Friday, October 20, 2006

Moving along nicely...

Well, last night I finished the front of Mom's sweater. YAY! And because I am apparently a moron that refuses to follow directions, I started making the neckline cuff. Why is that bad? Well, it clearly states in the directions that after you finish the sleeves, front and back to seam them together then do the neckline cuff. Bah, I didnt want to do that seaming at home when I wouldnt have time to finish it - but I could easily start the neckline cuff and stop and start and stop how I wanted because it's just sc. Well... I failed to read/remember/comprehend the part where you are supposed to sew the finished cuff onto the ALREADY SEAMED sweater body without cutting the yarn. Whoops.

So, here' s the delemia - I have about 5 inches of cuff done already so I can either
a) frog what I have and follow directions or
b) finish the cuff, cut the yarn and sew it on after I have sewn the sweater together.

Yes, I will go for a, but still - UGH! Someday I will learn. Someday.

In other news, nope, the craft fair that is this Saturday that I sent in money for almost a MONTH ago we are not able to do. The lady called me Wednesday to tell me that they were sold out. WEDNESDAY. THE SHOW IS SATURDAY. A MONTH!!!!! She was waiting to see if anyone cancelled their space so we could get it.

A GOOD way of doing business would be to call me as soon as she got my check to say "Hey, we're sold out right now but would you like me to hold your check to see if anyone cancels?" Why would this be good business practice - well it would have saved me from buying stuff for this fair, arranging for out of town people to go, arranging for childcare for Friday afternoon and Saturday. Horrible.

Damn lucky I dont buy stuff for sale. Imagine if I sold something that I bought instead of made - and this was the only show I was doing. I'd be stuck with all my inventory. How terrible. So, this is God's way of saying "It was a crappy show last year to begin with, becides having Bo's ice cream this weekend was just not meant to be". Fine. No more Salvation Army shows.

We have 2 other shows coming up - 11/4 at Jake's school in Brandon and 12/10 in Safety Harbor. Both of these shows did well for me last year so I have high hopes. That's all for now I suppose.


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