Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some real progress!

I have officially finished the back of Mom's sweater. It made me 10 minutes late coming back from lunch, but that's the price we pay for seeing things through! Everyone but my Mom can see a closeup of the fabric here and the whole back minus about an inch here.

I still love the color, but it amuses me that it stretches out so much from that tiny, ribbed thing. Hey, it's the right size so that's all that matters, right? Next... a front, followed by another front and 2 sleeves. Sigh. This is taking WAY longer than I expected.

My sewing machine has not yet shipped, but should in the next day or so. YAY!! I am pretty excited about that.

Other exciting news - I submitted a thing to another mag today. I also have that one idea that I've sketched out but haven't tried yet - color work and knitting. We'll see how that works out.

Today I started writing down my Christmas list and I found a few areas lacking. My yarny gifts include Mom's sweater, Cliffy's socks(in theory if it EVER gets done), Joann's socks, These socks that do have an probable intended recipient and these which is admittedly only A sock not sockS but may also have an intended - not sure yet... which is part of the reason it is still only A sock and has been since FEBRUARY. And while that is quite a bit of yarny goodness, I was thinking of making my brothers hats or scarves. It's cold up yonder, and I think they would like it but I am not sure if my Dad ever wears his Alpaca hat - hopefully he hasn't shrunk it yet.

Along with finishing the sweater, Cliffyghan and other blue sock, I also have that American Flag Afghan that is a commission that I haven't even started yet, but it doesn't really have a deadline becides my self-imposed "before Christmas". Good thing, eh?

Lots of clicky today I know but hey, it's OK. Have a great day.

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