Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thursday 13 (wait, it's Wednesday isnt it?)

Thirteen Things about Brandee
13 Reasons I haven’t been doing Thursday 13
1. See, I had this little Convention that sucked up my life for a while
2. Contractions make me crazy
3. I’m lazy
4. I can’t think of anything good to write
5. Work has been busy since we got back from the life-sucking convention
6. I’d much rather blogstalk other blogs then do this
7. Stephanie got married, Laurie made spookyscopes and Drew made a fat bottomed purse.
8. I’ve been measuring everyone’s feet for Cat
9. Cat would like your feet measurements too….
10. A – length, B – around the middle (arch area), C – ankle above bone, D – heel-around ankle-back to heel & E - age / sex of victim, er volunteer.
11. Comment me and I’ll get them to her. It’s research for her new book.
12. Read her other books – my favorite is “Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles”.
13. Don’t guess those last few had anything to do with my lack of 13’s, eh? Whoops.

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