Friday, December 21, 2007

In my next 10 years...

Yesterday, Travis and I celebrated (well, acknowledged) our 10 year dating anniversary. It seems like just yesterday but then also like I've known him forever - I bet everyone says that! Anyway, we had pork chops and rice the did a fire out back and I crocheted and watched Clash of the Choirs.

Speaking of crocheting - I have about half a round to go on this baby blanket but I am running out of yarn. I haven't checked to see if I have more of the blue, I'll do that tonight. I had wanted to get it mailed out today - Whoops! It'll go out on Monday, or Wednesday... not sure about work yet. Have I told you lately that I really love the star baby blankets? This one is in 3 shades - white/white, white/blue, blue/blue. 7 rounds of each shade, 21 rounds in all. I had thought about doing an attached Icord border because I think that would look swell... but my lack of yarn may put a hamper on that idea - unless I have to bring myself to go get another skein. I did good since I had a most of a skein of blue and white and bought one of each more when I started. I guess it does make sense that I would need to get another blue, huh? Urg.

Um, updates... everyone that was in the hospital is out and doing ok. Sean will not sleep through the night an did not like the water instead of formula trick that Mommy tried to pull - NoSirEE! Hey, it was a thought.

Jake is getting a little jealous - wanting to play with everything that Sean is playing with. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

That's it from me for now. We're about to have our office luncheon...catered by Olive Garden... yummo. Merry Christmas everybody, be safe and warm and happy.

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