Monday, October 27, 2008

Jake's post

Good afternoon! I wanted to share a few things from Jake today. First up, his report card. We are thrilled with his grades this 1st 9 weeks.
Bible & Spelling A+ (spelling was 101.5 w/extra credit!)
Math, Phonics, and PE A
Reading A-
Spanish & Computer Outstanding
Music Very Good (deduction for not good behavior).

Second, he started his Christmas list. I HAD to take a pic of it, it cracked me up! I kept it big so you could see it better.

And in case you cant understand what he wrote...
1. Spygear watch
2. Wii
3. Baseball cards
4. Guitar Hero for Wii
5. Wii music
6. Wii Lego Star Wars
7. volley ball
8. math book
9. science book
10. history book
11. technology book, er sorry teknoligy book.
12. oragami book (which is handy since I got this for him already!)
13. amplifier

And finally, Jake was helping me with my sewing project this weekend. I was trying to get the market bags that I had cut sewn. I did realize after the sewing that I had only cut some of the pieces one way and they were way too wide because I'm a dork. Oh well, those of you that will be getting them... um it was a design element? LOL. Have a great day.

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