Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Jane, trampoline & I'm sick... not in that order.

My birthday is 2 days away and I am hopped up on citrus & c to get rid of what I really hope is allergies. Kids aren't sick, co-workers aren't sick, just me. I felt it coming yesterday, just a little bitty tickle in my nose so I ran to CVS and got some zycam which is mostly mega c and zinc and stuff. This morning I added a claritin (claratin? whatever) after a 9-sneeze run and I'm back on the zycam. This had BETTER go away Real quicklike!

Speaking of birthday, tomorrow is our Marketing Director's birthday and the office is taking us to lunch. Smokey Bones BBQ (his choice this year, last year my pick was a steakhouse). AND the boss said that after lunch we all get to go home. Guess he's feeling a bit guilty for "work-related" golf outings. Well, it'll give me a chance to vote early anyway.

We played on the trampoline last night and I took some pics and video. They had such a blast, so did I! Boy that thing will get your heartrate up real quick.

Last night I got my book back and started planning my first Dear Jane block. I washed and ironed all of my fabric scraps and discovered that I really need to get a pair of pinking shears because what should have taken me half an hour took almost 2. Cutting apart fabric that was sometimes hopelessly stuck together with other fabric by frayed ends sucks. Anyway, here's my first block prequel:

I also got a journal to start documenting my DJ stuff. Maybe it will be helpful if I do another one, who knows. I have been searching online to see if there is a Ravelry-type site for quilting? Something to keep track of projects and designs and such. If anyone knows, please share! I am also trying to figure out how to add the vitural design wall to my blog so everyone can see my blocks as I do them. I may have to get Travis to figure it out for me, I'm pretty lost on it. Well, that's it from me, have a great day!!

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