Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm sick

I hate being sick. This started Friday afternoon, and I took an allergy pill and hoped for the best. Saturday was our Epcot day, and we stopped on the way for some Sudafed so that I could breathe... it helped a little, but yesterday wasnt good, today was worse. It went from allergy feeling to fluy feeling.

Ugh, so I'm home, I've officially run out of the darker yarn for Mom's jacket, and I think I only need 1 more. I've gotten about half of the 2nd sleeve done. I tried the Walmart in Bloomingdale for the yarn but no luck. I still need to try Michaels, maybe I'll do that later on. I need to go to the dollar store over there since I think they have suede, which I need for a project I've been thinking about.

Ok, I am gonna go lay back down. Have a good day, and hopefully tomorrow I'll be at work and I can show you pics from Epcot on Saturday.

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