Monday, October 30, 2006

A bunch of stuff

Lets see, where to begin. Saturday was yarn shopping. I didnt buy anything that was actually on sale, but I did get Kerry 3 skeins of wool and wool/alpaca for a felting project she has to do. I got myself 2 skeins of sock yarn (enough for 1 pair), a pack of stitch holders since I have no clue where mine are and I've missed them when just using an extra dpn to hold my stitches when doing a heel, and a pack of bamboo dpns in sock size. I hadn't liked the bamboo in the larger size that I used for hats, because it tended to make the yarn stick, but these little ones seemed softer and more slidey... and I wonder if some wax paper would be helpful? We'll have to see. That evening I was able to almost finish up all the pieces of Jake's sweater. This was mostly all accomplished at my in-laws while hanging out with them and their neighbors who happen to also be Jake's God parents. It was fun, and Jake always has fun playing with his God brother. Here's some of what it looked like - this is Jake in a scary mask and Andrew in the hood of the mask but it made him look like Little Red Riding Hood. Good times.

I headed home and stitched together the sweater while watching Men In Trees, Ghost Whisperer and Vegas, then went to bed. I got most of it done, leaving just the neckband to put in. Here's the sweater done - sorry for the horrible picture.. it's all I got.

Sunday I got up at 7:30 when Travis got up to get ready for work. I tried to get back to sleep but wasnt able. I ate breakfast and stitched in the neck band and wove in all the ends. Around 10 I was done with that, and was able to go back to sleep, missing Church completly. Whoops. Thats what I love about our church, all the messages are online! Anyway, I woke up at a few minutes after 12, talked Tracie into inviting me over to watch the game with her and her fam, got dressed and headed over there. Crappy game, we lost - of course. Not good at ALL. The 17-3 score did nothing to show how horrible we actually did. It was sad really. Hopefully next week will be better. During the game I started on Sean's hoodie. It went ok, I got a back, 2 fronts and a decision to make a seperate sleeve done - after trying the afterthought sleeve and it making the sweater look like it was flying "arms up" style. Didnt think Sean would appreciate that so I frogged it out then headed home.

A few minutes after I got home, the in-laws called that they were back from Disney and when Travis got home from work to head over. Sunday was pumpkin carving night! We got over there, ate some pizza, and Jason, Stacy and Jake (sorta) set to work. Here's some pics (sorry for the horribleness of the last one - you dont get the effect with the flash on, and no flash = blurry):

That's it really. No pics yet of the hoodie, maybe after I work on it some more at lunch time.

Babyville: 29 wks LMP. Sean weighs 2.54 lbs or 1153 grams and is 15.2 inches or 38.6 cm long. Growing bunches!

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