then dropped for some reason.

Also coming up... This weekend is Feed The Bay that I'm volunteering at. It's always a very humbling thing to be a part of. Jake's getting Baptized next Sunday - we are so proud of him for his decision! I go to a bridal shower on the 10th and have the Making Strides walk coming up the Weekend after that. Can you say crazy busy??

Hopefully I'll find my camera thingy soon - I'd love to show you convention pics and sock pics and washcloth pics (although, admittedly those aren't great and just look like a square... but still). If we all pray together maybe I'll be led in the right direction. Ok? Ready... go.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Making Strides Againsst Breast Cancer

I am participating in the Making Strides walk on October 17. I am excited about it for a number of reasons, most of all because it looks like I will actually be able to walk! After trying for the Breast Cancer 3 day and not being able to do it because a) I'm too out of shape to walk 60 miles, b) I was not able to raise $2200 and c) I got pregnant.

This time... I only have to walk 3 miles (SOO doable), raise $250 (but it doesn't look like that is necessary) and I cannot get pregnant!

Anyway, if you are able to, please consider sponsoring me. Go to my page here.

Thank you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I know it's been, uh, 15 days since my last post but I am just now getting settled sorta since Convention. It went well and I will show pictures once I have some. I keep leaving my connector thing for the camera at home and that is doing me no good at all!

Lets see. I've sold a total of 9 pirate hat patterns. Yay! I have almost gotten to the heel flap of the Lady Bug second sock. I have about 2 inches left on Braniness. I cried over the ruins of my Convention Quilt and gave thanks that I had a baby blanket in the Sale Box in the shed that would work in a jiffy for something to sell. It sold for $35. Not Great, Not Terrible.

About the quilt... sigh. I finished quilting it, binding it and decided that I needed to wash it to really set in the seams and hide some of my lovely sewing "uniqueness". Apparently I forgot to quilt about 12 inches of one corner section. In not quilting this area, a seam of the top came open just a little and without the quilting to hold it together the batting it really disintegrated. It is lumpy in some places and bald in others. I will try to scoop out the yucky fluff, and try my best to salvage it. It really is a pretty quilt and I was quite proud of it. Lesson learned. I did wash the fabric for my friend Bridget's wedding quilt, that will be the next project. She's getting married 12/20 so I have a little bit of time... wish me luck!

I am going to be walking in a breast cancer walk next month and will be posting a link here begging for donations! It's not the 3-day, it's only 3 miles which is definitely doable. I only need to raise $250, also doable. (Unlike the 3-day which is 60 miles and $2200). And I solemnly promise not to get pregnant and drop out!

Also, for those of you in the Tampa Bay area, my church is participating in Feed The Bay, an event that we started a few years ago where on a certain Sunday they give us a shopping list and after announcements send us on our way to the local grocery stores to buy items for the food banks and shelters in the area. They park big moving trucks in the parking lot of the store and the stores know ahead of time to stock up on these items. The first year, with only our church participating, we raised enough food for our main local charity ECHO (Emergency Care Health Organization) to be stocked for more than 6 months. That is HUGE! This year the goal is 300,000 lbs of food, and they have more than 30 churches in on it. Anyway, if you would like to donate money or find a store near you that will have a truck or even find a place to volunteer, go to for more information.

That's it from me. Back to the pile on my desk. Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I got nothin.

I have exactly 1 week before I leave for my convention and my office looks like a war zone. But, everything is almost ready and that is a good thing.

I am still on a reading binge punctuated with the ladybug sock. I'm about halfway done with the foot and that'll be it until secondsock. I really love the pattern and the look of the sock. I am grateful that this will be almost the end of the hand-dyed sock yarn because it's a little splitty to work with. It makes me miss my sockotta. And actually looking back at my projects, one of my favorites has been Lion Brand Magic Stripes. It was not splitty at all! Those socks went to live with my Step-Mom and she loves them as much as I hated to part with them.

I am not finished with the convention quilt (see first sentence. Yikes.) but I have finished the quilting portion I think. Now I need to even up the borders and sew on the binding. Wonder if my in-laws will keep the kids on labor day any so I can get it done? nope, that's it. Back to work. Have a good one.