Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dead stop

Well, I used up the rest of the yarn I had on Mom's Sweater - and got as far as almost half of sleeve #2. So, the 2 skeins I have coming should adequatly cover the other half of sleeve #2, the front and the collar. Hurry up yarn, hurry up!

I finished that up around 9 last night, and I should have worked some more on Dad's sock but I didnt. I'll save that for tonight.

I have a business lunch so I wont be able to work on it here either. Oh well. I am hoping to have the cuff part done this week, I'm pretty sick of the round and round bit, like it never ends.... which is probably why I started on Mom's other sweater.

And... be very proud, I got some knit slipper patterns yesterday and did not put any on the needles - progress!

So what does the project count look like?

Mom's sweater - 2/3 done
Dad's socks - #1 is 1/3 done
Dani & Tracie's socks - 1 done each (cept for weaving in ends)
Sean's hat - 1/2 done

I am not putting up the projects I'm ignoring, like the flag afghan. And the unfortunate sweater needs some ends done, and some perusing to fix a few problem areas.

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