Thursday, October 05, 2006

Leaps and bounds...

Well sort of. I've been working somewhat diligently on my Dad's sock, interupted by a brief (and completly unfullfilling) stint on Mom's Sweater. Sorry Mom. I just am not feeling this sweater - I think it's entirly too big and not a cardigan which I think I'd rather make, and the lack of yarn which is making me crazy. I think I'll look for something else to make you.

Hopefully by Christmas.

Along with my 872 socks (but who's counting?).

Both Dani and Tracie claim that they want 2 socks each. 2! Imagine, greedy! They also seem to think that my Dad would want 2 also. Hrmf, just no pleasing some people!

Here's Dad's sock so far:

Coming right along, isnt it!

That's really it for now. Travis is home sick, Jake fell at the trike-a-thon (twice), but I should get pics from that tonight to share. More tomorrow!

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