Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not much of an update

Good morning. I put on makeup this morning solely for your benefit... Here's my pic:

Speaking of pics, here's one from this of the first snowfall up home:

Boy does that look cold!! Anywho, we got the trampoline last night but it was too late to take pics once it was up. I need to get some padding for it but it is pretty big - 13 feet round I think. Jake and Sean had such a blast, Sean cried when I dragged him off it - but it was getting cold pretty quickly. My toes were FROZEN - dumbass me was jumping barefoot instead of getting socks.

I made a little progress on Mom's sweater, and as it stands now:
Done - back, collar, 9" of front left.
Not done - 11" of left front, right front, 2 sleeves, assembly.

I gave my DJ book to my MIL to take to work and it is now spine-free and in gbc binding. I hope this works out for me, since it's free and all. I really didn't want the expense of all those page protectors. Now I just need to figure out a good way to store completed blocks. I am all ready to start my first block - it'll be B13, it's a yellow one and a simple 9 patch. I have 2 yellow fabrics to choose from, scraps on one and a yard of another that has not yet been cut for a market bag. I'll try the scraps first to see how it goes - I do need to wash them yet though. I also need to get my background fabric ready (I'm using a set of white sheets that my sister gave us as a wedding gift. I dont like sleeping on them because they have lace edges but it will be a nice memory to add into the quilt). I am so excited to start this!!! Wish me luck!

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