Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh boy.

Well, the bad news is that my Pirate hat didnt get selected for the Knitting calendar (it says that one called Tortuga Childs hat was selected, must be they liked that one better than mine). But, if at first you dont succeed... go bug another editor! So, I have now officially sent it in to a knitting mag. The selection process begins 10/25, so hopefully shortly after that I will know something. I think I need to take a lie down... oh boy. Moving on.

I have not yet submitted the other thing to the crochet magazine yet, I need to take a pic of the bigger one first, or rather - have Travis take a pic of it with the good camera. I dont know why that crochet one freaks me out more than this knit one - weird. But, I do plan to submit that when I get back from the cruisecruisecruise. It's due the middle of November.

I did some work on the crocheted sock - I've done the heel and heel turn, now I'm on the gusset. It's so strange to be crocheting it, but it's working out well so far I think. I have officially listed the other blue sock as hibernating while I decide what to do with it. I'm 90% sure it's gonna get frogged and the yarn reused for another, more worthy (or easy) sock... we'll have to see about that.

Hi, my name is Brandee, I leave for the Bahamas in 2 days and I couldnt find my original birth certificate. I would be a procrastinatious dumbass. I could have SWORN that my bc was in my little box in my nightgown drawer that also contains 1 of those little island doll things from the 80's, the graduation invitation for 2 cousins, a couple pics of babies I know and a broken pair of pearl earrings. I remember seeing it there, I remember it always being there (well, since my wedding when I needed it last). So, last night I was going to get it out and put it with Travis' bc - and i look - and it's A COPY! Not the real one. I remember the REAL one. Dammit dammit dammit. !. So I start looking in other places - my jewelry box, my other jewlery box, the file cabinet, the underwear drawer, sock drawer, knitting crap drawer, salt and pepper shaker, you know - the usual places! Nope. No where. I go online to see about getting a new one - 5 - 7 business days. That wont work either. So, 9:14 I call my mom half knowing that she'd probably be in bed already - and she didnt answer the phone. This morning on the way to work I called her again - no answer. Then 10 minutes after that, and 10 minutes after that. I tried her office at 8:26, not there yet. Ok, she's doing this to irk me... I'm sure of it! 8:50 I call her cell again and she answers (I know, I'm a stalker). Finally. She had just got my message and yes she does have my original bc, but how would she get it to me. I'll come over. When? Tonight - yeah, tonight i'll drive an hour to your house and get my stupid birth certificate so I can go on the stupid cruise. Ok, lets not be hasty - not stupid cruise... but you know what I mean! Cliff didnt want to spend Eleventy Billion dollars to drive out here to my office, and hey we can overnight it. No go, I want it now! So, I tell my lady boss that I need to get it and she said See You In Bit. He met me halfway and gave me my bc (and his eyeglass perscription by accident) and I was on my way back to work. I was gone an hour and 20 minutes. Not too shabby. And by original, she wasnt kidding. On the back is where my doc wrote my shots as I got them... its pretty funny.

So, when I get back I will order my own 'original' from NY and give her back the original original. So, YAY to Cliffy, I owe you a chocolate cake.

I have work to do now, and while I will try to post tomorrow, no guarantees. And if not, see ya on the flip side.

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