Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dear Jane progress, sort of

SO I do understand that I have swallowed a whole gigantic wad of crack in taking on this project but I am getting pretty excited about it and I look forward to the challenge. I am fully aware that it will probably take me a year or two to finish (assuming I CAN finish) but it will be a labor of love. A HUGE labor of love - a 80 1/4" square labor of love. I sat down last night and instead of Watching Chuck I Listened to Chuck and dug out Jake's colored pencils. I used the little template thing on the DJ blog and came up with my color scheme. Here it is:

I have collected quite a bit of scraps and a few quarters that will go into this. I am not using 225 different fabrics as some do, but I will use as much of what I have as I can, getting a lot out of each fabric piece. I am getting quite a bit of leftovers from my market bags, so thats a cool thing.

Here is my stack of partially sewn market bags, and in the center is my favorite find - I scored a remnant just big enough for this plus my center and corner DJ squares for about $1.20. Thrilled, let me tell ya!

I need to take a look at the DJ Blog and see where to start, and gather my backing fabric and get to cutting. First up though, I am taking the book to the printshop my MIL works at and get the book unbound. I am trying to decide if I should have it gbc bound (spiral bound) or just put each page in a protector in a notebook. I need easy access to the pages for tracing the patterns and the advantage to the protectors is that I can put finished blocks in them until its time to piece the thing together. Hrm.

And finally, in not DJ news, I have about a foot done on my Brothers Scarf and havent touched Mom's sweater or Cliffy's afghan. Once I get a block done and realize just how far I've gotten myself, I'll get back on track for Christmas. I did work on the little girls top a bit, but I am not sure if I'm in love with it yet. I still have some ideas with it so we'll see how it goes.

Oh, really finally this time - today is trampoline day!!! We are getting a trampoline delivered today at our house. A friend of my MIL sold it to her for $50 including delivery and setup and it's only a year or so old. I. Am. So. Excited!! Also, I got a haircut last night and maybe tomorrow if it behaves better I will show you a pic. Thats it. Have a great day.

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