Thursday, October 26, 2006

Christmas chugs along

Well, last night I did indeed finish Dani's second sock. Yay! It has the same toe as Tracies second sock, which is closer to Dani's first sock, but what can you do, right? If they learn to knit their own socks they can have whatever toes they want to. Matching even!

Well what did you think on my question from last time... that I would work on Daddy's sock? My own? Nope, I started Jake's sweater (shh, it's a secret). So far it looks like this:
Yes Mom, you can look!

And, since Travis is taking me to Tuesdays for lunch I wont be able to work on it and watch AMC during my break. Oh well, what can you do. I will work on it tomorrow. Since I wont be working on it at home when he's at home and awake, I will probably cast on Daddy's second sock tonight.

That's really all for today. Babyville says that Braxton hicks contractions continue (indeed). The uterus hardens for a moment (or a minute in my case) then returns to normal. This isnt supposed to hurt but they lie. Really.

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