Thursday, October 02, 2008

Suprising lack of progress

I have, in the past 2 days, managed to knit 1.5 inches of a sweater that is only 104 stitches in width. I have about a half inch to go before the armhole decreases, which is a good thing.

I did nary a stitch last night during Bones and House, just sat there watching tv. Shocking, that. I stared at my bag, glanced in the corner where Cliffys afghan lives and avoided eye contact with the market bag that is waiting for its time with the sewing machine.

I did think about Mom's next sweater, I even looked to see what yarn Walmart had while I was there - nothing. I need to go to Joann's and do some fondling there - hopefully something will inspire me. I haven't even started my Commission flag, but I did tell him it would be after my Christmas knitting was done - although I dont know if I can wait that long. It'll be nice to have some crocheting interspersed with the knitting.

Yesterday was a long draining day, with more questions than answers after Jake's trip to the doc. Jake has been having a persistant twitch in his neck for about a month. Previous symptoms (lasting a month or 2) were whistling, spitting, licking (everything - his shirt, walls, tables, Sean) and throat clearing. Doc is hesitant to label him with a tic disorder without more testing, so he sent us along with a scrip for bloodwork and is having us journal his symptoms. Not one twitch the whole time we were at the doc's office! It's like taking the car to the mechanic and it not making the clicking noise for him that it makes for you ALL THE TIME! In a couple weeks if symptoms persist with us trying to make him aware of what he is doing, it's a trip to the neurologist. He says he's doing it on purpose because it's fun and that he can stop, but he's really unable to control it for longer than he is thinking about it. Mom suggested Cal-Mag and Omega 3, so I'll see what I can find with that to see if it helps.

This is the first whole week for Travis on the new schedule, he had Tues and Wed off and went back today. Weekends will suck but hey, what can you do.

That's it for me for now. have a good one.

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~dani said...

I'll be praying for mr. jake!!!