Monday, November 26, 2007

Recap, Videos and more Christmas knitting.

Thanksgiving proper, as you know ended up with cousin MaryAnn in the hospital. As of yesterday she was still in there and the only progress we've made is to say it was not a stroke. They are waiting for a special doc to do an MRI to determine if it was a heart attack. Mom's ignoring my call so I cant give a better, more current update. Please keep her in your prayers. Speaking of prayers - Thanksgiving Saturday Jake said the blessing and remembered to ask for MaryAnn to feel better and thank you for our Church helping the poor people have food. Too cute.

Grandma and Sean on Thanksgiving:

Here I offer you 3 videos (loud volume is needed) & 2 pics of Thanksviging Saturday - Jake first - playing Uncle Jason's guitar through an amp (!):

Sean's include: playing the piano (pic & video) and dancing with the giggly toy (video), plus a pic of him in a turkey coma without the turkey:

And, since I am officially finished with my Christmas knitting, to add 2 more items to the list. Neil & Grant will soon be the proud owners of new knit hats. Just like Jake's from last year. One will be blue, one gray since thats how much yarn I have. I'll send them both together so they can pick unles Sue tells me which will like which color more? I'm about halfway done with the grey one.

Also, in an effort to find the corner of my room that will need to be vacated so the Fios dude can install our new cable, I've been going through some forgotten projects. There's the scarf made from 3 Dollar store skeins of Lion Boucle that I didnt take a picture of, the sweater for me made from the brownish mohair that I didnt take a picture of and stuff to make a kitchen set that I didnt take a picture of.

I have sold some yarn too - a bag of fun fur plus the leftover skeins from Mom's last year Christmas sweater.

I will keep going through my yarn stash to organize it (!) and get rid of what I dont need.

I guess that's it for now. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

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