Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sean goes to the doctor

Head circumfrence - 17"

Height - 28" ... 90% for his age

Weight - 17.3 lbs ... 50% for his age
Add to that 4 shots, and you have our morning. He was fine as soon as I picked him up which was good. Poor baby was asleep by the time we drove the 8 min to Roxanne's house! Overall he's doing just fine, and it looks like all that bouncing is helping him avoide the tire-thighs!
That's it for now. More from NY.

Monday, July 30, 2007

An entry entirely about yarn and yarn items

I finished up the blue sock at lunch.

It was tried on the foot analog for the receivee of the other pair, and I think these will be a better fit. And the done ones can go to my sister. Assuming, of course, that I can create a whole sock in 40 hours. Are we to start taking bets?

And the sock yarn.... I wanted to make Gryffendor socks out of my new Harry Potter knitting book, but was unable to find solid yarn at the yarn shop I visited. So, I ordered some online www.simplysockyarn.com and it came super quick, and was pretty inexpensive as well.

Anyway, that's it.


Sorry, a little excitement escaped!

Only a day and a half until we leave........ :). If you would like to live vicariously through me at Homecoming, go here http://www.waddingtonny.us/ and look at the calendar of events for it on the left side. Also a trip to the alpaca farm is planned, which I'm pretty excited about too. Lots of fun to be had! Anyway, back to this weekend: Saturday we went to Jasyline's birthday party, lots of fun, and it was a really pleasant day to be outside. Here's a couple pics of that:

Sunday I finished up the 2nd sock, and they are now wrapped and on my dresser ready to go to their new home. And, if the recipient doesnt like them, Damarys says she will take them off her hands. Please notice the matchiness... I was so proud of that!

After finishing these, I did a few rows on the shawl and a few rounds on the other blue sock. This morning I started on the toe of it. That should be done today, and I'll start on second sock while working on the shawl. I will see how productive I am, and if they get done in time, they will go to my Sister for her birthday. I'll see her Wednesday night. Can I make a sock in 2 days? Dont know, but I will give it the ole college try!

And, I have cropped the Sean Clown nose pic for your enjoyment. This is my new desktop theme and makes me laugh everytime I see it. It also makes my co-workers laugh when they visit. So. Funny.

Anyway, I will try to blog tomorrow, and from the chilly north. Cheers.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pics, video, Blog Updates

First off.... Sock 1 is donedonedone! Also, one of my co-workers is the same footsize as the intended reciepent of the socks and we have a Perfect Fit! :)
At lunch I will start Sock 2. 5 days and counting.

Yesterday when Jake and Travis went to see the Cirque people they were giving out giftees. Popcorn and clown noses. Here is a clown being modeled by our favorite 6 month old. (note to self... work on them eyebrows!)

Here is Travis, Jake and Sean playing gameboy yesterday:

And finally, Sean trying to crawl, or swim... whichever:

Enjoy your Thursday. Say, is 5th grader on tonight?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Travis took Jake to his office to meet the Cirque performers, and to the nature preserve out back to eat a sandwich. Here are pics of both:

On stuff in general...

On sock progress... I have about 2 inches to go before I start the toe. I am hoping that will be done tonight and I can start #2 tomorrow.

On othersock progress... remember, the blue one? Yeah, I've been ignoring it. I'll go back to it after this pair and the pink shawl are done.

On pink shawl progress - there hasn't been any in a while. Once this pair is done... that will be next to accomplish. I am a little worried about the lace edge, but it will be a nice test of my Mad Skilz. lol.

On postpartum depression - I should have been a little closer on the lookout since my cousin (and life-twin) had this after her second child, but I wasn't. It certainly explains a lot, but since the meds make me sick I'll keep dealing without them. At least now I know.

On the upcoming Vacay... I am so excited to see my family, it's been entirely too long! I am looking forward to the following, almost as much as seeing my fam:
fresh sweet corn
visiting the alpaca farm, and giftshop
48ish hours of car-knitting time
watching my children play with my cousin's children on Nanny's lawn the way we did
seeing Jake go in the water of the St Lawrence and freeze but love it... the way I did
watching the talent show, fireworks and rubber duck race
buying stuff at the craft/crap sale (both craft sale & yard sale)

Jovanny is doing well, is home and eating and growing and crying (a lot apparently).
Deanna is doing very well, Doc said no need for chemo or radiation, and all looks good.

Blogger is wigging out, so pics later.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Houston, we have a problem

I am a sock addict. Remember when I had the little falling down at the yarn shop last week? That's kinda what started it. Then I remembered that I have a b-day coming up that I need to have a giftee for.... and what better giftee than socks, right? And then July 18th's pattern in the Knit Pattern a day calendar was the cutest sock... (Sockotta color 6670)

Look closer at the pattern... see the V's?

Cute, huh? Yeah. And pretty easy. This is from starting on Friday evening and included reading about 500 pages of Potter.

And I have now fallen in LOVE with the Crystal Palace bamboo sock needles. I was worried because I didn't like the Clover ones - too, um, sticky and not slidey enough (If you knit you understand, sorry to those that don't). I have a week to finish, wish me speedy needles!

Oh, and remember how I said that Sean was resourceful when it comes to the foot in mouth thing?

And since I promised a pic of the new curls, here you go. It's not the greatest picture, sorry!

Over the weekend, lets see, Saturday I went to Borders to get Potter and Office Depot for school stuff for Jake (I'm about 90% done). The rest of Saturday was spent going through Sean clothes that are too small, going to the in-laws, knitting on the sock and reading. Sunday was more reading, I made breakfast, went to the in-laws, went with Butch and Sean to my Grandparents place to get the "on top of the truck storage thing", and knitted there and back. More reading, until Next Food Network Star then I switched to knitting. I cant read and watch at the same time, or read and knit... but I CAN watch and knit, so we multi-task where we can, right?
That's really about it. Have a nice Monday.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

filing and overtime.

I dont know if I've mentioned here that I really REALLY hate to file. My "to be filed" box overfloweth, and it was time to bite bullet. I hate filing. I'm half done with getting the renewals and cancellations in alpha order, so when I go into the FileCabinetOfDoom that it's not as bad as it could be. Blah blah.

Travis is stuck with mandatory OT again for the whole month of August. Boy will that be fun! He had to send an email letting him know that we will be out of town on his days off in the beginning so they dont schedule him. Hopefully that wont be a fight. I guess I wouldnt be so upset about it if they would hire more people for his area. They have hired 6 or 7 new classes since they started his area OT, but NONE of those new classes are for there, but for the other areas that are getting sent home early every day. Perhaps this makes sense to them, but, um, hello?

Weird diet part 2 was supposed to start today, but it was storming last night and I wasnt able to make it to the store after dinner. Today I'll go, and tomorrow it will start. And Travis is starting with me, so that should be good.

Sean got to wear shoes yesterday for the 2nd time. He kept them on all day which was good. My MIL was concerned that with shoes on how could he put his feet in his mouth? Yeah, he's resourceful. I'm just glad they're clean.

I have got to find a way to reset Sean's internal alarm clock. I Do Not Love 6am. Or 4am for that matter. I do not love my baggy eye circles, I do not love my "did my hair in the dark because I can't make my eyes function with light" look (of course by "did" I mean pulled it back in the closed scrunchie I could find, and no I dont know what color it is). I am DREADing the fall time change... because then I will not love 5am. ugh. But, he's a happy baby, so it could be worse, right?

I did nothing on the shawl or the sock last night. I sat and watched Discovery channel and fed Sean until he fell asleep and the sat some more. I did get some done at lunch yesterday though, so that's progress, right? I've got what, 200 more rows to go before the lace? Yeah, Lord grant me swift needles.

I suppose I've put off filing long enough, and it's been staring at me so I better get back to it.

Something in my office smells like syrup. mmmm. syrup. Diet starts tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pics and videos of the kids... and yarn talk

Sorry I've been neglectful. Work has been a little, um, crazy. We just finished mailing out 750 bags of microwave popcorn. It was interesting. Anyway, Saturday we went to my grandparents house, and took some video and pictures. Here ya go.

This one is Sean enjoying the fan breeze.

This is of Sean and Grandma.

And pics:

This is Jake playing his game boy. Under the table. In the dark (you cant really tell cause I used the flash, so just use your imagination).
And Sean and Grandma, the pic.

Then I saw this bumper sticker on a mobile X-ray thing, and was amused:

Sock update - I am about an inch away from starting the toe. I've ignored it the past couple days to work on the shawl.
The shawl is going well, I've got 8 inches done, and since it keeps getting smaller and smaller, it's going quicker and quicker. I have 123 stitches currently, and I decrease 2 every other row. I think I started with like 225 or something like that. Once I'm done with the triangle part, I will figure out how to adapt the lace edging to fit it. It only has a wing span of about 3.5 feet right now, and I'd like to add another 1.5 to it. I should be able to get a bunch done on it during our NY trip (which will be in 2 weeks)(2 weeks from RIGHT NOW I will be riding in the back seat of my in-laws van on my way to see my family)(Excited much? Yep!)(sorry for the parentheticals).
While I'm up there I plan to visit the http://www.angelknollalpacas.com/ alpaca farm. I'm pretty excited about that too. They have a gift shop. And NOTHING is better than a souviner of yarny goodness!
Speaking of yarny goodness... I had a little falling down when I was visiting my grandmother. She has the misfortune of living about a mile from a LYS. And just because I have sock yarn, does not mean that I dont need sock yarn! Becides... that's Christmas Presents! Of course $60 for 3 pairs of socks may be a little much. BUT I did also get a new crochet hook for crocheted socks (I have another pattern I want to try... wish me luck), and some Crystal Palace sock needles in a size I already have aluminium in(times 3 I think), but I want to try the good bamboo ones. The yarn was cool though - South East Trading Company Tofootsies - its got recycled crab and shrimp shells in it which makes it naturally antibacterial, which is really COOL. I got 2 of them at $17 a piece. Plus one of the normal brands I get in a white and red. No clue who they will be for, I'll let the sock tell me when it's done.
And speaking of Harry Potter. Oh, I wasnt? Hm. Anyway, I havent seen the movie yet, but we are looking forward to it. I just got a book called Charmed Knits - patterns based on Potter people. I've made Jake a Gryffindor bookmark, and once I find some solid color sock yarn I am SO making myself some Gryffindor socks! Because maroon and gold match everything? Cute patterns though. Sweaters, want cozies, robes, scarves, etc.
That's really it for now.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I forgot to give you the weird pics. What you didnt expect ACTUAL pictures of ACTUAL an possum and a goat? Tisk tisk.

Goat (in a pickup truck on my way home. There are 2 but you cant see the black one):

Possum (outside my office. In the rain. During the daytime.):


Thursday, July 12, 2007

The road to weightloss

Is paved with weird food!
Today is day 9 of the 11 day diet. I've dropped 10 pounds. And it's not necessarily weird food, just strange combinations and a couple hard days. Like yesterday, for example... hard day. Yesterday, day 8, is only vegetables and salad. For all 4 meals in the day. You can have 3 Tablespoons of lo cal dressing or 1 ounce of grated cheese on your salad and vegetables. Here's what I had:
Breakfast was cucumber and tomatoes chopped up with some italian dressing.
Lunch was a salad of bibb lettuce (my new favorite), some fresh spinach, carrots, cucumber and some ranch dressing. BTW, fat free ranch sucks.
Dinner was squash & zucchini sauted with Mrs Dash, Molly McButter and a little water.
"Dessert" was carrot sticks.

Yeah, that was difficult. Today, breakfast was an orange (I could have had red & green vegetables too, but I stuck with just an orange. A big fat yummy navel orange). Lunch is Tuna Salad, dinner is chicken and cheese - my new favorite and dessert will be peach frozen yogurt.

So here's the chicken & cheese thing. We went to Cody's for dinner on like day 4 or something, and I was set for chicken and cheese. And they have this menu item - Southwestern Chicken or something like that - breast of chicken, covered with bbq sauce (an ok condiment) and pico de giao (I know thats spelled wrong, sorry. And Salsa is an ok condiment), then covered with cheddar jack cheese thats all melty. Yummmo. (after I picked out the onions). I've made it again 1 time, and will again tonight. Cool, eh? Moving on.

I was able to finish 9 butterflies and pass them on to the liasion for our group to angels for hope. They were great fun to do, really. I got to play with a bunch of different yarns that have lived in the stash... some for years! Darn sale yarns! Anywho...

I got a few rows done on the shawl, and I'm down to the gusset on the sock. I am really loving the baby cable pattern.... but I think I've mentioned that before.

That's all for now.

Monday, July 09, 2007

See, He listens.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers - Baby Jovanni is coming home now... right now as I type this.

His Mom and Dad were supposed to find out when he would be released this coming Friday, and he is coming home now because he has done so well since his surgery. No complications, he's eating well and, you know, um, moving the food along. No IV's yesterday (which is good since he had to have it in 2 places on his HEAD!), and all is well.

Tomorrow we'll return to the regularly scheduled blogging, and probably pictures of possums and goats and some yarn and a baby or two. But for today, just Thank You.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quick update

On Jovanny, and angora.

Jovanny is out of surgery, he looks good and the surgery went well. Damarys is doing better and Madeline is still doing pretty ok, considering. I think it's the c-section drugs... I'd be a wreck. Anyway thanks for your thoughts, and if you just got the 2 messages together, keep on prayin for the upcoming recovery bit... it will be most appreciated.

PSA on working with angora. It sheds. A lot. All over. And if you are wearing a blue work shirt and knitting with pink angora, it shows up. I tried to take a picture but it didnt work. drat.

Happy Independence Day

A quick prayer request before we get started... my friend Damarys got a nephew last week. Today he had to have surgery. My understanding is that the nerves that go from his brain to the bottom half of his colon are not fully formed, so he is not able to poop. His tract is full so he's not able to eat anything. They started surgery at 9 this morning, and I havent heard anything yet except that she hasnt heard anything. They say that once this is done, that he'll have to wear a colostomy bag for 6 months to a year, but will be fine. Mom Madeline and Dad Andy are doing pretty well... Damarys is a mess. Please keep the baby - Jovanny - and the family in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

Happy Birthday America! To celebrate, I vaccumed, started crazydiet and knitted. Oh, I also went to the grocery store and played gameboy with Jake and did the normal baby-related stuff with Sean. Travis edged some on the front lawn until the rain came.

The knitting netted me a few more rows on the shawl. No sock knitting yesterday. I did watch the Knitty Gritty from the other day that showed lace patterns. They showed this really cute dress at the end, but yeah, no. I'll stick to socks and sweaters thanks. But it really was pretty.

And about crazydiet - I think the hardest part was the 10 glasses of water. I was up 4 times last night just to go potty! But we'll see. It's only 11 days... I can last that long, right? Here's what yesterday's menu was: breakfast was turkey and cheese slices and baked beans. Lunch was a tuna salad with eggs and lettuce. Dinner was beercan chicken (no skin). Evening snack was peanuts. Today is fruit salad all day except dinner when I will have a deli meat sandwich (sans cheese or mayo)... good thing I like mustard! I forgot what's on the menu tomorrow, I'll let you know though.
The website says 9 pounds in 11 days. My grandfather and aunts have used it successfully, so we'll see.

That's really it for now. Have a great one.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Pictures and stuff

I hadnt realized how long it had been since I posted pics - I just got 56 pics off my camera - I think that's a record for me! It had all the way back to last weekend (!) at Disney and Jake's party, plus his swim date from yesterday and the yugo.
Yes, I said Yugo. Why did I take a picture of this? Because I found it terribly amusing. I'm easily amused.

I also learned a lesson:

Dont take pictures through the screen because my camera is better than I think it is.
Moving on.

Here's the quick "weekend(s) in pictures":
Jake taking Sean & I's pic with Pluto (he didnt want to be by Pluto)(yes, he is strange).
Cappa feeding Sean.
Jake not liking the Birthday song... again.

The finished babyghan for Ginger and the yarn "leftover". And by "leftover" I actually mean that the last row of dc's had to be frogged because there wasnt enough and I redid it in hdc's and this is what's left. 5 feet doubled. But it's off in the mail and hopefully Evan will get it today and be snuggly.

And Jake's swim date (I forgot to get the camera out earlier when everyone was there. Whoops!)

Jasyline, Tyler and Jack came over for swimming and gameboy during the storm. Unfortunatly Jack had left when the rain stopped and we got out the watermelon. This is Jake, Jasyline and Tyler enjoying a seed spitting "contest". It was too funny.

Now on to yarn-related stuff:
I have made 6 butterflies, but 1 was confiscated by Jake. I let him take my least favorite. I will be able to get more done by our meeting time, the are great for when I want to work on something that doesnt take thought - like when I have to actually pay attention to tv!

I've done a few rows on the shawl and dont hate it. I've also done a few rounds on the sock, and I really like the baby cable.

And finally, I leave you with this video. We were able to find a Johnny jump-up for Sean at a second hand place for $15. I think this is the best $15 I have ever spent!