Friday, October 17, 2008

My new toy, and some progress

My new toy.... is broken. I opened it up and got ready to sew up a bag and wait, what is this? Why is it sewing BACKWARDS??? Stuck in reverse. And no using reverse to make it go forward. UGH!!! So, it will be sent in for warrenty work locally I hope (I'm on hold with Singer now to figure it out).

With the profound lack of sewing going on, I did work on Cliffy's blanket and started a hat for one of my brothers. Here's pics of both as of right now:

I know there isn't much to the hat yet, but I've only just started. AND knitting with homespun is not fun. It's so splitty that it is much better suited to crochet, but I am better at knit hats than crocheted ones so there you go. I had toyed with the idea of a scarf but a hat uses less yarn and I didnt have that much homespun in the stash. Only 2 almost whole skeins of different colors and a few coordinating shades of grey/black if I need it (either stripey hat or stripey scarf). I have 2 brothers and I'm not sure who will get this or the other one (yep, I said other one) but I have a little time before Christmas.

I didn't cast on any Mom sweater fronts or sleeves, I'll do that at lunch today.

I am still on hold with Singer, and lunch is in 15 so I'll stop writing and try to get some work done before lunch. Have a great weekend.

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