Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My weekend

Hey all. We went to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival on Sunday with no children (they got to hang out with Mamaw) and we had a blast. No strollers or I Wants, and it was a beautiful day. We did the Behind the Seeds tour at the Land Pavilion which shows many different ways to grow food - hydroponics, sand, hanging, etc plus fish, gators and eel. One of the plants that we saw is called a Sensitive Plant because when you touch it the leaves close up to protect itself. It was very cool. I took video (which Travis laughed at!):

Here is a pic of the "Earthquake effect" - the guide shook the plant a bit and this happened:

I (and 2 others) were given a vial of lady bugs that we got to release for pest control, here are my bugs:

I released them on a white eggplant tree. Here's the gator area... I swear this one was staring right at me!

And for the final pic, this was outside the Australia area - there were 3 huge balls of "yarn" and I just HAD to take a pic. Travis is just lucky that I didn't drag the knitting out of my bag to pose with it!

It was a great weekend. I peeked at Jake's grades online - all As with 2 A+ and 1 A-. I was really wanting to brag on him but we just got a call from the principals office - Ugh. Maybe next time. I did make some progress - I'm about 1/3 done with 1 front of Mom's sweater and I ripped out the hat. Somehow I had gotten turned around on the had so it got screwy. I really didn't need to take on another project, now did I. Speaking of not taking on other projects, I just got this book. I know, crack in my water, but how hard can making 225 5" squares be? LOL. Sigh, but it is REALLY pretty and a goal that I will work on between cleaning up puke sheets and grounding a 7 yr old.

That's it from me for now. Have a great day.

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