Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Crazy times in Babyville. And some socks.

I will start with Babyville today since it's all amok in the craziness. I failed my glucose screen. That means that I get to (read: begrudgingly have to) take a 3 hour round of torture in which I drink MORE of the horrid fluid and have the vampires take blood every hour for 3 hours. Yippee. However, this will give me plenty of time to work on Christmas socks.

What else... Oh, I've officially gained 3 pounds. And my fundus (uterus) is measuring 29 cm, which is 1 cm bigger than it ought to - but that's ok (the rule of thumb is usually 1 cm per week pregnant - I'm 28).

Also, I met the last doc that I had not met previously and I like him a lot. He reminds me of one of my goofier friends, and had a nice sense of humor, which is good because I was pretty full of it today. He mentioned that although they do not have the January schedule listed yet, I will soon (as in within a month) be setting my c-section date.

Because he was good natured, I shared with him that I do indeed have a plan to try really really hard to go into labor the last day of the year. He said that they dont do a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks, but of course if I went into labor they would do it then. And he also mentioned the tax savings. I said "My Mom always told me to have babies at the end of the year, and that's how we planned this... not my fault my overies didn't play along and I ovulated late!"

I mentioned to him how I thought that the baby is upside down now because I've been getting kicked up instead of out. He showed me how to feel for his head, and Yeppers, his head is in my pelvis. I was actually right about it - go me!

On the baby calendar today, fittingly: Your baby has assumed the "Fetal position", with his legs tucked up to his chest.

And some socks.

I've finished Tracies socks, and I really liked that crochet toe join. However, they are not the same. I, after doing sock #2's join really really well and harbouring delusions of being a real Knitter, tried to undo the graft I had done on sock #1 and do that one the new way too. Yeah, not a good plan. To do this new join way, the sock has to be inside out, and when I undid the stitches and put them on 2 needles, they were somehow crossed and it didnt open so I could turn it. I now have a really nice crochet join on the outside. It's not ugly, and I think I will do it this way from now on... but I dont think I can un-fix the other one. Tracie did, however, say she wouldnt put her feet together for any type of photographic evidenc, although that was before she knew this... which she doesnt yet. Until she reads this. Whoops. Hi! Moving on.

Since I had to go the bighorribleofficeoftheeternalwait today, I managed to get the anklet, heel flap, heel turn and part of the gusset done at the doc's office. At lunch I finished up the gusset and started on the round and round bit. I should be done with it probably tomorrow. Which is some good news! Then I'll either a) finish up Sean's knitting, b) do Daddy's other sock or c) cast on some birthing socks. Wonder which will win?

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