Monday, October 02, 2006

My weekend, and a sock

Well, where to begin. Tia's was not "closing soon" it is closed. Such a sad state of affairs when the pregnant lady can't go get her favorite queso. So, instead of going to Tia's I stayed home and worked on Dani's sock and watched my Friday night tv - Ghost Whisperer and Men in Trees.

Saturday morning was spent putzing around the house, and after Travis left for work Jake and headed to my Grandparents house, with a short detour at The Flying Needles by their house. This little shop is half yarn and half cross stitch. I wandered around attempting to keep Jake from touching all the yarn (apple doesnt fall far from the tree, eh?) and ended up buying a big ball of sock yarn that will become socks for my Dad. After that we went to the Grandparents place, hung out with them, my mom & step dad. Jake had a blast playing with his Cappa, I enjoyed just sitting and chatting with my family. I was waiting somewhat pateintly for Hans to call me when they were passing Lakeland so I could meet up with them for Python. After Tia's was a failure, we ate at Shells (thanks guys), then headed downtown to the Performing Arts Center. There we joined about 9,000 other people (give or take a few) to watch an outdoor screening of Holy Grail. Such a funny movie, made better by the 200 coconuts clopping along with the hooves at the right spots. Kerry and I played with our yarn, Aliceon was glued to the screen since it's one of her fave movies, Hans was good at keeping Heather occupied and Jake kept moving to different spots to find light so he could see his gameboy. When we left Jake wanted to take some pics of Aliceon, he's so funny that one.

He told her at dinner that he didnt want to marry her anymore. I figured she'd be upset but no, she said "well you can marry someone else then" He said "No, I'd marry you not someone else but I dont want to get married". GREAT! he wants to live with me forever! Hrmf. Just wait until Sean comes along and then we'll see how he feels about that.

Sunday was Church then to the in-laws where we dropped off Jake to help bathe the dog. Travis and I went home to eat lunch, then off to the hospital that Sean will come from. Travis took longer than I did to cook and eat (I had a Checkers Burger, yummo) so I was able to finish up Dani's sock. I was so excited.

We got to the Hospital, and let me just say that it is small. I mean, tiny. Maternity had 3 labor rooms, 4 recovery rooms, 2 surgical suites. As much parking as a McDonalds and they deliver 300 babies a year! However the people were very nice and we pretty much saw the whole shooting match (including the 1 baby there) in the 20 minutes we were there. Assuming there are no problems and NICU isnt required, I think it will work out just fine. For the few of you that need to know, it's exit 21, turn right off the exit, about a mile down on the right side. I think it's the 3rd stop light, the first of which is a blinking emergency light. Very, uh, quaint.

We headed home after we got the paperwork, took a nap then after Travis left for work I went to get Jake. We ate, then watched some TV while I started on the sock for my dad. I had gotten this far last night when Travis came home, and I quit. I was attemting to do a toe up thing, but apparently there isnt enough crack in the chocolate milk I was drinking to allow me to do this.
Today I gave up on toe up and am doing it the regular normal way. Sorry Daddy. It's better this way, really.

Babyville: The baby's heartbeat is very strong now. There might be mild swelling of my ankles and feet so keep drinking my water. 25 weeks LMP, baby weighs 1.46 pounds or 660 grams, and is 13.62 inches or 34.6 cm long. I've finally outgrown my ruler, and have moved onto my tape measure. What an exciting day!

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