Monday, November 09, 2009

Birthday Week

I had such a great birthday week. I had saw some old friends, here's pics. This is my friends Angela, Jen and myself in 1989. Angela gave this to me framed, it is so cute... I cried. The next pic is of us on Saturday:

I also got a Small Upside Down Banana Split from my friends Tony & Nette - it's from my favorite ice cream shop - Bo's, but it's far. It was so sweet of them!

Anyway, enough about that. I went to Joann's and got the Boye interchangable needle set. I like them - I started using them on my scarf. The only problem I have is that the needles are kind of long so when it's on the shorter cables it is too hard to knit with. I worry about how a hat would do, and that's the main reason I got it. I do like the pointiness of the needles though!

Speaking of the scarf, I'm into my 2nd skein of the Aslan Trends. It measures about 3.5' right now. I've gone 17 out of 20 repeats of the pattern. Not too shabby but I really need to get a move on if I am gonna get it done in the next 2 weeks. Wait, less than 2 weeks! I have not finished, nor have I worked on, my ladybug secondsock. If I finish this early I'll work on them. This HAS to be done, those would be nice if they were done.

I am going up to see my family for Thanksgiving week and I am thinking about travel knitting. I will have both boys and I'm not sure how much actual knitting time I'll have, but I'd like to be prepared. I don't want anything with a pattern that I have to memorize, so I think I'll just dig into the stash and find a nice stripey yarn that is ok with plain rib or stockinette stitch. I have a lot of awesome yarn that is semi-solid that I can't wait to work with but those I want a pretty pattern for.

I will show pics of the scarf next time, really. For now, have a great week.