Thursday, October 16, 2008

No updates or pictures.

I didn't work on anything yarny last night while watching NCIS and Knight Rider (LOVE me some Justin Bruening!), I flipped through the tv guide, did the crossword, ate a fudgecicle (my solution to the ice cream addiction), held a whiney baby. I did at one point bring the knitting bag to the couch, but didnt open it.

I don't know how much I'll get done today either since it sounds like Sean's daycare will be calling shortly because of coughing and boogey nose (we'll see if the mucinex works).

I did have some thoughts on another new project though - a little girly top. I love how it looks in my head and I have high hopes for it.

That's really it for now. Have a great day and keep my little tow head in your prayers - he's done with his antibiotics so it obviously wasn't bacterial, just viral, but his breathing is still loudish so the treatments aren't doing too much to help.

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