Tuesday, October 14, 2008

an update, with a pic

I finished mom's bolero and put it in the mail to her today since I dont know when I'll see her next. Wanna see? Course you do. It's not the best pic in the world but the flash washed it out so you get the no-flash version.

I also did an inch or 2 on mom's Christmas sweater and am almost close to done with the back. 2 sides and 2 arms to go. Sigh.

But, I bought a new (used) sewing machine! I have been coveting them on Joann's website - a Singer meant for quilters, it has the extension arm, 8 different feet plus a bunch of different stitches (my current one only has straight and zig zag). But, I really didn't have the $100 to spend on it. Then, I got some back checks from Aflac (love you Aflac) AND it was on sale for $80 and free shipping. Hopefully I'll get it in about a week. So, if anyone needs a beginner (REALLY beginner) sewing machine, you let me know.

Yesterday was a half day for me - I caught some of what Sean was handing out - and I went home early. Went to the docs and got a script for antibiotics (in case it gets worse) and something to help me with sleep (an old timey anti-depressant that is used in low doses for sleep without so much of the chemicals). I am able to take it with the melatonin that I had already started taking but wasnt really working, so we'll see if this helps. And if it improves the depression than that's a bonus, yes?

Well, I need to get back to work now, have a great day and Mom... dont forget to send a pic of you wearing your new bolero!!

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