Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend.

I don't have much to report on sewing, crocheting or knitting except that Mom has put in her order for a sweater that is not the sweater she's getting for Christmas. More of a shrug or bolero really. It will be crocheted and it will be black. Beyond that I'm not terribly sure yet.

On the Christmas sweater, I have about 2 inches of k3p3 before I work on the armhole decreases. It's moving along nicely but my fingers aren't functioning well this morning so I'm not sure how much I can get done today. Last night I managed about 4 or 5 rows before I gave up.

Actually I did finish the green and white bag and noticed a mistake that is hidden inside a pocket (until you turn the pocket out when you fold it together. Sigh.). So, that will be my practice one! I took it shopping Saturday morning and it did its job well. I also cut the fabric to size for bag #2 and bought some new needles for my machine. But that's it, I swear!

I went to my Grandparents yesterday, Grandpa was doing yard work when I got there so he's doing MUCH better. Thank goodness! Grandma is doing well too, Cliffy is starting to get his taste back so all around good news.

I'm adding some video of Sean counting. Have a great day.

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