Friday, October 10, 2008

projectile vomit is not pretty

I am at home with a sick baby. And by sick I mean throw up in bed last night then when Mommy & Daddy are trying to strip the bedsheets throwing up again from the changing table. Did you know that your projectileness is much more far-reaching from up there! Sniffly, sneezy and general not happy. Fast forward to this morning (after 9 wake-ups at night, sans vomit) when Sean was just blah and Mommy was exhausted. Call into work, and realize that I dont have very much milk so a stop at the store is in order. No problem. The store is 2 miles away. 9am I get shoes and socks on Sean, strap him into the car and take off. halfway there I hear it. You know, the IT that I was dreading. So, I turn around and drive back home. I go inside to get a towel, get him out of the car then straight to the bathroom. pedalyte and juice and a nap.
Wake up from nap and eat a few bites of chili-mac and some peaches. Feeling better! Horray! Off to the grocery store. Again. SO I put shoes and socks on, strap him into the car and off we go. Through the store and all is good. Back home, put stuff away and watch AMC.
Still doing good. There's a new linen store RIGHT NEXT to Joann's. Handy that. So, back with shoes and socks, out the door and all is well. Pull into the parking space between the linen store (did I mention it is a discount linen store?) and I hear the IT again. Sigh. I get out and do my best to wipe him up with my little washcloth I keep in the car for dewey windows. Back home. He fell asleep on the way here and is currently in bed.

SO... how was your day?

Oh, I found another Mom analog (stand-in) and had her try on the bolero. She's Sean's daycare lady's daughter. Her 11 yr old daughter. Fits great! So, thats good. I told her not to grow and it'd do me great! I will work on the sleeves more in a few minutes.

Not much going on this weekend, Sunday I was going to have an alone day - Travis at work and both boys with their grandparents and Shamu but Jake was not good last night and lost the trip. Maybe in a couple weeks. No trips to see my mom and grandma, you know with the vomiting and all, but soon.

That's it from me, have a great weekend.

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