Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shopping, Selling and Singer

I went to the last day of the Moonlight Maddness sale at Joann yesterday and I had only a few things on the list of stuff that I really wanted to get. I needed to get some yarn for that submission top I want to make (this is the only thing not on sale that I was able to apply the 50% coupons to), I wanted to see how much their Cut & Press cutting mat/ironsafe boards were (it was on my Christmas list, but they were cheaper on sale here than at Walmart where they are never on sale), some fat quarters for $.99 and a carrying case for my Singer. I did not get the carrying case because I am not fond of the plastic ones and their fabric ones were REALLY expensive, I got 2 yards of clearance fabric - one orangy and one yellowy, 2 blueish fat quarters, the yarn (pink, red and green... there's your hint) and a little craft iron that I am returning today since I wasn't able to use the coupon on and it wasn't on sale and do I really need to spend $10 on a little pink iron anyway? Moving on.

I sold 3 out of the 4 lots on ebay and I will ship those out tomorrow. I will be getting together some funky novelty yarns and some WW acrylic lots and I will probably go through my books and start getting rid of those which will never be used. I sold more than I spent at Joann's and that's really where I wanted to be with this.

On the way to Joann's yesterday I got a call from the Sewing Machine Fixer Place that it was ready. The problem? I had the controls set incorrectly and that is why it was sewing backwards. I figured this might be the case when I got a response to the note I had sent to Singer about the return and they suggested making sure the bobbin winder thing was the right way for not winding bobbins because having it the other way will make it do many things, including sew backwards. Course it took a week for SMFP to get back to me on this, but oh well. During naptime yesterday I made a market bag with it and I like it. I only have 1 strap to sew up then it's done. I really enjoyed playing with some of the fancy stitches! I made a few changes to the pattern I had been using and it went quickly and easily and now has a flat bottom (Mom's suggestion). It took about an hour to make (I had cut the main fabric but not the lining, and thats included in the time) and came out cute.

That's it from me for now. Have a great rest of the weekend. Go Bucs! Go Rays!

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