Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sock update

Dani's Christmas sock looks like this so far:

They are coming along well, and I have smartened up to do the heel in just knit stitch (as opposed to the knit/purl craziness). Thats pretty much all I've been working on, and that is current - not one more stitch has been added since that pic. I'm finally on to the round and round bit, but I think it's coming along well. I've been writing the pattern down as I go so a) I can do the 2nd one just like it and b) I can share the pattern with others. I'm sweet like that!

Not really a lot else going on, Friday night I may go to a USF football game, then Saturday night to my Moms place (with a short stop at the y.a.r.n. store while I wait for her to get out of a meeting. Shhh) and to see my grandma and grandpa, then Sat night I'm meeting up with a few crocheters, a few friends and my favorite bartender to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail outside by the river for free. Jake'll go with me, Tony'll have his kids and hopefully Hans and Kerry will come with their girls and it'll be loads of fun. We'll be crocheting (well, I'll be knitting I think unless we dont have enough light, then I'll be crocheting) and carrying on.

More later if I can think of something.

Babyville: Most babies turn upside-down around this time but will continue to rotate until about week 31. If your baby ends up breech, your doc will discuss the options with you then.

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