Friday, October 03, 2008


I had a crown decide to jump ship last night. Well, I was eating a milk dud at the time so I guess I sort of helped it along, but that crown has been there a good year at least and had many duddy friends in the past... so why now? To end my week on a high note? Yeah, that's it.

How about some progress. I "finished" the pink bag:

As you can see, it has rough edges. Apparently it is supposed to have rough edges, "it's utilitarian not beautiful". Whoopsy! I am going to try to put a faux-serger edging on it and see if that looks ok. I didn't put a pocket on the front of this one only because I don't think it really needs it, it can just fold nicely and not have to fold into a pocket if that makes sense?

I also got to the armhole portion of Mom's sweater. It's just back and forth on fewer stitches for 6 inches. We'll see how long until I start a sleeve or a front just to keep myself sane. I like it because it's pretty and I am completely in love with the yarn color (I'd say that even if I didn't do the dying) and it's an easy peasy 3x3 rib but sometimes easy = boring. I briefly thought about starting the other blue sock or even some stars for the flag afghan, but the thoughts were fleeting. Perhaps Monday when I need something small to take to the dentist, we'll see.

My MIL is giving us our Birthday/Christmas gift early - a new mattress! I am so excited, mainly because I cannot ever remember having a new mattress, and also this mattress came with the husband 9 years ago, so I guess it's time to upgrade (the mattress, not the husband!) I just hope that my current Queen sheets will fit the new pillow top Queen because it would be just terrible to have to go out and buy all new bedding (It's really hard to convey sarcasm via the keyboard, but really it's there).

In very exciting news, today is bonus day. Yippee!! AND... I don't have to buy a new fridge with it because ours is currently doing ok. Ice cream doesn't freeze solid but its not soft serve any more either, so I'm happy with that. Besides I have moved the meat and bourbon into that freezer and all the other stuff to the big freezer. This has served the dual purpose of no soft ice cream + ease of getting meat out for supper. Wait, I forgot to get something out this morning. Whoops. Oh, it's leftover night. Crisis averted. So what am I going to do with my bonus? Pay off credit cards, and possibly Haaaavvvee to buy new bedding. I can live with that.

That's really it for now. BTW I got some Cal-Mag for Jake and melatonin for me, wish us luck. Have a great weekend. Wow, that was wordy. Are you impressed? I am.

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~dani said...

we just upgraded our bedroom set from a queen to king and replaced our 20 year old mattress LOL Jess got our old set mattress included and was totally eeekk'd out when she figured out she was conceived in the bed she's sleeping in LOL

Oh and a great great place for bedding, I highly recommend!!!