Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sean update

I have not been vomited on in nearly 11 hours! I took Sean to the doc's at 10, we were there for 2.5 hours. About an hour of that was waiting (Saturday is sick only and be seen as you get there.) and the rest in treatment. No ear infection, no strep. His problem? Asthma. We went down this road before with Jake but its different with this one. So, when we got there his pulse Ox (oxygen level) was at 92 (it should be at 99-100) and he ordered a treatment of albeuterol and discussion of a script for orapred (oral steroid). Sean did NOT like it one bit! After he stopped freaking out, pulse Ox again - 91. Shot of steroids, another treatment of something stronger (which he loved even MORE because he hurt from the shot). Pulse Ox - 94. He said that the shot takes about 45 minutes to start workiing, so a few minutes rest then another treatment. If we dont get it to the 95-97 range we go to the hospital. Next treatment, pulse Ox - 95. Whew. Home we go with these directions: albeuterol every 4 hours, antibiotic 1x a day, orapred 2x a day, Pulmacort (another breathing treatment) 2x a day.

He's sleeping now, a 2.5 hour nap, which is good. I slept for a bit, but hunger got the best of me (missed lunch). Jake's been good, playing games and generally being quiet which is a Godsend.

Hopefully tonight and tomorrow will be better. Have a good one.

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