Thursday, October 09, 2008

online spending at its best

Hi!! At lunch today I finished the body of Mom's bolero and started the arm, got half way and tried it on Damarys. She claims to have fat arms but it was too tight so I ripped out the arm and made it bigger. I am about 4 rows in and it is supposed to have 20. I like it and it looks pretty bolero-like. Sorry that I didnt take a pic but I was too busy frogging and wanted to get some sembelence of an arm before lunch ended.

Today, in the Readers Digest, I read about a website called that gives you rebates on stuff you get online. Stuff like fabric at that is on sale AND gives a rebate of 5%. It's black and will be perfect to line my manly market bags. I have 4 yards on the way as we speak! I spent $15 including shipping so I make that 75 cents! They put all your rebates in an account that you can transfer to paypal or what have you. Pretty groovy I say. Joann's is on there too, but I go through mypoints for the few times I purchase online from them.

After the above 2 paragraphs, you can see that I am doing a pretty good job of ignoring all the stuff that I should be doing (including working apparently). But, that's ok... it all gets done in the end.

That's it from me for now. Have a nice Thursday and enjoy the season premier of CSI. Love you CSI. Welcome back!

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